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Last month was National Blog Posting Month, for those of us with smaller goals than writing a novel.

I did not succeed in writing a post every day, however I did have enough days with two posts to bring the count back up to 30. It's been a rough month -- I'm not complaining.

NaBloPoMo stats:
    489 2018/11/01--nablopomo.html
     89 2018/11/01--thankful-thursday.html
    617 2018/11/02--learn-enough-to-be-dangerous.html
    340 2018/11/03--s4s-ripple.html
   1880 2018/11/04--done-since-1028.html
    479 2018/11/05--random-words.html
     73 2018/11/06--signal-boost-poetry-fishbowl.html
    246 2018/11/07--music-with-my-family.html
    117 2018/11/08--thankful-thursday.html
    399 2018/11/09--meta-sticky-post.html
    346 2018/11/10--s4s-mary-omeara.html
   1522 2018/11/11--done-since-1104.html
   2042 2018/11/12--multitasking.html
    814 2018/11/13--taking-turns.html
    179 2018/11/14--more-randomness.html
     91 2018/11/15--thankful-thursday.html
    844 2018/11/16--weighty-matters.html
    143 2018/11/17--power-balance.html
    302 2018/11/17--s4s--mary-ellen-carter.html
   1445 2018/11/18--done-since-1111.html
    125 2018/11/19--cat-desk.html
    194 2018/11/20--moms-cranberry-relish.html
    177 2018/11/21--update-on-colleen.html
    353 2018/11/22--thankful-thursday.html
    207 2018/11/24--a-random-haiku.html
    348 2018/11/24--s4s-band-practice.html
   1486 2018/11/25--done-since-1118.html
    134 2018/11/26--family-health-update.html
     85 2018/11/28--winterfaire-2018.html
     51 2018/11/29--thankful-thursday.html
  15617 words in 30 posts this month (average 520/post)
      3 days with no posts

So there's that. There's also a useful word-counting script, as you can see above. It's in MakeStuff/blogging/word-count, but hasn't been made into a make target yet. Maybe next year?

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The big news is that Colleen is out of the hospital (as of Thursday), and at home doing reasonably well. She still needs daily trips to Coupeville for IV antibiotics.

We (me, N, and m) gave her a concert Sunday in her hospital room, which came off pretty well considering that I was playing guitar with gloves on. I really should have recorded it. For that matter, I ought to get back to recording our practice sessions and making setlists.

Monday Desti had minor surgery to remove the fluid-filled cyst on her left shoulder. She also got her teeth cleaned. She's been doing fine so far.

Wednesday I went down to Rest Stop after seeing Colleen in the hospital.

I had a couple of phone/video interviews; both seem to be moving to the next stage, whatever that is. I am almost feeling cautiously optimistic about these. Almost. But not quite.

I've been plagued by networking problems -- first one of the access points mysteriously losing its routing setup, then (yesterday) total loss of the DSL connection. I called tech support and they're going to give me a new router, but I suspect that it's more likely due to our flaky inside wiring -- apparently some random wires were left dangling after the original house was replaced by the present manufactured home.

A lot of my programming in the last week consisted of finishing up the NaBloPoMo word count script. You can see the results in the previous post. I'm not getting as much done as I'd hoped I would.

Did I mention that we had a really bad year last month?

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