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I spent pretty much the whole week, during "working hours" anyway, working on a project that's been on my queue for years: getting my lyrics to print two-sided and ensuring that if songs occupy two pages that they span an even-odd two page spread. It's working, as of this afternoon.

There are a couple of subtleties. Notably, if you're just printing a whole bound songbook, you don't care which side of the page a one-page song goes on. If you're printing individual songs to go into a looseleaf binder, on the other hand, you need a cover sheet on the first (right-hand) page to force both pages of a two-page song onto the correct page. And of course if you're printing lyrics to go on a song's web page, you don't want the cover page. But I have it working.

I also got Father's Day calls from both of my kids, got the keys to the new house (in a little party Monday afternoon), scheduled our move out of the apartment (for Wednesday July 12th, which will give us a little time to pack), got in contact with the various utility companies, and, ... I'm not sure there was much else. That's probably enough.

I still have the persistent feeling of not getting much done, and I'm constantly appalled at how much has to be done before we can move into the new place, and how little time we have. I'm still scared about how little money we have, and worried about the amount of stuff we still have to do to the new house to make it work for our family.

Not to mention whether we'll have anything at all left after Trump and his goons get through destroying our social safety net, not to mention the planet.

And speaking of global warming, it's in the 90s this week. For Seattle, that's scorching.

Notes & links:

0618Su Father's Day 
  * up 6:24; W=202.4; Shower
  @ Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer performing Crocodile Man - YouTube
  @ Chudnovsky algorithm - Wikipedia converges on pi *really fast*
  * Got the %/lyrics.pdf stuff working in songs.make.  Making pdf directly instead of
    going through .dvi and .ps; postscript is about twice as big, so that's a win.
    Getting there involved loading the music rules at the start of rules.make so that it
    could pick up %pdf: %flk before %pdf: %ps.  (Unless you're a GNUmake geek you're not
    expected to understand this.)
  : Happy Father's Day text from Chaos.
  : happy Father's Day call from Emmy

0619Mo Juneteenth
  * up 6:45; W=201.2;
  ~ 10ish TJ's, then up to dentist by 11 to deliver checkbook and cookies.
  * Leif's coming here around 2:30
  : Long wild goose chase trying to figure out why uncle.flk was breaking.  Turns out that
    I wasn't using \chord around the key, which only renders correctly in math mode.
    OTOH, I finally got it.
  * Nice visit with N and Leif.  Have keys for house.
    Sang "The October Country", the Travelers, and the Bears.
    * sent the Applause up to Whidbey with N, since we owe people up there a concert.
  : The lyrics makefiles and style files are able to process everything in steve/Lyrics.
    Some refactoring is needed, especially making a songbook.cls document class, but it's
    working well enough to be worth checkpointing.
  & Looking for a quick, easy way to set up a private chat system for a moderate-sized
    group.  Have to admit that IRC is tempting.
    @ How to Create your own IRC Channel/Room 
    @ Private Chat services Web-Based Messengers for Chat
  * cloned, cleaned up, and compiled the steve/Lyrics-* repos.  Symlinked zongbook.sty
    from the main Lyrics, for uniform appearance in the personal songbook.
  * Down 11:55

  * up 6:55; ;
  @ 4 open source chat applications for team collaboration |
  @ igniterealtime/Openfire: A XMPP server licensed under the Apache License.
    Ignite Realtime: Openfire Server
    Openfire: Excellent, free open source chat server | InfoWorld 
  @ Frug/AJAX-Chat: A fully customizable web chat implemented in JavaScript, PHP and
    MySQL which integrates nicely with common forum systems like phpBB, MyBB, FluxBB, SMF
    and vBulletin. A Flash and Ruby based socket connection can be used to boost
  @ Zulip not finding the source, though.
    Zulip - Run your own server
  @ Documentation « Live helper chat, open source live support.
  @ 6 Open Source Messaging Apps More Secure Than Skype
    There may be some secure, free hosted services here.
  @ Telegram Messenger free, cloud-hosted, secure
    -> this looks like the best option that doesn't require installing a server.
    Like Signal, Telegram requires a mobile phone number, but not an email address.
    Hmm: Once you've set up a username, you can give people a link.
      ... but it still requires a phone to log in.
  @ Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide Stretch released on the 17th
  @ CTAN: Package songbook
  * updated {lgf,tg}/Lyrics.  At this point there are still a few issues, but it's stable
    enough that I won't absolutely have to do anything for a while.
    At this point I'm free to work on either 2-sided songbooks or songs.make
  * Safeway: laundry detergent, cat litter, cheddar
  * Installed Honu on (the web host).  It had been using the old version in
    Config, which of course isn't there anymore.
  @ kyleri | yeah, i poemed
    Myth & Moor: Art slips through
  * steve/Lyrics builds on
  * Music:  noodling, including Pack Up Your Sorrows and Millennium's Dawn.
    Ship of Stone, with vocals, at Colleen's request after I noodled the intro.
    I think Ticia likes my singing.  Later, Bad Guys (inst) and Desolation Oh No! (sung)
  : Ticia also likes butter.  It's very silly.
  * down 00:20  Very sleepy the last hour or so.
0621We Solstice
  * up 7:20; W=202.6;
  * call UNW to pay balance
  @ Intuitive UI: What the heck is it? - UX Design Edge (ysabetwordsmith)
    10 things that make software user-friendly - TechRepublic
    15 Timeless Rules for Creating Intuitive Web Apps (With Examples)
  * N coming over -mid-afternoon- _evening_ -- she has doctor's appointment early Thursday
  ~ 1pm Anita Brown -> rescheduled to next Monday
  * call Two Men and a Truck 877-263-6444 Everett 425.336.0856
    -> used web form with a tentative date of 0725Tu.  Expecting email.
    -> filled out inventory form.  Had to look up apartment: 469 square feet
  * piggy bedding, hay (orchard blend, which is what she prefers)
  % I keep too damned much stuff in my pockets.  I appear to have lost _another_ damned
    bluetooth headset.  I go through those things way too fast.  Embarrassing.
  : Compared dental plans between AARP and COBRA - the latter seems to be cheaper.
  * Beef Stroganoff for dinner, because N.  Didn't come out quite as tender as I would
    have wanted it, but perfectly acceptable.
  * down 10ish
  * up 5:20; W=203.8;    Some nice kitty-cuddle at 5am.
  @ ysabetwordsmith | Poem: "The Health of the People" many great links, and a good
    discussion of user-friendly / intuitive software
  @ The Project Gutenberg Etext Of Puck Of Pook's Hill by Rudyard Kipling
  * -> reschedule move to week of July 10th (Monday) scheduled arrival 11am
    -> re-rescheduled for the 12th because of conflicts Monday and Tuesday; that also
       gives more time to unpack on Whidbey and for Giselle to help pack.
  @ moem | Barack Obama's statement on the healthcare bill
  * Fixed up song lists in lyrics.make; dropped steve/Lyrics/depend.make: no longer needed
    Fairly extensive documentation on formatting options in comments in lyrics.make
  * Walk:  University to 45th.
  * Scooter weight is 85 lbs with the 18AH battery, so it *will* go on Molly's carrier.
  % 19:50 sleepy
  % 20:30 some nice Ticia time; if she's lying on the bed when I pass by she likes to be
    skritched and wants to nuzzle.
  @ dspinellis/unix-history-repo: Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until
    today Assembling the history of Unix [] WOW!
  @ Overview - Pagure [LWN] git-based s/w forge
  @ FreeIPA [LWN] identity management

