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Not a terribly productive day, but I got in quite a few phone calls, and a 2.7 mile walk. And got the year's non-tax receipts sorted out and put into envelopes for the annual file box.

And my medicare card arrived. That was a bit of a weird feeling.

So... Why Do Magazines Look So Terrible on the iPad 3? Because most of them are shipped as PNG images, rendered for the iPad 2, which has 1/4 as many pixels. That's why. Idiots! Didn't they learn about assuming a fixed screen size when the Mac II came out? Apparently not.

0326 Mo
  * up 7:15; W=194.6; drugs, nose, teeth, laundry, exercise, light
  @ Why Do Magazines Look So Terrible on the iPad 3?  Because they're
    distributing PNGs instead of PDFs. :P
    "Ultimately, however, Koch believes most publishers will move to HTML as
     standards improve and as publishers move to publish on a wider range of
     tablets." -- Ya think?
  & Walgreen's didn't have pantsu, but had a chico "sling" bag for $10.
    a little bigger than the OScon bags, with a shoulder strap.
  @ Moving Solutions, Inc. - Household Relocation Helpful Hints
  * walk: d=2.7, s=2.8, c=268.  McClellan Ranch Park; short return.
  * contact Lee Hecht Harrison -> don't have my info yet?!
    -> mail sent to Mary.  Gave LHH my cell# and
    -> Mary will send the info now.
  * call Kaiser re: Medicare  877-552-1147 -> 877-547-4909
    special election period.  1 month before move and 2 months after. 
  : 3:14 - must be pi time.
  : I can haz medicare card o_O
    ! very weird feeling.
  * taxes:  receipts to envelopes (separate out 2012)
  @ Sounds Like Weird LJ - A Spork and a Water Bottle (or two)

Date: 2012-03-28 06:53 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] chaoswolf
How's the job search/house hunt going? I've seen nothing, and nobody's said much besides triaging cook books.

P.S: Any news re: your travel plans next week?

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