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0523 Mo
  * up 6:38; W=198.2; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, coffee, light
  % strongly suspect the weight spike is due to increased salt intake
  @ 'Like' Button Follows Web Users  like that's a surprise.
  @ Kobo Introduces New Touchscreen E-Reader, Drops Original Model To $99 
  * 8am wake YD for school
  @ The Growing Impact of Cloud & Mobility Solutions 
      Tablets running the Android OS won't overtake the iPad, but they will
    increase their share of the market from 20 percent this year to 39
    percent in 2015, according to Gartner.  
      I wonder whether this takes into account the fact that an android-based
    eReader with a color display _is_ a tablet.  I'm guessing not.
  = Fry's is 1.3mi from work.  Walking distance.  
    ! not sure how I feel about this.
  * walk:  Fry's.  ~3mi + in-store.
    ! not a very nice walk, though a little quieter than the airport.
    % it's way too easy to spend an hour in Fry's.  Not so good.
  : looks like the plan of record is for me to stay through FCS.
    ! I'm ok with that; I like to see things through.  Sometimes.
  @ Scientists who make breakthroughs are older than ever
  * install new monitor
    * move trantor and old monitor across the room
    * attach to nile.  steve can't log in; maybe bashisms in .xinitrc
    -> no, wrong IP address.  Worked fine when I used dhcp
  * practice, with Naomi.  Decided to push QV rather than the Bears
    got through about half the set:  river, daddys, bigger, rosie
  : trantor came back up after picking the right ethernet port
  * bath; bed ~11:30.

My weight was an appalling 198.2 yesterday morning; given that it's 2 lbs less now I'm going to assume that most of the gain was water, due to excess salt consumption. OK, don't do that.

I looked on Google Maps and discovered that Fry's is only 1.3mi from work. So I went there on my lunch hour. Which of course expanded to an hour and a 3/4. But it was a good walk.

It looks as though the plan of record is for me to stay in my current job until First Customer Ship, sometime around the end of July. That makes perfect sense, and has all three of us going back to research at the same time. So... ok. What I expected, and I really don't like leaving a job unfinished. (Not that that keeps me from doing it repeatedly, especially on personal projects. Like installing a new monitor.)

I got the new monitor installed, along with the little shoebox I'm borrowing from work. Which of course didn't work until I fixed the IP address. Similarly the old box, trantor, didn't work until I put the ethernet cable in the right hole. So I spent most of the evening in the living room on the netbook and watching the news. I don't think Colleen minded.

I am now back on trantor because the shoebox still needs quite a lot of configuration work. But it'll get there. I really like having the extra space under the desk, and the monitor is drop-dead gorgeous. But now the clutter on the monitor stand has been moved to the desktop... Can't win for losin'

So Gartner predicts that "Tablets running the Android OS won't overtake the iPad, but they will increase their share of the market from 20 percent this year to 39 percent in 2015." I wonder whether that takes the new crop of touch-screen, LCD eReaders into account. And the fact that Android tablets are well under $150 now. Not everyone needs a 3G connection.

On the whole, a pretty decent day.

Date: 2011-05-24 07:44 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
I did the maths for my daughter who's planning on buying a Xoom this week... wifi-only version = £480, version with 3G = £649 ... difference $169.

Cost of a myfi portable hotspot = £80 [unlocked]... and you can use that with upto 5 devices unlike the restricted tethering on either a phone or the Xoom's 3G plan. So it'll do for her laptop and Dsi too.

Mind you, I'd still like to know how they calculated that the market percentage is going to increase for 'other tablets' without decreasing for iPad's...That's some special kind of calculus there that allows the market to add up to more than 100%.

Date: 2011-05-26 01:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Colleen will want to know about this site as she's always been keen for current news about Ira Sandperl:

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