0623Fr Al's Birthday
  * Up 6:10; W=203.2;
  @ HaTeX: The Haskell LaTeX library.
  @ Text.LaTeX.Base.Parser
  @ LaTeX::Parser - Perl extension to parse LaTeX files -
  : car charger 360-610-5046 Pat Hurley <>
  : Kids up to Whidbey.  later that week:  Kids, N, and Cricket at Glenn's
  * call for referral to ophthalmology -> 0815Tu
  * contact power company Puget Sound Energy
  ~ contact Whidbey Telecom (South Whidbey) 360-321-1122
    -> need to come into Freeland office, with closing docs as proof of residency
  * cleanup
  * refreshed myChevrolet website and app _while the car was out of the garage_, and they
    worked.  App needs "pull down to refresh".  So there's that.  Apparently, just because
    there's phone signal, that doesn't mean that the car is reachable.  Probably not
    reachable unless turned on; which would make sense.
  : bash completion:  /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion
    -> user defs in ~/.bash_completion -- use this for the commands in Honu
  @ Smart Social Media Automation (Don Marti: Fun with
  @ All-girl engineer team invents solar-powered tent for the homeless (ysabetwordsmith)
  * call (younger brother) Al to wish him a happy birthday - called around a
    quarter of 8; good timing, since they were just getting back from dinner.
  * noodling.  talking blues, Wheelin', a lot of randomness.
  * down 00:15
  o what do I want in the daily/weekly schedule?
    teaching (3 classes: math, science, CS, 2 days/week),
    walking or other exercise
  * Up 6:15; W=202.4;
  @ New York Times Sends Cease & Desist Letter Over CalPERS' Massive Copyright
    Infringement; Potential Damages Eight Figures for Times and WSJ Each; Theft Extends to
    Virtually Every News Publication in US | naked capitalism f(Jim Wright)
  @ PrideFest Capitol Hill: Street Festival, Family Pride, Youth Pride
  @ Seattle PrideFest 2017: TOGETHER WE RISE: Schedule and Events
  * get keys duplicated.  2 copies of each.  (will get more later, probably just for the
    front door when we identify it)
    Also picked up asparagus and bagels at the farmer's market, lox at the fishmonger's,
    and cream cheese (and other stuff) at TJ's.
  * TJ's for a chocolate babka and another package of B+W's for N.
  : Hot.  Hot enough for weather warnings; currently 85 in the apartment.
  @ Allowing Self-Signed Certificates on Localhost with Chrome and Firefox 
  * Out for ice.  Tried Plaid Pantry, across 50th, on C's suggestion.  Score.
    They also have an amazon locker.
  * Bagels and lox for dinner as well as lunch.
  % Why am I wearing a shirt in this weather? -> Put a sarong on the chair for comfort.
    -> put a sarong on in place of pants.  not actually quite as cool as I'd like it.

Date: 2017-06-26 10:23 am (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
From: [personal profile] alatefeline
That sounds like a good project. Congratulations on getting your keys.

Date: 2017-06-27 03:16 am (UTC)
kyleri: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kyleri
*squeak* you noted my poem in your keep-track-of-things-thing *delight*

Also sarongs are excellent clothing.

Date: 2017-06-27 04:21 pm (UTC)
kyleri: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kyleri
Should you find yourself feeling inspired, I'd LOVE to read what you come up with.

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