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1003 Sa
  * awake 6:15; partial body scan, snuggle
  * up 7:30; W=194.0; drugs, nose, teeth; coffee
  * Makefile for Journals/PJ posts.
  x Fry's: 1.5TB drive, $90 (sold out by 11am.  Maybe next month.)
  | came home from shopping with very low blood sugar.  Good thing no walkies.
  & verified that Barnard's "high-power" USB port spins up the Vantec drive.
  * Costco with Colleen ($175) after lunch.  Fun!
  ~ eggs, cottage cheese, small tissue boxes (only thing left is the ccheese)
  & .draft symlink in PJ/Makefile
  & YD made devilled eggs for dinner.  Yum.
    ! grateful.
  & N can't make it to OVFF.
    (09:49:46 PM) nrivkis: I'm disappointed, but I'm also relieved at not
      having to find some way to produce $400 out of thin air. I'll miss you
      and the con and everyone there -- this is the first one I won't be at
      since I started going in 2000 -- but as you say, it's the right thing to
      do. Hopefully I'll be back next year.
    (09:50:30 PM) nrivkis: Request, though: would you get together with
      Joellyn and run the Just Plain Folk circle? People have come to expect
      it; I don't want it not to happen because I'm not there, and you're
      enough of a folk musician to do it well.
  * bed 11ish

The day was mostly taken up with two shopping trips. The first was Fry's, where I found that, not surprisingly, the $89 1.5TB drive advertised in their flier had sold out by 11am on Friday. Got a couple of other useful items, made one more stop on the way home, and got home very low on blood sugar. It was, evidently, a good thing I hadn't gone for walkies first.

The YD wanted to bake; we sent her across the street for eggs. She came back with 5 dozen.

After lunch Colleen suggested a Costco run -- her first with the scooter. That was fun. I never did get a walk in, but we probably did a mile or so in the store. Go Rocket-Snail!

By the time we got back, the YD had made two dozen yummy, if slightly small, gluten-free cupcakes. I win. She also offered to make devilled eggs for dinner, if I boiled them. Colleen suggested making 2 dozen, which was probably excessive for three people. But pretty tasty.

I probably don't need to wonder why my triglycerides are too high.

We went for a drive in the evening; very pleasant. More conversation than usual.

An IM from [ profile] pocketnaomi telling me that she simply can't make it to OVFF this year. She was afraid I'd be upset over losing my backup singer; I was much more concerned about how disappointed she is. She charged me with running the "Just Plain Folk" circle. Must remember to pack a copy of Rise Up Singing.

I am so ready for this last year to be over. Going by the Jewish calendar it already is; by the usual pagan one we'll be sending it out the door at out Halloween party. I'll take one of those, thanks.

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