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Nov. 26th, 2014 01:19 pm
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Yesterday morning, I saw my psychiatrist. We decided to lower my dose of Geodon again, this time to 20 mg twice a day (it was 40 twice a day and before that was 40/80). I'm not having any withdrawal symptoms, and I'm not noticing increased anxiety. My doctor is kind of disappointed by that last because it means that very likely the Geodon wasn't doing anything to help me. To be honest, I never really thought that it was, but it's hard to tell. I've contracted my life down to what I can manage without setting myself off too badly. At any rate, I keep seeing this doctor because I need to keep my disability status with the insurance from my old job and because, eventually, Social Security is going to review my status and want medical information.

I had lunch at a diner about a block from the doctor's office, right near the bus station. I thought about going to Totoro, but I banged up my left leg getting into the shower Monday night, and walking hurt. I had a cheeseburger and fries and a drink. They have a deal for that for $6.99 (which comes to about $7.50 with tax and $9.50 with tip).

On the bus home, I saw a woman who might have been my cleaning lady. The coat and purse were, I think, right, but I never saw her face. She had her head buried in her arms when I boarded the bus, and I sat behind her. I didn't even get a glimpse of her as I got off the bus. I kind of hope it wasn't my cleaning lady-- Whoever it was looked exhausted when I came past.

I made Chex mix when I got home. Scott loves Chex mix but limits himself to having it in the month before Christmas and (sometimes) the month after Christmas. The almonds I used appear to have gone off, though. The couple that I had were nasty, and even Scott could taste that they weren't quite right. So we're picking out almonds and throwing them in the trash.

I also tried making Christmas porridge with our rice cooker. It has a setting for porridge, and Scott thought it might save me some time if we could use that. Unfortunately, very little of the milk actually absorbed into the rice while it was in the cooker. I had to finish it on the stove and spent about half an hour standing there and stirring. Without the rice cooker, it would have taken me about forty five minutes to cook in the milk, so I don't see that the rice cooker really saved me much time. I may try again, this time using the standard rice setting, but I'm not optimistic. Fortunately, Scott and Cordelia really like rice porridge, so the experiments won't be wasted. Cordelia was really hoping the experiment would work so that she could have porridge more often. When it takes an hour in front of the stove, I'm a lot less likely to make it than if it takes fifteen minutes.

Scott had to go in to work early this morning. I'm hoping that that will mean he gets out earlier on Friday, but I'm not holding my breath. He called me a little after noon to ask if there were any particular days or weeks I wanted him to try to get for vacation in the upcoming year. The only day I really wanted him to take was my birthday-- I need to renew my driver's license then, and I can't get to the Secretary of State's office without someone's help.
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Posted by Ask a Manager

Remember the letter-writer in August who had participated in a videotaped counseling training session for students and later realized that two of her student workers would be viewing the video as part of their training? She was feeling awkward about the emotional content of the session being viewed by people she managed. Here’s her update.

After sending in my question, I did a little bit of quiet investigation to learn exactly how my counseling sessions would be used in class. I was relieved to find out that my sessions were discussed only by the four students who counseled me and a professor, not by the entire group. Like one insightful commenter suggested, the students were FAR more concerned with their own performance than they were with my problems, which is understandable at this point in their training and a big relief to me.

However, one of the students tried to offer me some post-session follow-up. While her offer was coming from a very kind and genuine place, I really didn’t want to have a friendly lunch with her to further discuss my problems. I declined her invitation and discreetly mentioned it to the program administrator, who was horrified. In the next class period, the professor gave some very clear direction on how to act towards clients outside of the clinical setting, and any strange follow-up conversations were nipped in the bud.

Months later, I’m really glad I participated in the counseling sessions. While some of my student counselors were better than others, some of the advice I received turned out be really helpful. Furthermore, the school has had trouble with cross-department collaboration – so my offer to help out a different department when they needed it was definitely noticed and appreciated. In fact, I’ve been shocked at how far this one action has gone in smoothing out tensions between my department and the counseling department.

