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0706 We
  * up 6:45; W=199.6; drugs, nose, teeth, hair, dishes, light
  $ moved $1k from svgs to checking because the mortgage payment posted on the
    evening of the 5th, not the 4th as scheduled, and so misled me.  I'll put
    it back on the 15th.
  * leave Honda for Colleen 
  @ Sharism at Work Store | NanoNote pocket computer $99.  Nice, but no
    networking except via USB.  So maybe not.
  : wrapping in a microfiber hand towel keeps a pair of hardboiled eggs
    satisfactorily cold all morning.
  * could probably have gotten away with just the two hardboiled eggs, but the
    spring rolls are too damned good.
  @ kevin_standlee: Olive Your Westercons Belong to Us 
    jorhett - The lessons you can learn by losing an election. 
    Lessons Learned  From Near the Playing Field
    trinsf: My letter to the Utah 2014 Westercon Bid 
    (all from a locked post, so, sorry; no provenance on these.)
    Diary of a Crazed SF Mommy - The Death of the Portland Westercon Bid
  <- note to con-bidders:  the pre-support memberships, bidding memberships,
     and initial sign-ups are your seed money.  Go after it.
  & spent lunch hour reading LJ.  Maybe I'll go for a walk when it's cooler
  * Amazon shipment arrived.  
    ' *Chami bounces*  I can haz otter!!
      Minnie:  Squeee!  Skinny otter fits me!
      me:  You're both going to fight over the electronics box, aren't you?
      Chami:  No, it's not an otter.  I want my otter.  :P
    Doomed, I tell you!
  : New coworker Behzad "Dr. Bob" Razban.  Bruce's brother.  DSP programming. 
  @ The Wordsmith's Forge - Poem: "The Shortest Night"
    I agree with cflute: it's in the way that you use it
  @ Dysthymia
    " As dysthymia is a chronic disorder, sufferers may experience symptoms
      for many years before it is diagnosed, if diagnosis occurs at all. As a
      result, they may believe that depression is a part of their character,
      so they may not even discuss their symptoms with doctors, family
      members, or friends. 
  % The Amazon Basics electronics case neatly holds the CD and HD drives,
    SD cards, card reader, and USB cables.  It's a bit narrow for the CD
    drive, so it's stretched a little.  No room for the Zoom, but that and the
    gorillapod fits nicely in the CaseLogic external HD case.
      It doesn't fit flat on the bottom of Chami because of the handle tube,
    but it does fit beside the tube.  A music stand fits on the other side. 
  @ Cyberspace as an Out of Body Experience - Greenhaven: A Pagan Tradition
    refers to WItC!  Way cool!
    " It reminds me of a favorite filk song about hackers that includes the
      line "where symbols have the power / to become the things they name."
      That's true, too; it remains one of the best descriptions of electronic
      reality inside computers or in the "group mind" of cyberspace that I
      have ever heard. 
  @ Witches, Fire, and Other Dangerous Things - Greenhaven
    " One of my main totems is Wolf.  When someone calls me a bitch, I let
      them know they're not more than a whisker's width from the truth. 
  @ How to Host a Potluck Feast - Greenhaven: A Pagan Tradition
  @ Court Rules Against Ban on Gays in the Military - YAY!

Wow! Lots of links here. That's partly because I spent my lunch hour reading LJ and nomming on hardboiled eggs and spring rolls. The eggs came from home -- I discovered that wrapping them in a microfiber hand-towel keeps them satisfactorily cold until lunchtime. The spring rolls came from the Big Beige Building, one driveway down from our complex. They only have them on Monday and Wednesday. They have shrimp and chicken, and come with a very spicy sauce. Nom.

Also during lunchtime my Amazon order arrived: two Otterboxes of different sizes, and an AmazonBasics Electronics Travel Case. As it turns out, the latter is a little too wide to fit at the bottom of my Antler rolling backpack (Chami, for short) because of the handle tube. And it's only able to hold my USB optical drive by stretching a little. But it fits nicely beside the handle tube, with a music stand and some extra space on the other side. It also holds an external USB hard drive; the Zoom H2 recorder and its gorillapod fit in the vacated CaseLogic HD case.

It's not clear whether Chami will get her pet otter; a lot depends on which one and what goes into it. The 3250 can hold my collection of chargers as well as being the perfect height for a footrest when playing guitar, so it's going to go someplace when I travel.

And it turns out that a recently-hired coworker is the brother of someone I worked with at Zilog a quarter-century ago. Small world.

So it was a pretty decent day, in spite of not having a walk in it. On to the links!

Many of the links are from Greenhaven: A Pagan Tradition, courtesy of [ profile] ysabetwordsmith. One of her articles there, Cyberspace as an Out of Body Experience, refers to The World Inside the Crystal! How cool is that?

More in the notes.

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