Jul. 3rd, 2011

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Even though it got off to a very shaky and stressful start, yesterday got much better. I basically did nothing but sit on my arse with my netbook, had a few short but nice conversations, went to the Bohnhoffs' concert (after coming in toward the end of Fred and Robin's), had dinner with the family, and sang WItC outside the con suite. We left around 9:15, just as I was debating either going up to the parties or into the filk room, after hanging out with Colleen outside the filk room (where she had space and I had power).

I was reasonably well-relaxed by the time we got home, but not worn out the way I had been the day before; I didn't have any trouble picking the YD up at 11:30. Colleen went to bed about 10pm, which is early for her. (She's up now, which is very early for her these days.) Healing takes a lot of energy.

I spent some time in the morning filing "flexible" health spending account paperwork. While on the benefits site I pushed through a lot of my long-standing avoidance issues and looked at the state of my retirement account. "To eliminate the income gap when you retire, you'll need an additional $2,200,000 in savings." Yeah, right. I turn 65 next year. Things look notably better if I retire at 70; it's an extra 60%. I'd only need around 1.5M to close the gap.

It would work out fairly comfortably if it weren't for the recent refinance and our lack of long-term care insurance. You can see why financial stuff is tagged "trainwreck".

It's easier to roll Chami with Minnie slung "over the shoulder", which gives the combination a lower center of gravity. But Minnie has a tendency to slip off at that point. But it's easier (i.e., possible) to get at Chami's zippers, and her top handle is usable. Perhaps a strap or carabiner would help.

A couple of links from the morning's browsing, up in the notes.

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