Thanks again for taking my question. Your sound advice – and the advice of the AAM community – was really helpful and kept me from overreacting.

update: I was a test subject in a counseling session at work and now I regret it was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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And they both seem determined to drag me further into the middle of their fight.

on a roll. Possibly sesame seed.

Nov. 26th, 2014 09:45 am
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#MakeAMovieFromThe80s BARBALIEN! Despite 4 sequels and late-night HBO play, this movie - featuring former Mr. Universe Absalom Krunch...

... as the muscled otherworld warrior in modern LA - never realized the success of Terminator and Conan. #Barbalien #MakeAMovieFromThe80s

You know, this was going to be #MakeAMovieFromThe80s but turns out to be #MakeAn80sCartoon. THE CARE NOSAURS!

The CARE NOSAURS! Each episode Rex, Tarbo, Alberto & friends learn valuable lessons about sharing & friendship! #MakeAn80sCartoon

.. and although the series ran for exactly one season, it uh, spawned, several hundred furry fans with a big thing for Gay muscledino art.

December Posting Meme

Nov. 26th, 2014 07:15 am
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You've all peer pressured me into it! (Okay, and I'm secretly jealous of all the cool topics you are all writing posts about.)

Give me a topic, and I'll try to write about it!

So some possible topics of discussion:

1) Video games! More thoughts on GamerGate. Video games I'm enjoying right now. Video games I have loved.
2) Fannish things! Fandoms in my past. Fandoms in my future. Characters and pairings that I have written. Fannish tropes I love and/or hate.
3) TV Shows/Movies! Both about specific movies I've seen and in the trends that I have observed.
4) Writing! How I write stuff. What I like and/or hate about how other people write stuff. The genesis of specific things I've written in the past.
5) Tech stuff! Being in this industry. Languages and/or frameworks. This is a big broad topic, feel free to go wild with it.
6) Food! I love food. I love talking about food.
6) Anything else you can think of!
[syndicated profile] racialicious_feed

Posted by Guest Contributor

by Guest Contributor Mario Fitzgerald

In one of the many footnotes in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Yunior opines:

“Rushdie claims that tyrants and scribblers are natural antagonists, but I think that’s too simple; it lets writers off pretty easy. Dictators, in my opinion, just know competition when they see it. Same with writers. Like, after all, recognizes like.”

Through the mind of Yunior, Junot Diaz expresses a core truth about writing: Despite being a tool of dissent for justice and equality, writing is also a powerful and thoroughly successful method of erasure, revision, and domination.

Through his first feature film, Dear White People, director Justin Simien has demonstrated how film can similarly be a tool for either justice or domination. Through the characters of Helmut West, a reality television show producer and Sam White, an independent documentary filmmaker, Justin Simien dramatizes the different ways in which the film industry has responded to racism and white supremacy.

Helmut West drifts in and out of the film searching for “conflicts” on the campus of Winchester University from which he can create a reality television show. Despite the title of the film directing viewers’ attention towards the many documented micro-aggressions of White characters towards the film’s Black characters, West is a Black man.

His presence raises a critique against the constant search for anti-Black racist acts committed by White people rather than manifestations of White supremacist thinking which, as bell hooks has so eloquently written, operates within us all.

In acknowledging the manifestations of White supremacist thinking, the actions of characters such as Coco become more understandable as she pursues possible areas in which she, as a black woman, may actually benefit from White supremacy and its valuations of physical beauty. A focus on White supremacist thinking can also reveal the problematic nature of actions from characters such as Reggie. As White supremacist thinking is connected to patriarchal thinking, Reggie’s manipulation of the Armstrong Parker House’s voting system in order to thrust Sam into a position of power that she never wished to attain is more easily recognized as patriarchal and subsequently challenged and resisted by an anti-racist, black feminist lens. One would still be able to acknowledge that the most powerful characters, such as President Fletcher, are indeed white.

However, a focus on White supremacist thinking will reveal how individuals of all identities stand to benefit from various aspects of the status quo and, thus, may actually have a vested interest in upholding certain oppressive systems while struggling against others.

