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0628 Su
  * up 9:40ish after dozing; drugs, nose, teeth; coffee, C
    | aching: went for cyclobenzaprine and extra asprin
  * 10:25 - 10:44 backups
  * Located Kat's drill bits (on desk).  
    Too big to fit in priority mail box with songbooks
  & assorted decluttering/puttering
  & 13:37 Colleen off to Penzey's with Bev and Connie
    Colleen bought me gluten-free pretzels (Not Calliable, though)
  * move Lyrics to users/tg (currently a symlink to
    Make sure the websites all link to users/tg/Lyrics
  * installed new broom holder.  Not great, but better than the old one.
  * fought through a huge pile of spam (wouldn't have been necessary if I'd
    gotten off my arse and fixed email and web hosting.
  * sorted the envalanche; that deals with about 30% of the original piles
    got through the rest of the charity pile (a box worth)
    of course, there are 2 boxes from 2008 that ought to be simply tossed
  * address Kat's box; put birthday note and check in it.
  * dealt with the magazine stuffalanche.  There is floor.
  & 10:20ish tuck Colleen in.
  * reimburse HSX account 401.59 for Flame, since she was a SS purchase.

Colleen went off to Menlo Park with Bev and her daughter C, and found me gluten-free pretzels at Draeger's. Yay!

I spent the day puttering, and did not take a walk. It's been scorching out.

A quiet sort of day. OK, but not special. OK is better than many of the alternatives, though; I'll take it.

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