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0826 Th
  * up 6:50?; W=194.8; drugs, nose, teeth; laundry, dishes, coffee
  % work:  moving slowly.  What's up with that?  Harris poll about banking??
  ! -bring in- _buy_ audio patch cable for Mac -> Acer -> didn't work.
  & bought beef jerky and chocolate at Fry's.  Didn't help mood much.
  % work: still moving slowly.  Clearly depressed.  Health care?  Retirement?
  * date night:  dinner at home; drive.  Pleasant.
  @ wcg - Sunset of Empire? -- Is the United States in Danger of Collapse?
  @ Rules for Anchorites - Things That Pierce My Heart
    Cat Valente receives a letter from a character.
  % sudden, brief pain seemingly from or under my right eyeball.  Ugh.
  * 10:30 snuggle, bath, laundry, bed ~11:50, snuggle

Not such a good day. I was oddly depressed, for no obvious reason. Dwelling on... what? Changing health care plans? Changing corporate culture? Retirement? Money in general? Don't know, but do not like.

A drive after dinner with Colleen helped a lot, as did some good snuggle, but...

And then there was that pressure/pain from something seemingly in or behind my right eyeball. What's up with that? (Nothing visible, no effect on my vision; still a lingering feeling of slight pressure but not hurting. More like an odd, slight headache at this point.)

A couple of links under the cut.

Date: 2010-08-27 08:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
and that CV post was awesome!

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