West is also possibly the most perceptive character in the film, perhaps even more so than Sam, as he quickly identifies which people around him will easily fit into a consumable racial stereotype, be it the “angry black activist,” the “ghetto black woman,” or the overtly bigoted white person. However, he uses his perceptive abilities to further a part of the film industry that profits off of racism, and so West seeks to exploit racial confrontations he finds on campus rather than to challenge them.

Juxtaposed against West is Sam White, a young, passionate filmmaker and campus activist intent on exposing the contradictions of society, starting with her college campus.

Through her campus radio program, “Dear White People” and her first short film of white faced white people losing their collective minds over the election of Barack Obama as president, Sam attempts to expose the racist contradictions of the world through direct and didactic methods. Such methods draw both ire and adoration from Sam’s peers as well as the attention of the Winchester’s President and Dean of Students.

After facing the pressures to conform to the demands of her peers as well as the university administrators, Sam eventually falls back on her identity as a filmmaker, and with the help of her boyfriend, Justin, Sam embraces the role of an “anarchist filmmaker.” As such she presents the contradictions of society as problematic while simultaneously avoiding offering any solutions leaving that task for her viewers, as displayed in the final moments of her second short film documenting the fall out from a campus “black face” party in which she ceases to complete her last “Dear White People” edict. In this way, Sam, as an “anarchist filmmaker” challenges rather than exploits the racism displayed on Winchester’s campus.

It seems safe to say that Justin Simien, himself, has set the task for himself of following the “anarchist” tradition of filmmaking, a tradition marked by the questioning of society’s manners, formalities, and figures of authority in order to unveil the truths hidden by such facades.

DWP exposes the contradictions of the United States – especially its founding freedoms ingrained with racism and white supremacy – while also exposing our own personal and all too human contradictions.

However, Simien does not provide an easy ending glorifying the possibilities of the film industry to confront and challenge racism. Rather at the end of the film, it is Helmut West – not Sam – who sits in front of President Fletcher pitching his idea of using the conflicts of the university’s “race riot” to create a reality television show which will ultimately provide profits to both the university and television studio for which West works.

Therefore, though Justin Simien’s own first effort has opened to quite
some success as has the works of filmmakers such as Ava DuVernay, Dee Rees, and Ryan Coogler, Dear White People still acknowledges that the works of Hollywood studios and reality television shows capitalizing off of and profiting from stereotypes of black Americans still mainly control and define the narratives of black Americans.

The struggle continues, even in film, for in the words of Toni Morrison:

“Racism will disappear when it’s, A, no longer profitable, and no longer psychologically useful. And when that happens, it’ll be gone. But at the moment, people make a lot of money off of it, pro and con.”

Mario Fitzgerald is currently a Pre – K Assistant, Library Aide, and aspiring writer hoping to follow the paths set forth by James Baldwin and Toni Morrison living in Charlotte, NC.

The post The Producer and the Anarchist: Dear White People’s Critique and Vision of Film appeared first on Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture.

On Nano, and what I'm learning

Nov. 26th, 2014 12:02 pm
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So, I'm 26 days into nanowrimo - by my chart, that's 86.67% of the time by the end of the day, and 80.29%
done with the writing before I start today.

This month was an experiment - several experiments, actually.

* Writing 15K fiction pieces.
* Writing fiction-for-submission serially, i.e., one after another with no break.
* writing several pieces of different lengths for nano.

What I've learned already is that I have a process in writing for submission that is different from my process for writing for y'all or for serials, and that messing with it messes with my brain.

The process is:
* write 250-1000 words of a piece
* throw it out
* start again.
* finish that, then edit heavily.

skipping steps 1 & 2 totally messes with me. <.< Also, wastes time.

I've also learned that pacing for longer short pieces is totally foreign to me and I have no idea how to do it.

also, I need/want/crave/like distraction projects. See Doomsday.

that's it so far. See you on the 1st!~
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"We're planning to make it the dominant comic book universe. All the ingredients are there." - Tom Scioli

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Hivemind question: Broken pie crust

Nov. 26th, 2014 11:45 am
[personal profile] yendi
So we got a two-pack of GF pie crusts from Whole Foods. The second one was basically shattered. What are good ideas for broken pie crusts? Crumbles? Messy pies? Other thoughts?

