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Very domestic this week. Mostly, putting up shelves and getting stuff unloaded from the pod and unpacked from boxes. Some things are still in the pod. I do, however, have the shelves up behind the beds, modulo a couple of missing brackets. Nothing much on them yet, but it's a start. I also got Colleen's pole set up, so that she has something to grab onto when she wants to get out of bed.

Cricket and the kittens were sick, so a lot of time and worry went into their care. They have spent a couple of nights in with me and Colleen; we have been a little short on sleep as a result. It's amazing how few kittens it takes to constitute a thundering herd.

Not much going on, other than that. We are gradually finding out how friendly people are here -- that's nice. Several nice little conversations with total strangers.

Notes & links:

  * up 6:30; W=199.6
  : we have zoomy kittens.  Terribly cute but also rather noisy.
    Ticia loves her box.  She also spent some time hiding behind C.'s sewing machine
  @ APOD: 2017 August 5 - Gravity's Grin
  * 15min:  shelf hanger strips in laundry room above machines.  A little out of
    alignment, so shelves across the whole width would require shims.  Simpler not to try
  * 1:30 trip to mainland to deliver g.'s sneakers.
  * buy a 25' snake, kitten food (Country Store)
  * 15min: shelves in laundry room.  Not all in, but some.  Not sure where all my shelving
    went.  Wire shelves especially.
  ~ tried snake - won't go past the second turn, so useless.

  * up 6ish; W=201.2; 
  * call Apollo for drain service -> left voice mail.
  ~ with G".'s and maybe N.'s help, flip the beds -> rotated them myself.  Flipping the
    covers can be done anytime, since we don't use the vertical adjustment much
  * 15min:  (*N) shelving.
  * 15min:  laundry
  * work out school schedule with N and j
  * finished What If? by Randall Munroe

  * up 5:35; W=203;
  ~ looking for my stud finder and not finding it.  Need a stud finder finder, obviously.
    -> found: under a banker's box lid!
  @ 5 ways to use Raspberry Pi in the classroom |
  @ Internet-in-a-Box offline content server
    How to create an Internet-in-a-Box on a Raspberry Pi |
  @ Scratch - For Parents
    Scratch is actually built on top of Squeak.  Why am I not surprised?
  @ Creative Computing Scratch
    Uses online version of scratch; not clear how well it translates to stand-alone
  @ Composing Programs Python 3
  @ Welcome to GNU TeXmacs (FSF GNU project) inline graphics - cf. Mathematica
  @ UCB Scheme - binary distribution for Windows STk
  @ STk Home Page Scheme with Tk graphics
  @ Teach Your Kids to Code | No Starch Press Paperback comes with free eBook version
    Review of Bryson Payne's "Teach your kids to code" | 
  @ JavaScript for Kids | No Starch Press
  @ Allen Iverson, iPhones, and Inbox Zero: What We Lose When We Obsess Over Efficiency -
    The Ringer (thnidu | "EFFICIENCY" as self-destructive addiction)
  * put electric blanket away, in the large under-bed box that had the huge skillet and
    other stuff in it.
  @ Country singing star Glen Campbell dies at 81 - The Washington Post 
  : Call from OnStar about the app case.  Told them to call back in half an hour; didn't.
    Called them back, only to have no new information and the rep asking me to re-describe
    the problem, giving them the same damned information they already have.  IDIOTS!
  * Finished installing the shelves above C.'s sewing corner.
  @ Moral values in society
  : another bad status email from OnStar - called again.  Blank page from links
    lynx ""
    The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
    Your support ID is: 17254660477763870345 -> case 76246594 supposedly covers this too.
  * 15min:  garbage cans to curb.  Took advantage of the fact that the wheelless one was
    mostly empty to toss some styrofoam from a package in the garage.
  : I have the kittens for the night
  * 15min:  finished upgrading all three porch lights to LED.
  * up 6:30; ;
  : Brooklyn was playing with my bootlace.  Very cute.  They're quite zoomy, but
    fortunately quieted down during the night and let me sleep.
  @ South Whidbey: Finalist Nicest Place in America | Reader's Digest 
  * ask G" to return Rosie's key
  . Some work on headboard shelves.  It will, however, be a two-person job.  Or, hmm.  one
    person and two stepladders?
  * Plumber for front bathroom.  Ask about fridge, too.
    -> toilet just needed more back-and-forth with the snake
    -> Fridge - there's a valve, but the fridge wasn't connected to it, and the other end
       of that line wasn't connected to water.  Plumber will be back to fix.
  * 2:30 BathFitters - Cindy:  accessible in back; deeper tub in front
    $6480 for the shower.  Put down deposit.  Tub will be a little less.
    There are a 32" tub, 18" deep, and a 38" tub 21" deep. 
  * Shelf hanger strips up on the headboard wall.  Something of a pain.  Mostly walldogs,
    which could be a problem eventually.  Getting the first up, which required propping up
    the loose end with a box on top of a stepladder, was the hard part.
  * All the 80" standards I could find are out of the garage, and the ones for the
    headboard wall are up, though perhaps not correctly spaced yet.
    Brought up wood and wire 6' shelves.
  % 10pm - sleepy.  Dozing for the last half hour or so.

