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0112 We
  * up 6:35; W=199.2; drugs, nose; laundry, C, coffee
  @ mental_floss Blog ยป 7 Tiny Books That Packed a Big Punch
  @ Blepharitis - what a wonderful word!  Not fun.  Been there.  Hmm.
  @ Log of Smallship One - Another word on religion Arizona shootings.
  @ ABBYY moves document capture, translation services to the cloud -
  * 1ish: checkin
  & no walk, for no obvious reason.
    ! although it will make me feel less guilty about leaving early to go to
      Kaiser to pick up Colleen's humira.
  * buy: humira, purple pillbox
  * pack.  
    * sport coat, tie for Sunday brunch
      ! annoyed and saddened:  my red/black sport coat has been attacked by a
	mouse or something; the tweed one by moths.
  @ From Hilbert Space to Dilbert Space - My kind of online book collection
  @ Teddy Bears' Breakdown 
  * PAY BILLS - amusingly came to $666.something
  * Update xfer drive.
  @ Blood Libel - Phrase With Roots in Anti-Semitism - via thnidu 
  * 15min:  does packing count?
  : Marty can fix my sport coat!  Yay!!
  * 15min:  argo: broken Lenny install.  May as well nuke and install Squeeze
  * Colleen:  humira
  * laundry, bed ~midnight, snuggle

No walk, for no obvious reason, though it did make me feel a little less guilty about leaving work a little early to pick up a prescription that I stupidly forgot to refill during the previous two weeks.

Spent much of the evening packing, or chasing around looking for things to pack. The scooter's walker rack finally turned up hanging in the front closet. Just where the clever bear had put it.

I found that my favorite sport coat had been attacked by a mouse (Marty thinks it's fixable), and my old tweed one by moths. Grump.

Lots of good links today. I found Teddy Bears' Breakdown particularly apt as I packed my little Cthulhu and Cyrano into my suitcase. Cyrano is the plush rhino who is exactly the right size and squishiness to serve as a neck pillow.

The word of the day was blepharitis -- a wonderful word, although the condition itself is not wonderful at all.

"If you go out of your mind today...."

Date: 2011-01-13 04:07 pm (UTC)
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User [ profile] gmcdavid referenced to your post from "If you go out of your mind today...." ( saying: [...] via this post [...]

Date: 2011-01-13 05:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
And I was moved to tears reading Teddy Bears' Breakdown, because an old friend of mine, someone from the internet who also became my friend in "real life", suicided last night...

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