Compassion Under Seige

Nov. 26th, 2014 04:38 pm
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I am feeling the weight of the various news that affects me directly or indirectly (the elections, Cosby’s multiple and ongoing new rape accusations, the situation in Ferguson and the injustice of it. Right now I am struggling to find the compassion that is so valuable to me and until I...
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Posted by Ask a Manager

A reader writes:

I am a fairly new accounting supervisor. Most days, I am completely overwhelmed with projects, data requests and constant deadlines looming overhead. I am trying to work more efficiently by delegating more projects and workload, but I have one employee who feels the need to come into my office several times daily to offer “updates” on the progress she’s making with things I’ve delegated to her. Sometimes she will just come in to ask a very trivial or elementary question about something she should know the answer to. Once she’s in my office, she often lingers as if she wants the conversation to continue—sometimes just standing there while I try to ease out of the conversation and return to my work. It can be a little awkward getting her to take the hint and leave.

I’m pretty sure I’m A.D.D. anyway, so having someone constantly appear in my doorway unnecessarily just derails my productivity. Of course it’s important to be accessible to my team, but her constant interruptions are stressing me out — I’m trying to save time by delegating, but the updates and hand-holding are greatly offsetting the time savings. She’s a very sensitive person and secretly I think she just wants constant affirmation (which I always try to provide). Also I’m a total “softie” and don’t want to hurt her feelings.

How do I explain I really don’t need or want so many progress reports–just give me very infrequent high-level updates or a finished product? Help.

Well, the biggest thing to know here is that as her manager, part of your job is to give her clear, direct feedback when you want her to do something differently. If you ever find yourself feeling annoyed or frustrated with someone you supervisor, take that as a flag for yourself that you need to give clearer feedback about whatever it is that’s producing the frustration. Of course, in a situation where you’ve already given plenty of clear feedback and the behavior hasn’t changed, that’s a flag that you need to escalate the seriousness of the conversation and possibly contemplate whether you have the wrong person in the job. But in this case, it sounds like you haven’t done step one yet — which is telling her what you’d like her to do differently.

Sometimes managers — especially new managers, but often more experienced ones too — neglect to have this conversation because they feel awkward about it. I suspect that’s the case here: you feel awkward or even a little rude telling her directly to cut this out. But it’s important to remember that you’re actually doing her a great disservice by allowing her to continue annoying you like this and not letting her know you want it to stop. (Imagine, after all, if you were doing something every day that was annoying the crap out of your manager and she didn’t bother to tell you. You’d be mortified, right? So it’s kind to speak up. It’s also your job as her manager — but it helps to remember that you’re doing her a disservice if you don’t.)

So you need to tell her — clearly and directly — that you want her to stop interrupting you so much and to start making more decisions on her own.

You shouldn’t become totally inaccessible to her, but it’s reasonable and smart to set up different channels for communicating, and to give her clearer guidance and what you do and don’t need to be updated on, and what you want her to figure out for herself rather than bringing to you. For instance: “Jane, I’m swamped, and I’m finding I need fewer interruptions during the day. Let’s set up one weekly meeting to touch base on things you need my input on. I’d appreciate it if you can save things for that meeting, unless it’s truly time-sensitive. Also, I don’t need regular updates and X and Y — just a quick overview once a week when we meet is fine. And I’d love for you to try to find answers to questions like A and B on your own; if you get stuck, come to me, but it will help me if you try to solve those things yourself first.”

And then enforce it. If she continues to interrupt you with things that she should either handle on her on or save for your weekly meeting, assert yourself:
* “It sounds like this isn’t urgent. Can it wait for our meeting on Thursday?”
* “This is the sort of question I’d love for you to find a solution to yourself. What have you tried so far?”

… and if necessary: “We talked a few weeks ago about trying to lower the number of times you’re popping by with updates and questions during the day. I haven’t seen much change. What can we do differently to make that happen?”

