Mar. 31st, 2008

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... a dead horse my album. Most folks reading my LJ probably know this already, but copies of my CD, Coffee, Computers, and Song!, are still available from CD Baby. I'm shipping them another 10 copies this morning.

Anyone else?

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There are lots of places to find books online. The Online Books Page at the University of Pennsylvania seems to be pointing to many of them.

(Indirectly from a locked post by [ profile] kshandra.)

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... should I try to do a weekend trip with nothing but the XO, or should I take the Mac as well. The XO's keyboard isn't an issue, since I have a good one I can take along -- it would work better with a Linux box than it does with the Mac. The XO's screen and battery life are fantastic.

But the browser is *not* Firefox, and it doesn't do tabs as far as I can tell. The window manager is weird -- basically the whole thing is aimed at kids -- and the IM client only talks Jabber. OTOH, I might be able to dual-boot it with Ubuntu, in which case I'd probably be pretty happy with it.

I'd borrow the Asus Eee from work; it's more like a "traditional" Linux laptop. But then I'd have to get a new one for Colleen...

(Added 0401: I can almost certainly do everything I need to via ssh to home; there's even a console version of my usual IM app (finch, the console version of pidgin). That would have the added advantage of leaving the log files on my home machine. I'm already used to posting to LJ via an ssh connection.)

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