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The only major news is that we have a firm date for when the previous owner of our house gets all his stuff moved out: June 30th. That's about three weeks sooner than the original worst-case plan, so Colleen and I will have the entire month to get moved in, rather than a week. Yay!

I don't seem to have done much this week. I did get the car charged, and deposited a bunch of checks (including some old enough that I'm not sure they're still good -- I need to get a lot better at that). Mostly I sat around the apartment exploring an assortment of math topics on Wikipedia and YouTube.

It turns out that, thanks to a paper I wrote back at Carleton with one of my math professors, it can easily be determined that my Erdős number is officially 7. Unofficially, if one includes patents as well as actual math papers, it's 4. That still probably exceeds the number of people reading this who knew what an Erdős number is before reading this. The official value almost certainly does.

I did some actual programming yesterday (which I made more progress on today), aimed at bringing my song formatting and typesetting into the 21st Century. Mostly that means switching from postscript files to PDFs everywhere, upgrading to LaTeX2e, and simplifying the build process. There are still a few formatting issues that need to be dealt with; I will be having some fun this week refactoring my horrible old style files into classes.

There was some discussion in comments elsewidth about finding a therapist; I did a little link chasing. Not going to do anything about it until after we move.

Notes & links:

  * up 6:55; W=199.4;
  @ Calkin–Wilf tree started a wikipedia dive that is currently hovering around
    Smooth numbers and their application to just-intonation tunings and Limits
  @ From comment thread in ysabetwordsmith | Different Affect
    " me: Therapy has been mostly a no-op for me, but I don't know whether that's because
      I don't need it, don't know how to find out what I need, or wouldn't know how to
      find it if I did know. Drugs do seem to help, I think, sometimes. "
    @ Types of Therapy
    @ Therapy Modes
    @ Person Centred Therapy - Core Conditions | Simply Psychology
    @ Person–Centered Therapy (Rogerian Therapy) 
  * REI for charging and shoe-shopping.
    -> the charger is $.20/minute, and only gives you 30 minutes at a time.  Dropped off
       my old shoes and stuck it in for another round.  You get an hour's free parking on
       weekdays, and 3 on weekends.  Now up to about 180 miles.
  * Colleen found a nice recipe for garlic snow peas.  Easy.  Having that as an appetizer.
  % I cannot stand up long enough to make dinner all in one session.  Grump.
  @ Island County Therapists, Psychologists, Counseling
  @ Find A Therapist (WA), Psychologist, Counselor | Counseling Washington
  * down 11ish
  * up 7:00; W=201; 
  ~ use the settings menu to turn on the turned-off safety features
    apparently they're all on.  So there's that.
  * -plan on going- _go_ up to Whidbey to help N run errands
    new glasses; replace j's phone - T-Mobile's records are screwed up, so that they have
    insurance on the wrong line and the wrong phones on the record.  Sheesh!
    -> errands took way the hell longer than they should have; no way I'll get back before
       REI closes.  Stopping in the Whidbey Telecom lot for a boost; unfortunately they
       don't have a fast charger, but fortunately they _do_ take ChargePoint.
  * 10:20 home, with 93 miles left on the battery.
  * EVgo card arrived; works at Northgate and REI.  So, yay!
  * down midnight
  * Up 5:15; W=200.2;
  @ dive: Mandelbrot set (siderea)
  @ MR=260667 Wegner, K. W.; Savitzky, S. R. Solutions of $\phi(x)=n$, where $\phi$ is
    Euler's $\phi$-function. Amer. Math. Monthly 77 1970 287 From which it can be
    determined that my Erd\"os Number is 7.  Note that the AMS distance calculator uses
    the Mathematical Reviews catalog, so it will in general be an overestimate.  Many of
    my coworkers at Ricoh are missing altogether, including Peter Hart.  David Stork has
    an Erd\"os number of 4.  So mine is also 4; both by way of Robert Jan van Glabbeek, a
    mutual coinventor on  M+A for permissions based active document workflow (US Patent #7,356,611, 2008)   
  : 11am Colleen - UNW. - Giselle will take her
  : kids to Naomi's  Probably won't be getting them here, but it's fine if we do.
  : toilet clogged; will need snake
    -> spontaneously unclogged itself after about half an hour.
  * Humira arriving, *signature required*
    -> that was obviously a mistake.  Driver was here at 11 and left saying nobody was
       here.  Someone from UPS called.  I don't know whether this will work.
    -> arrived at around 3:30.  Not going out today.
  * Some work on lyrics formatting.
    documentstyle -> documentclass.
    put things together on the command line instead of writing a .tex file.
    There are, of course, still some things that won't work.  \advance is now something
    else, for example, and we want to use \pagestyle{fancyplain}
  % 9:30ish falling asleep in my chair
  % there's too much junk in my righthand pants pocket.  Hurts.
  * up 6am; ;
  @ Inheritance | Molly Beans - A life in Development Heh.
  @ reading: Haskell - Wikibooks
  & left at about 9:20 having forgotten about my coffee.  Oops.
  * 10am Pierre's:  windshield PermaPlate
  * Northgate: charge.  There was a person ahead of me and there were people waiting, and
    only one DCFC, so I opted for stopping at 50%. 
  @ jimhines | Notes from the Meat Cage, by Fran Wilde (ysabetwordsmith | Disability in SF )
  % I have been drinking less coffee and more water.  This is probably a good thing.
    I have cold coffee from this morning.  Not going to waste it.  Might even ice it.
  & TJ's for chips, guac, tappenade
    -> forgot to get coffee
  * Chicken Piccata for dinner
  & cancelled repeat delivery of chicken+tuna -- Ticia doesn't seem to like that one
  * Humira
  % felt like I was about to lose my balance when I stood up after giving C her humira.
  * down 11:35