And remember, a major part of your job as a manager is to give people feedback, and you’re going to need be direct and matter of fact about it. I’d take your discomfort in this situation as a flag that you’ve got to some work to do in getting more comfortable with that!

my employee constantly interrupts me with unnecessary updates and questions was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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...and for good reason.

But, to be fair: Leave a prompt (or prompts) for any setting of mine not Addergoole/Fae Apoc, and, over the next month, I will try to write 100 words to each of at least 10 prompts.

Optional themes - holidays, family, winter/seasons's turn, i.e., anything you can think of as a December sort of theme.
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This is what happens when I start trying to give people kids.
See JohnWayne here: and more importantly here:
See Dai here - - and I'll have to go back and tag her elsewhere later.

JohnWayne had been at the Ranch for a week when he heard a woman's exasperated voice call out "Storm! Breeze! Rain!"

It wasn't Dáirine's voice. Even four years later, he knew his first Keeper's voice.

But it didn't quite sound like a weather forecast, either, and it sounded a little too much like the names he'd given his triplet daughters. He looked around, casually, while doing the stack of chores he'd been assured Howard gave to every new Kept.

He caught the flash of black curls before he saw anyone, and then the tall figure of a woman who was definitely not Dáirine, despite having similar coloration and hair. For one, this woman had spots, which Dáirine did not. For another, she had almost a foot on Dai.

"Storm, what did I tell you? Wait till I tell Dái what you've done, you naughty thing, you. Come on." The drawl was thick and southern as the woman scooped up a little girl.

From this distance, it was hard to tell. But she had her mother's curls and his complexion.

JohnWayne swallowed. If his former Keeper - and the daughters he'd fathered on her - was living on the Ranch, his time under Cynara's collar had just gotten a lot weirder.

and now, religion

Nov. 26th, 2014 11:02 am
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I find it much easier to contemplate deities or other spirits who are not expected to be perfect, neither omnipotent, omnipresent, nor omniscient. I think the insistence of much of judeo-christianity that a one true god exists and planned everything - every pain you and anyone else has suffered - is insulting to the idea of a such a being, that it must be so cruel.

I don't meet a lot of pagans or other non-monotheists who suffer crises of their faith. It mostly seems to be people struggling with the internal contraction in the idea of an All that spends its time hurting everyone.

I'm very grateful my mother raised me sans religion, so I simply don't suffer this moral quandary of judging my deity and finding it wanting, and then not knowing what do to about it.

Deep thoughts on a Wednesday morning, I suppose.

New Avengers #26: "Cages"

Nov. 27th, 2014 12:01 am
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"In any story, characters… plot… these things are primary and must be done well for a book to be considered successful, but I think that the stories that are really, really special have themes that resonate." - Jonathan Hickman

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Fandom Stocking

Nov. 26th, 2014 09:52 am
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I've signed up for a [community profile] fandom_stocking. There's a funny thing going on at the sign-up post where people are copying the *box* with the sign up format. Folks, I think that you just copy what's in the box.

Anyways, my comment is Here.
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Cynara (Cya) is a long-running character in my Addergoole/Doomsday series.
It is a trope of the series that she picks up a new Kept every year on Addergoole graduation/send-home-for-summer-vacation day.
Lady Maureen runs the creche where children of Ag students spend time until or unless their parents claim them on graduation.
Yoshi is Cynara's son; Howard is her crew-mate, Kishmish is Howard's adopted daughter and Nibibizhiw is his blood son.

It didn't surprise Luke to find Cynara leaning against Lady Maureen's fence; by this time, the surprise was the few years she didn't show up.

It did, however, surprise him to see her with another woman. The girl looked to be about the same age as Addergoole students, although he had spent enough time around fae to doubt appearance. She was blonde, with freckles sprinkled across her nose - the current partner of one of Cya's sons or grandsons, maybe? Luke moved in a little closer.

