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Done last week (20120404 We - 11 We)

It's been a week. More specifically, a week in Seatac (Norwescon) and Shoreline (apartment hunting and hanging out with Chaos and Naomi). I really have to set things up so that I can easily post from my netbook, don't I?

I had a good con. Nothing on my schedule except a handful of concerts and hanging out. Met Naomi's friend C, who is a delightful person. Bought little posable polymer dragons for me, Colleen, the YD, and Naomi. Our rooms were across the street in the Coast Gateway; I think there are parts of the Doubletree that are actually farther from the convention's function space.

We kept N's room until Monday so she could get some rest, but actually checked out Sunday night. Worth it. Monday we looked at apartments, and talked about job-hunting over dinner with [ profile] egoldberg. Tuesday I looked at more apartments, and had lunch with Chaos at a Chinese restaurant that's walking distance from her new apartment in Linwood. A couple of good prospects on that front.

All in all a good visit. I'm still getting used to the idea of moving up there. To the idea of moving at all, after 36 years in the same house, and 43 years in the Bay Area. It's a lot of change to be taking on all at once, but... It was going to happen in the next five or six years anyway, and I was both dreading it and planning for it.

I've spent all morning going through a week's worth of mail and two days' worth of email; I'll spend the rest of today on my resume and my taxes.

There are plenty of links in the notes; go for it. Have a great Yuri's Night!

0404 We
  * up 6:40; W=194.2; d, n, t, laundry, dishes, exercise, light
  @ This Is What Your Future Home Might Look Like
  @ Android Tops 50% Market Share in the U.S. [STUDY] 
  @ 9 Ways to Add LinkedIn to Your Company Website
  @ Plugins | LinkedIn Developer Network
  @ Added active Linked  icon to 
  @ The Week Ahead: Seattle’s Norwescon: April 5-8 | 
  * humira
  @ Stephen Savitzky - resume on
  = HTML boilerplate:
       Please address job-related correspondance to 
  * banking
  * Avoid Avoiding.
  * buy:  glucosamine/condroitin, pantsu
  @ May 13, 2010 | Rhymes With Orange | Rest Home for Mythical Creatures 
  : I'm going to have to count rent on the Starport as income.  OTOH, almost all
    of it will go for interest, and any repairs etc. will be deductable.
  @ Anonymous - A Message To All World Leaders - YouTube
  * initial packing
  * Pay bills
  * worked on G+ profile:
  @ Steve Savitzky - Google+ 

0405-8 Norwescon
0405 Th
  * up 6:50; W=192.2; d, n, t, dishes
  @ Are Female City Cyclists' Vulvas At Risk? : TreeHugger 
  @ How Musicians and Composers Make Money | Disc Makers
  * load Wed. drugs; pack
  * print fresh LgF songbook; punch and pack
  * 9ish make sure that Kat is on the list for my Norwescon room
  * pack:  Clean out Anduin; take up for Kat
  * rip the Dave Clement concert CD (for additional copies, as promised)
  * 4:15 leave for airport
  * San Jose, CA - SJC  to  Seattle/Tacoma, WA - SEA   Confirmation # IW53CK
    DEPART APR 5 THU	06:30 PM San Jose,  CA (SJC) to
    	       	 	08:35 PM Seattle/Tacoma,  WA (SEA) Flight #421
  * hotel:  Coast Gateway 0405 Th-9 Mo  conf# f1111305 AX Gold
    Naomi:  checking out 0408 Su  f1111522 (on my bill)
    Coast Gateway Hotel, 18414 International Blvd, 206-248-8200 (distance: 0.1
    miles). Rate: $89. Ask for ->Tonya De La Cruz or Michelle Fischer and
    mention Norwescon when making the reservation. 
  * connected with N and Chaos.  Decided to stay in the room rather than go over
    to the con.
  : Net came right up; no login.  AT&T access point; maybe it knows me.

0406 Fr
  * up 6:40ish; d, n,
    woken by Glenn warning me he was on the way with Flame.
  : the hotel's breakfast is toast, waffles, cereal, hardboiled eggs.   At least
    it's free coffee.  The restaurant that serves as the hotel's coffeeshop is
    close but not attached.  This matters in Seattle.
  * Lunch with Chaos and N at Sharp's, the restaurant next to the hotel.  Brew
    pub, so good beer.
  * Dealer's room, art show, practice session with N.  Lock Keeper, October
    Country, Gentle Arms, QV.
  * Cass came in as we were finishing dinner.  Singing and conversation ensued.
    LokcKeeper, October Country, Gentle Arms, QV, Amethyst Rose, The Bears;
    Daddy's World.  Maybe others -- don't remember.
  * splat midnightish.  very sleepy; managed a bath anyway.  Slept hard; woke
    6:30ish and went back to sleep for 2-3 hours

0407 Sa
  * dozed for a while.  up 9ish; d, n
  * bought dragons for me, Colleen, (yesterday) Emmy (today).  Gleep?
  * late breakfast with Chaos, N, Cass at Denny's
  * short walk -- up a couple of blocks 
  * realized that I didn't really need 
  $ 5 CC&S @$9 = 45 to dealer - Qucksilver Fantasies
  % 4:45 drifting.  Decided to include Chaos in dinner.
  * take Hunter out of LgF songbook
  * dinner at Sharps with N, C, Chaos
  * put wallet and card case in Chami, left Mini in room.  Works well enough to
    be worthwhile reorganizing & modularizing Mini's contents, with most in a
    small bag that can be detached.  Maybe the small sidekick or a clutch purse
  * back from filk ~2am; up until 4:30 w. N and C

