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Done this month (20110501 Tu)

Yay! [personal profile] pocketnaomi is here visiting!

I have a new tag: "quest". It's intended to cover the job search, housing search, and moving. It's also intended to recognize that this is more than any of those separately, reframing it as a major life change. "Adventure" might have done, too, but I don't like adventures. Nasty, uncomfortable things. Make you late for dinner. Oh, wait.

Took a webinar about changing careers on on LHH's website, added "mentoring" and "technology transfer" to my lists of skills, and started to research green and ethical companies by chasing links from, which has received awards in both areas.

I've been waking up horribly early, mostly worrying about finances, and especially about the effect of the move on the YD. Monday I managed to get back to sleep, and slept through my alarm as a result. Yesterday I woke up somewhere around 4:30, and gave up and got out of bed around 5:15. Slept well last night, so maybe I'm more-or-less reset now. Hope so. Though I could do with a couple of hours less sleep.

Some good conversations last night about the move. Sort of encouraging.

A couple of links in the notes; nothing extremely noteworthy.

0501 Tu
  * awake between ~2:30 and 4ish. 
  * up 8:20; W=197; d, n, t; dishes, exercise
  $ BBB $390 logo on website would be an extra $100 
  * 11am Webinar - CHANGING CAREERS – In Search of New Horizons
    professional objective - what do you want to do and in what type of organization?
    *- I'm currently in software research, looking for an opportunity to do some
       combination of website development and social media for a nonprofit or
       green company. -> relatively narrow stretch, which makes it easier.
    -> expand in bullet points; vary depending on the field.
    -> volunteering:  some position where you're meeting people and learning.
    -> research: create deadlines, track time spent researching online.  Don't
       get distracted.  Some of your best research will be in networking
       conversations.  Find people who are willing to mentor you.
    -> Planning your communication.  Exit & positioning statements;
       accomplishment statements (stories): examples of how you've done things;
       cover letters - you can't always count on its being read; functional
       resume; learn the vocabulary of the new field - look at corporate vision
       statements & job postings, use your connections; glassdoor; onet online
       @ O*NET OnLine
    -> References:  talk to your references and make sure they understand where
       you're going, what the transferrable skills are, etc.
    -> resume:  Make it more generic - concentrate on the transferrable parts.
       build summary from job postings
    -> webinars: targeting new industries, career objectives, communication
       strategy, resume essentials
  * st/roll - to two corners of the block and back
  * add mentoring, tech transfer to skills / specialties  * in  * resume
  * email Andy to set up lunch.  Suggest Monday 5/7 (after taking N to airport)
  @ Oakland Police Slapped for Militarized Response to Protesters 
  * 15min:  puttering.  Put card table back in closet; 4A charger into scooter bag
  * get credit reports.  Nothing adverse, but score costs extra.  Don't need it.
  * 15min:  roasted the almonds.  Came too damned close to burning them.  Tasty.
  ! silent, dry sobbing.  Overloaded, freaked out.  Stomach tight.  Ugh.
    : Colleen still assures me we're doing the right thing.  
    % I worry like heck about the YD, but she refuses to talk with us.  I keep
      having the horrible feeling that we didn't think everything through.
  * buy:  peaberry coffee and lunch bits at TJ
  * banking - deposit checks

0502 We - 7 Mo  Naomi visiting
0502 We
  * awake 4:30ish.  Worried about finances, of course.  Again.
  * up 5:15; W=197.8; d, n, t; dishes
   @ Does "Mastered for iTunes" matter to music? Ars puts it to the test
   @ The Great Ars Cloud office suite shootout 
   % trainwreck:  Extremely worried about the YD.  Without job corps, we'll have
     to pay her living expenses.  Could get some help from Mom, but...  DID I BLOW IT?
   * Humira
   * 10am EDD and NOVA Presentation: Maximizing Additional Job Search Resources
     Nova - registration Wed 8:15 for Promatch
       open to anyone.  YD should give it a look.  Sunnyvale across from library.
       600 career centers nationwide.  Felicia Thompson
     Don Mitchell EDD.  Pretty useless pep talk at the start.
       get comfortable with being uncomfortable 500 business cards for $10 - top 3 skills on card
       211 - phone # for resources (by county)
       follow up 10 days after filing; do it on the courtesy phone at a one-stop
       can move; it's still paid out of CA because that's where my last job was
  * improve Makefile in JobSearch to eliminate manual step after resume edit.
  * LHH quik tip:  What is really going to make you happy?
    professional objective.  Taking the long view
  * LHH quik tip:  Surveying Your Professional Environment
  * LHH podcast:  Finding a Green Job
    green job boards, recruiters
  * research green and ethical companies by following links from Ricoh:
    @ 2012 Global 100 List of most sustainable companies, 2012
    @ WME Honorees | Ethisphere™ Institute World's most ethical companies
      (loses some credibility by listing Adobe and Microsoft)
  * Seattle/Tacoma, WA - SEA  to  San Jose, CA - SJC 
    Depart May 02 We 03:25PM    Seattle/Tacoma,  WA (SEA) to
    	       	     05:30PM	San Jose,  CA (SJC) 	  Flight #280
  & meta:  new tag:  quest -- job search, housing search, and move.

[personal profile] pocketnaomi 2012-05-04 03:22 am (UTC)(link)
You're absolutely welcome, while I'm here, to wake me up if you find yourself waking up early and fretting. Okay? I end up with more sleep than I need, generally, because the sleep meds are slow to wear off, but if someone or something wakes me I'm fine after a little while of shaking it off, so it's really okay if you do. And you might be happier with company.
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[personal profile] chaoswolf 2012-05-04 04:30 am (UTC)(link)
I'm almost afraid to ask; but what is being done about my errant sibling?