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Seen all sorts of places; looks like fun.

March 1951. Just about to turn four years old, living in a house on Perry Ave. in Norwalk, CT with my parents, my baby brother, and if I remember correctly a cat named Slipper (because she was "slippery").

March 1961. Still in the Perry Ave. house with my parents, my annoying kid brother, his collection of reptiles, a tank-full of fish, and a beagle named Timothy. A straight-A student in the hell that was junior high, feeling very much the outsider. Playing flute in the school band and just about to give up on piano.

March 1971. Going to grad school at Stanford, living in Columbae House and hanging out with a girl named Colleen. Still playing guitar.

March 1981. Living on Leigh Ave, San Jose, in a house that we were starting to call "Grand Central Starport", with my wife of five years, Colleen. In the SCA and going to science fiction conventions. I had just written my first filk song.

March 1991. Still living at Grand Central Starport with Colleen and a five-and-a-half-year-old then called Katy. Still receiving a dribble of royalties on my first (and so far, only) book.

March 2001. Still living at Grand Central Starport with Colleen and our two daughters.

March 2011. Still living at Grand Central Starport with Colleen, our 18-year-old daughter Emerald, and her boyfriend (who will be moving out in April). Still filking. Turning 64 this coming Sunday.

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I didn't know you were from CT originally (or at least spent a bunch of early years there).

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