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0221 Mo
  * up 7am; W=197.4; drugs, nose; coffee, light
  * Presidents' Day: no work.  
  @ Christina Hendricks had to BEG for an Emmys gown because she's too
    curvy | Mail Online via naamah_darling:
    Random notes of randomness, and lots of links. - LOTS of good links
  @ solarbird: Why Wall Street isn't in jail many good links
  @ Bussard ramjet
  @ The Wordsmith's Forge - Sort of the Future
    also see Earth Will be "Unrecognizable" by 2050 : TreeHugger
  @ Giant panda Red panda Bear via Snakes Pandas on a Plane 
    (giant pandas are bears.  red pandas aren't)
  @ Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter - @shermandorn 
  * 15min:  fix volume on riverheart_intro
  * Colleen going to Britex with Liz.  Needs to get up ~9am
  * 15min: change bulb in bedroom closet; install motion sensor
  : GFI off in garage -- wonder how long *that*'s been!  Long enough for some
    things in the freezer to soften -- will have to install a sensor!  :(
  @ Will You Miss The Browser Address Bar If Google Kills It?  YES!
  @ YouTube - Playable Angry Birds birthday cake 
  * 12:00 dentist
  @ The Wordsmith's Forge - Dissecting the Republican Strategy 
  * 15min:  Hearts of Glass label design in Epson PrintCD
  @ The Wondering Minstrels: Ode -- Arthur O'Shaughnessy via The Wordsmith's Forge - Defunding Poetry 
  @ NYC Hospital Data Theft Affects 1.7 Million Patients - @snipeyhead 
    " According to the Ponemon Institute, data breaches cost $204 per
      compromised record. With nearly 1.7 million records compromised, this
      data breach would cost HHC in the range of $347 million. "
  * 15min:  split /vv/users/record/2008/09-ConChord
  * question:  QV:  2008 TGl, or 2009 TGq (meaning J, J really need copies)
    2008 has the long tail, which is unlikely ever to be repeated, but rougher
    	 and Jordan and Joyce were there, and not Naomi.  
    2009 is more polished than 2008; has me and Callie alternating verses
    -> 2009/02/01-Conflikt - Callie on bass flute.  Absolutely clean.
       there's a version of Landscapes, too, but Cosonance is better
  * burned (25 so far), ripped, submitted to freedb.
    the first 3 have the TGq version of QV, so ought to be redone.
    It takes about 2:30 each to burn, and a little less to print.
    Think I'll stop at 25 for now.
  @ Attack of the Minis - Cringely on technology
  @ My son, the pink boy - Real Families - @rowanf
  @ Damn You Auto Correct! - 15 Most Popular Autocorrects From January 2011 
    NSFW.  via dsmoen
    Amusing, but the interesting thing is that I *don't* find them all that
    funny.  Empathy again, I expect.
  * bed ~11pm  11:30?  Not exhausted this time

0222 Tu
  * up 6:40; W=197.4; drugs, nose, teeth; dishes, coffee, dishes
  * 8am leave to drop Ash and Emmy off.
  * requested vacation for Seattle trip 3/18-21
  * walk: 3 mi by the airport
  * my Lulu order (2 books by [ profile] ebonypearl) arrived
  * 6p Avoid Avoiding
  * buy: pantsu
  @ This is nothing but today. - a very merry un-New Years to you
    Year of the White Rabbit!  
  ~ buy: low-wattage fluorescent bulbs -> removed from hydra light in LR
  @ dish towel diaries: Recipes for gluten-free baking and cooking via roaringmouse: eureka 
  * 15min:  looked for shelf brackets for sewing room.  Didn't find any
  * laundry

Monday was a holiday, which I mostly spent puttering (interrupted at noon for a dentist appointment) while Colleen went to Britex (her favorite fabric store in SF) with Liz.

I spent the afternoon and evening designing a label for the Valentine's Day CD (which of course is over a week late now), and running off 25 of the total run of 50. Before you ask, no, it's not for sale. There will be a few copies in Interfilk auctions, though, starting with Consonance.

It takes about two and a half minutes to burn a CD, and a little less than that to print it. So throughput is somewhere on the order of 20/hour, taking advantage of pipelining but allowing for the inevitable lapses of attention.

An interesting bit of self-observation Monday evening: most people found Damn You Auto Correct! - 15 Most Popular Autocorrects From January 2011 to be rolling-on-the-ground funny. I found it mildly amusing, but not enough so to chuckle at. Is that because it involved people making embarrassing mistakes? Likely.

A 3-mile walk on Tuesday, and I seem to remember one on Monday but don't seem to have noted it.

A huge collection of links, including dish towel diaries: Recipes for gluten-free baking and cooking courtesy of roaringmouse. And [ profile] vixyish points out that this is the year of the White Rabbit. Let's hope for wonders!

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