  * up 7:50; W=200.2;
  : G' will be coming on Thursdays rather than Mondays.
  : Wells Fargo sent me the final balance on my house's impound (escrow) account; > $2K.
  @ Continued fraction
  * Down 11ish
  * up 5:40; W=202.4;
  : kids coming back down; will be with Manny all week.
  * Dive starting with Euclidean geometry (from the list of featured articles on the math
    portal) and ending up around algebras by way of Tarski's axioms of geometry.
  @ Hardwicks Hardware - I never got the link up, or even the correct name -- I kept
    calling it "Hinkley's" in my head, and posted a reference (sans link) with the
    incorrect name on 0610.  As far as I can tell the website is nothing but an image, a
    map, and contact info.  Safe to conclude they don't do eComerce or even mail order,
    but it doesn't matter.  It's great.  : They do have a page on FB, thus continuing the
    bad practice of substituting a social media site for a website.
    -> I should write about this. -> added to writing projects below.
  * put the remaining silverware in a moving box.
  * propane paperwork (credit application; included a note)
  * set up autopay for humira
  * pay bills
  * Northgate for a charge.  There's a BECU at Northgate Way and 8th.
    * Walked the length of the mall and back.  It's really a rather small mall.
  * cash checks - way the hell too many of these.  Some years old; probably expired by now
    -> BECU personal checking.  Wait for them to clear (or not) before transferring.
  x missed the Walgreens on Northgate Way, so I'll have to go out to the one on 50th later
  * Walked over to Walgreen's for pantsu
  @ Algebraic data type
  % 6:30pm sleepy
  @ A History of Sphere Eversions
  @ The Optiverse - YouTube
  @ John Baez on the number 8
    octonions, sphere-packing, and E8
  * down 00:35

  * up 7:10; W=202.4;
  @ went back and watched John Baez on the number 24
    ... after watching 5 and 8 last night.  It starts with the fact that 
    1^2 + 2^2 + ... + 24^2 = 70^2; -- 24 is the only number where this works.  It's
    related to the Monster group; the number of dimensions required to represent M,
    196,883, is the number of spheres that can be close-packed around the origin in 24
    dimensions.  OK; I'll stop burbling now.
  @ Drawing surfaces and their deformations: The tobacco pouch eversions of the sphere -
    ScienceDirect (going back to last night)
  @ Computing Sphere Eversions: cse.pdf
  @ Fermat's Last Theorem Why does everything come down to elliptic curves?
  @ Klein bottle#Figure 8 immersion twisted torus with lemniscate cross-section 
  * Call (previous owner of house) (voice mail - his
    message said "Steve", so that settles the question of how to address him when we
    finally do connect.)   
    ->  He's leaving tomorrow to deliver a load of stuff to Montana; coming back Saturday
	and will be around for a few days.  House cleaner coming on the 28th.
  * dinner: take-out from Ristorante Doria, next door.  I probably didn't need the
    calamari -- too much salt in the breading -- but I wanted protein.
  & dive from chocolate / entheogen
  @ Dysthymia - Wikipedia
  @ Travel (Linux) laptop setup - [LWN]
    Subkeys - Debian Wiki
  * Some work on flk -> ps.  Basically working.
  * down 00:25

Date: 2017-06-18 10:31 pm (UTC)
kyleri: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kyleri
I sort of remembered what an Erdős number is! Kind of! In that I'd at least heard the definition once, a zillion years ago.

Also yay more time to move in!

Date: 2017-06-18 10:37 pm (UTC)
kjn: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kjn
*raises hand about Erdős number*

(My friend [personal profile] michiexile has an Erdős number of 4. He also was a filk writer back in the day.)

Date: 2017-06-19 01:18 am (UTC)
cellio: (Default)
From: [personal profile] cellio
*also raises hand* I know what an Erdős number is. I don't *have* one, but I know what it is.

(Err, I suppose it's possible that I do, though it's vanishingly unlikely. I only have one peer-reviewed conference paper, and it's in the field of computational linguistics. But one of the co-authors has more, so maybe he's got something.)

Date: 2017-06-18 11:37 pm (UTC)
jcfiala: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jcfiala
My memory said that is Bacon for math nerds. :) Which is strange, because Bacon tastes better than Erdős.

Date: 2017-06-27 01:00 am (UTC)
johnpalmer: (Default)
From: [personal profile] johnpalmer
I've never tasted either gent, personally. Makes me wonder with all the tasting how they had the time to be so prolific.

Date: 2017-06-18 11:40 pm (UTC)
jcfiala: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jcfiala
The problem is, although a real website is better than a facebook site, a facebook site is cheap, and thus gets used anyway. Sigh.

Date: 2017-06-19 02:01 pm (UTC)
mxsupermarinespitfire: Mx Supermarine Spitfire (Default)
From: [personal profile] mxsupermarinespitfire
I was really bad at cashing in cheques promptly, mostly due to procrastination. Problem is gone now, I get paid directly into my bank account. In fact, I've not had to write or deposit a cheque in several years. Don't even have a chequebook or cashing-in book anymore.

I've switched over to PDF for archival purposes now, and Markdown text formatting for my writing. I only keep Word around because some documents just don't display properly in anything else. Sigh.

Date: 2017-06-20 09:02 am (UTC)
tibicina: text: 'The trouble with you, ibid, is that you think you're the biggest, bloody authority on everything' (ibid)
From: [personal profile] tibicina
I also know what an Erdos number is (though I'm too lazy to look up the code for the umlaut).

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