"Mo-o-om." The girl sighed with clearly long-suffering patience. Luke, recognizing the sound from his own children, smiled. The smile died quickly, however - mom? Cya had given two sons to Addergoole.

And told him about others having third children, fourth, fifth to have kids they didn't have to give away to Luke's school. She'd as much as told him.

But who was the father? Luke studied them, muttering a Working to let him eavesdrop from a safe distance. Blonde, well, that was likely an Aelf-get, but considering Cynara's taste in Kept, that didn't narrow it down. The freckles were Cynara's; both her sons had them.

"...No. I don't want a maid. I mean, I probably do want a maid, but it's not like we can't just hire a maid. I don't need a house-Kept."

Interesting. Shopping. Well, from the looks of Yoshi & his occasional visits to the same fence where his mother was now sitting, it ran in the family.

"Well, what about a-"

"No. I am not talking about that with you."

"Well, what do you want?" It was both interesting and a bit reassuring to find Cya sounding every bit as frustrated as any other parent of a teenager.

"I don't know, why don't you just find someone?"

"I thought you'd never ask. Look, it helps if you drop the Mask. Then they don't worry you might be a lost human." Cynara dropped her own Mask.

The girl did the same. Pronghorn antlers poked from her blonde hair. That - did not actually help.

Cynara had only once given a Kept a child, Luke remembered. And she'd been in love with Howard, even if neither of them would ever admit it.

Well, the kid had good genes, and Howard - well, Howard spoiled them rotten, which would explain a lot. But he'd raise them well, too. He'd done well with Kishmish and Nibibizhiw, at least.

"Now. Who would be good for my daughter..." Cya's eyes landed on Luke, and, very deliberately, she winked.

(no subject)

Nov. 26th, 2014 05:55 am
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Stuff I think about after an early morning anxiety spike has me wide awake.

So we have a batch of later ceratopsian fossils and they're all basically the same body plan with an amazing variety of different heads. Horner and other folks have found that some of these are actually the same species, just at different ages. Wikipedia's article on Styracosaurus talks about how lots of ceratopsian skulls have pitting and other damage but nothing that suggests a long period of infection and healing. There's obviously something going on with the ability of ceratopsian dinosaurs to reabsorb or replace bone.

So now what I'm wondering is whether ceratopsians were just great at producing variant crests, and if a lot of what we've found aren't true species so much as them speciating - that some animals with variant crests could still interbreed and it's just a minor variation, where other ones (and big groups like Pachycephalosaurus) really did break off thanks to geographic barriers or whatever, and kept getting weird little variations in crests.

5 things about today #58

Nov. 26th, 2014 11:28 pm
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Long day today...

* Had my job provider appointment today for centrelink. It went much better than I expected - centrelink had led me to fear they'd expect me to give up my degree in order to receive payment. As it turns out, my study has been counted in my activities, including my followthrough appointments. I only have to hunt for 5 jobs per fortnight (not that I know what I'm going to apply for yet...). Still, better than I expected by far.

* Had coffee with a new Melb person who's interested in poly and I'll aim to meet up with her at the poly social so that she's got an easy introduction link. She's lovely and there's heaps of lovely people at the social but fuck I don't want to see my ex who still nods and smiles like NOTHING ever happened, and he'll be there because the AGM is on and he's on the committee.

* Had a followthrough appointment out in Sunshine, went well! I got to do the examination which made me feel useful instead of just an onlooker. The other highlight of followthrough appointments this week was that a doctor on Tuesday asked me to do a blood pressure for them! (Such a simple thing, not actually any kind of big deal but doctors don't usually include midwifery students practically at all).

* I was in such a state of anxiety for my job provider appointment today, it was awful - I couldn't really present as well as I hoped but I was honest. Now that I understand how things are going to work I'm a LOT less anxious. I had the whole hangover after as well which sucked mightily - headache, general tiredness and tearyness and that wishing you could just go home instead of having to continue doing all the other things that need to happen that day.

* Ral made dinner - really delicious broccoli frittata, will definitely have this again, it was delicious and fed all four of us quite comfortably.

