Dec. 3rd, 2007

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... (or should that be a herd of hippos, a flock of birdies, and six ewes) to the lovely and talented triplets [ profile] freyaw, [ profile] mia_mcdavid, and [ profile] catsittingstill!!!!!! Have a great one!!!!!!

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20% Apple addicted )

Would have been less if I hadn't counted the laptop I have from work.

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Cross-posted to [ profile] healthy_fen and [ profile] mdlbear.)

Took a slightly shorter-than-usual walk today: down to the little shopping center at Sand Hill and Sharon Park, and back by the same route. The main goal was to get a NeilMed Sinus Rinse kit at Longs, but they were on sale and out of stock. Picked one up at Walgreen's on the way home.

TMI? nasal irrigation: watering my nose. )

The kids were, predictably, disgusted (I suspect it would appeal to 5-year-olds). The [ profile] flower_cat is intrigued in spite of a painful experience with it a couple of years ago, possibly due to a too-concentrated saline solution. I'm sold on it.

My pedometer currently reads 10552 for the day.

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