  * Up 6:50; W=200.4;
  * 15min:  shelving in our bedroom
  * shopping and other errands with N
    A nice conversation in the bank parking lot with a random woman who noticed our car
    Waved at the other blue Bolt (and parked next to a red CMax)  The island is a small,
    friendly place.
  @ Wouter van den Heever's answer to Is the death of friends and family members harder
    on atheists, because they don't believe in an afterlife? - Quora t;dr: no
  * a few minutes of guitar noodling
  : Colleen pointed out that Worldcon is in San Jose next year.  We need to go.

  * up 7:04; W=200.4; 
  * 1:15 Colleen UNW (G")
  * 15min:  Brought in desk top and all the wire shelving I could find in the pod.  I
    think I may have all of the shelving now; there are still some brackets missing and
    probably another desk top which I think is in the garage.
  * 15min: more work on headboard - moved the 6' wire shelf down, added a wood shelf.
  @ Humble Book Bundle: Brainiac 2 presented by No Starch
  * 2pm Wells Fargo Clinton: notary (N)
  * 3pm Bronx and Brooklyn SWAC (N) Bronx follow-up, Brooklyn shots.
    Bronx is still a pretty sick kitten - sinusitis and conjunctivitis.  Poor little guy!
  * 15min: more work on headboard - looking at that top shelf.  It's 9' from the left
    standard to the wall on my side.  6 and 3 would work better because it would put the
    joint on a bracket.  What I _have_ is 5 and 4.
  # I have 30x60 and 24x48 plywood desk tops.  The larger one is 3/4", so it's heavier,
    but it's almost certainly wide enough that I could sit at the 30" end.  48x30 or 36
    would be better, but I'd probably have to go out and buy it.
    A secretary could work, too, if it was tall enough to contain a monitor.
  @ The 2017 Hugo Award Winners Are Here Campbell - Ada Palmer.  Seanan for novella
  & looks like I get to sleep with the kittens tonight.
    -> take them into our room and close the door.
  * Colleen:  Humira

  * up 6ish; W=199.4; shower
  : Bronx is looking better.
  * C managed to take a shower.  Needed help getting her feet over the threshold, but not
    all that much.
  * 15min:  put up Colleen's bed pole.
  * out with N. to pick up j's dresser, cat and piggie litter, catfood, LED bulbs.
    Country Store had Feit LED floods in 3-packs; got 2.  Should have gotten 3
  # might be worthwhile bringing in a couple of sawhorses and setting up a desk top to see
    how it works.  Hmm.  Could put it in the corner, with my chair in front of the window.
    -> or tray tables - they're also 25" high.
  * 15min:  water plants in front, including thyme and catnip
  * 15min:  replace flush-mounted floodlights in kitchen with LEDs.
    still have some in the hall.
  : spent 15min or so with N watching a faun eating our plants.  Mostly weeds, I think; it
    was skipping the bushes in favor of small stuff.  Terribly cute.
  % 9ish sleepy
  * sleeping with kittens again tonight.

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