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FAWM (February Album-Writing Month) starts tomorrow. In a not-entirely-unconnected event, I have (finally!) put Coffee, Computers and Song up on Bandcamp.

I'm going to use the fact that Bandcamp (started in 2008) didn't exist when I released the album (2007) as an excuse for not having done this sooner. I know, pretty lame. But joining a site that asks for a Bandcamp link if you have one makes as good a reason as any.

I should also add that it's still available on CD Baby Music Store, which also has actual, physical CDs to sell you.

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How did it get to be Thursday again so fast? Today I am grateful for...

  • FAWM.ORG for giving me a reason to get off my butt and do something creative...
  • ... and also giving me an incentive to put Coffee, Computers and Song up on Bandcamp...
  • ... and that it hasn't started yet, so I can be grateful for it without knowing whether I will actually have any creativity to be grateful for next week.
  • The electricians, who are finally installing the car charger outlet, and the outlets in the garage that I expect to be plugging shop lights into.
  • As always, my family...
  • ... including our quadrupedal family members.

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