0408 Su
  * up 9:10; d, n, t
  * move to rm 403
  * noon: home recording.  Soundcloud - similar to bandcamp
    Pomplemouse - studio video as music video
  * singing in the room, ~2-4.
  * room service - N. cheeseburger, apple crisp
    	 	   me crispy coho tacos, chinese chicken romaine cups, fries, coffee
		   Chaos grilled cheese, diet coke no ice
  @ Ridiculous ‘Google Glass’ Video Ripe For Parody | TechCrunch
  @ Mike Wallace, '60 Minutes' interrogator, dies 
  * 7:30 wake N and go; drive up to her house.
  @ In 2012, No Religious Center Is Holding - 
  % now trying to switch mental gears to househunting.  Weird, and difficult.
  % I have my phone to the left of the computer and I keep wanting to use x2vnc
    to move the cursor over to it.

0409 Mo
  * up 7:15; d, n, t
  : oops.  No coffee-making equipment!  Have to do something about that.
  @ Adult Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive Eating, and More |
    Women's Health Magazine @rowanf
  @ Hotel's Free Wi-Fi Comes With Hidden Extras - @boinboing
  : Eli
    search:  software tools seattle / tools developer seattle
    tighten up the first paragraph of the summary  Assume they'll only read the
     first sentence, and the first few words of each subsequent paragraph.
    Mozilla - open source companies are used to remote workers. OTOH may not pay
    for relocation
    Résumé for Dan Bornstein
    -> need much more detail in the experience seciton

0410 Tu
  * up 6:55; d,
  * looked at Blakely and Echo Lake.  The latter very nice, though pricy.
  * meet Chaos on campus ~11:30; have lunch, take her home.
    (16:05:35) ssavitzky: Meet you on campus 11:30ish?
    (16:06:26) filkerwolf: sure. The Briar Hall w/ the cafeteria is the
     "standard" meeting place, though if you want to grab a cup of coffee or
     something @ 11, they have a coffee stand in Montlake Terrace Hall. 
     directions;  No parking to speak of.  All full.
  * lunch at Taster's Wok
  * shopping on the way home (groceries at QFC)
  @ elf: Publishing: dead-end industry     
  * another grocery run just before dinner
  & apparently forgot to take evening drugs  :(
  : N. gave me a wonderful ceramic pigasus.  Her name is Margaret; she went by
    "Peggy" when she was little, but now prefers Mag.

0411 We
  * up 7; d, 
  @ U.S. Files Antitrust Charges Against Apple, Book Publishers 
  @ Inc. Best in Travel: Secrets of the Most Productive Travelers
  % 9:23 a little sleepy
  * pack.  Sling shopping bag for the pig, wrapped in my jacket. 
  : the sling shopping bag is a major win.  Holds a lot, easy to carry.
  * 15min: resume - .gitignore the html conversion.
  % naming my lugage was a good move.  Much less likely to want to swap out
    Chami or Mini now that they have names.
  : Michelle out with the car, so no pressure.  Can enjoy relaxing day with company.
  @ @OccupyManJose: Report on "Pepper Spray Pike" is out [PDF]
  * should be at airport 5:30.  4:20ish shuttle if that's needed.  Michelle will
    drive; leave ~4pm -> went down 99; got through security at ~5:30.
  * dinner in Anthony's.  Two small plates, a salad, and a gin up.  They don't
    have hot buttered rum even though it's on the menu.  :(
  ~ San Jose, CA - SJC  to  Seattle/Tacoma, WA - SEA   Confirmation # IW53CK
    RETURN APR 11 WED	07:30 PM Seattle/Tacoma,  WA (SEA) to
    	       	 	09:30 PM San Jose,  CA (SJC) 	   Flight #1339
  & missed f*ing flight because it left an hour earlier than my itinerary said
    it did, and I was in Anthony's and didn't hear the page.  FRACK!  Hopefuly
    they can get me on to the Oakland flight...  They did.  Leaves 8:15, so
    probably gets in 10:15.  Moral: ALWAYS double-check both the boarding pass
    and the monitors in the airport.  Print the itinerary and boarding pass the
    day before, and check it then, too.
  ! Not particularly stressed, but rather down.  Combination of missing the
    flight and leaving Naomi.
  : 6:45 A really beautiful sunset
  * picked up by Ogg ~10:30.
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[personal profile] solarbird 2012-04-13 05:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Our rooms were across the street in the Coast Gateway; I think there are parts of the Doubletree that are actually farther from the convention's function space.
No, but it's similar to being at the far end of wing 5b. A trivial amount further.

I point this out because in contrast, the La Quinta, even including walking to the corner, is closer on foot than wing 5b in actual walking distance to primary function space. I've measured it.

[identity profile] 2012-04-13 10:25 am (UTC)(link)
The Women's Health Magazine link is borked, or maybe it's their website :-(

[identity profile] 2012-04-13 04:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, it worked fine for me just now. When I tried it before, it was the middle of the night... the time when large commercial websites do perverted things with their databases... ;-)

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[personal profile] chaoswolf 2012-04-14 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Lynnwood, actually. Don't worry, I'm getting used to it too.