* Ajax is here tonight and for the first time I can remember I need to leave well before him - the bonus of not living alone though is that he can stay and leave when he ordinarily would because it's about the same time Fox leaves and Ral is still home so the house doesn't need to be locked. That said, I could just give him a key :P
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(Hit my username for deal posts from the last few days; most of the DVD ones are still active.)

The Deal of the Day gets you a ton of Fisher Price and Mattel toys for 50% off. There are 50+ choices here, including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Monster High, Thomas the Train, BOOMco, and more.

The new Kindle (regular e-ink version) is $99 (28% off), and Amazon's throwing in six months of Kindle Unlimited.

Speaking of the Kindle, cheap Kindle books include Andy Weir's The Martian for $3, Ernie Cline's Ready Player One for $3.99, and Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes for $3.75.

X-Men: First Class is down to $3.99 on Blu-Ray! Note that the Amazon price is backordered, so listed under "Other Sellers on Amazon" on the right. It'll probably go away soon, but it's an awesome deal.

The Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital editions of A Million Ways to Die in the West and Neighbors are $11.99 (60% off) each. If you want something with slightly better word-of-mouth, Monster High Double Feature - Friday Night Frights / Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love is $3.99 (73% off) on DVD.

You can get The Spy Who Loved Me on Blu-Ray for $3.99, and Casino Royale on DVD for $3.99. Both are over 73% off.

Oblivion is $7.99 (77% off) on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital.

In video games, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition for the Xbox 360 is $9.99 (67% off).

And finally, in toys, the K'nex Hyperspeed Hangtime Roller Coaster Building Set is $29.99 (57% off).

Hercules vs Elektra

Nov. 26th, 2014 12:34 pm

the unfuckening (part 1)

Nov. 26th, 2014 05:32 am
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So the past year and a half has been rough. I got divorced, lost my best friend, fell in love with a guy who I thought I could trust only to find out he is an abusive alcoholic, had to leave a job I loved with all my heart, and accrued enough medical bills for mental health services that I can’t imagine ever paying them off. It seems like everything that could have gone wrong, did. 

An inspiring 24 hours spent with an amazing friend(…) helped start to change my perspective. I haven’t been talked to by someone who thinks I have value and deserve respect in a long time. Starting the job was still hard. Especially in the dining room, where things have just gathered since the night my boyfriend had to be taken away by the police. Things he had thrown or destroyed and pictures he had ripped up, over time became covered with mail, retail therapy purchases that were quickly forgotten, clothes…anything that I didn’t have the energy to put away. The kitchen was gross, and the sink was the crown jewel. I still have a lot to do, but my progress so far makes me feel proud. Life can go on. I can go on.

Kitchen (Before several 20/10s)



(Kitchen after. Still needs stuff put away + floors done + another load of dishes done)



Dining room (before 2 20/10s)


Dining room after (mail sorting is next)


After I did the dining room, I sat down on the floor and cried for quite a while. But I feel better. I feel stronger. 

I’m conquering the bedroom soon. 

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23:13 Sunday, 23 November, 2014
Purple also knows "The Humans Are Dead", so we sing/reference bits of it at each other every now and then. I think the latest was "no more unethical treatment of elephants".

I told Darkside that he was the best $HISNAME. And that I wasn't very good at being a $WALLETNAME. He pointed out that based on some of the more notorious instances of my walletname, those are some epic examples to live up to. Also, that death by religious persecution is unpleasant.

(Then ensued me mentioning the meeting in which everyone was saying "Azure", and I kept twitching...)

01:42 Wednesday, 26 November, 2014

Monday: slept late because I had a hard time getting to sleep, and unsettling dreams once I did: missing a technical interview because I'd slept through it, and being at a lunch counter in the 2nd-floor hall of my elementary school (well, 1.5th floor) where nothing looked like food I could eat and then things kept disappearing as I tried to make up my mind.

Naturally when I got to work, the cafeteria had decided to close a half-hour early because of the holiday week, and it was just by grace of other people in the grill line that I was able to get food at all. I checked in with my manager for our 1:1 (at one of the lobby couches because her room got poached).

Later, after the building was well on its way to ghost town status (early) I realized that traffic was not ass, and beat a hasty retreat home, via the gas station. Even after chatting with Nora, there was still time to go soak in the hot tub. I knelt and faced the ocean and had some thoughts. Then I relaxed. About when it was almost time to come in, I saw some grumpy cats with ringed tails climbing a nearby tree. So I watched them for a bit.


Went to bed early, woke up early (before my early alarm). Came in to work early. Worked on stuff. Hit up the shipping & receiving office with some international outbound shipments for Carmageddon. Came back with a few things as well (they'd just checked them in and recognized me at the door).

Madam Standards saw my coffee mug with the initial A. I mentioned a few things. (Not my full name, however.)

I sent an IM to Mr. Bananas to see if he was the same jacket size as the jacket.

Had lunch with some of my teammates: Madam Standards, the Dogesitter, and the Norseman. There was, of course, hilarity. After the Norseman wandered off, the topic of 50 Shades of Grey came up. And Twilight.

"Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Our friendship may hinge on your answer!"

I, of course, am perpetually on "Team Bella goes the fuck to college", and I said pretty much that. We then discussed the pros and cons of Jacob: Bella wouldn't have to change in order to be with Jacob, and helloooo werewolf abs! I pointed out that Bella wasn't actually that into Jacob, and I dated a dude with his exact personality in high school, and hooo maaaaaaaaaaan was that not a great experience. So Bella should by no means be dating Jacob. Madam Standards pointed out that she had to change to be with Edward. Plus, werewolf abs. I reiterated: team college.

I saw in my email, as we were discussing these weighty matters, that there was a set of missed IMs from Mr. Bananas. For context, Mr. Bananas and Purple have known each other for approximately a decade, through two companies, and three offices. They were officemates at the last company, on a team that Purple was on prior to moving around, and now on their current team. I don't know what Purple's opinion is of Mrs. Bananas, but it's possible that their friendship has seniority timewise, at least, to Mrs. Bananas. They ask for each other as officemates when that's an option. They are, in short, good buddies.

Mr. Bananas: Hi Azure, how are you doing? my jacket size is M.
Mr. Bananas: so Purple told you that I have been eyeballing his jacket, huh
Mr. Bananas: to be clear.. i was just touching the jacket that happened to be on him
Mr. Bananas: no intention to touch him at all

I cracked the hell up, and found myself having to explain this to my lunchmates. It wasn't the most coherent explanation in the history of ever. I returned to my desk.

ajlunatic: Purple did mention that there had been some jacket envy
ajlunatic: alas, I only have the one spare one, and it is the same size as Purple's: XL
ajlunatic: I'm in no position to have any opinions about who is touching Purple ... unless of course he takes exception to it, in which case I am chivalrously obliged to back him up

StPatience in #adventuresofstnono provided a link. I cheerfully went on to share it with Steph, #VirtualH, the chatfish, and [off-topic]. <- please enjoy this Cthurkey

I attempted to recruit Purple and/or Mr. Zune to come to the Seanan/Mira thing, but alas. Purple was becoming one with his couch, and the thought of heading to contend with San Francisco was just not on. I called Purple. He called me back from his landline (as his reception from his place is absolute ass) and we chatted a bit.

He also found the comments from Mr. Bananas amusing.

We also discussed the Cthurkey, particularly the tentacular aspect. There are reasons why I cherish my friendship with Purple. If he actually started a [hentai-turkey] list, I would probably have to hide under my desk in mortification. (We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.)

Then I had to get on BART to head to the Mira book release party for Symbiont. So I did that. And I got the book. And I started reading, stuffing reactions in [ profile] squeemachine, with page citations from the hardback. I found myself hissing the villain, as being me when I read is an interestingly interactive experience. I was not done reading when it came time for the party to start. It being a weeknight, it was a very small party. The peak may have been 11 people, not counting bookstore/cafe staff. Weeknight party attendance has nothing to do with how well the book will sell. It's a lovely book so far. I can't finish it tonight.

She did a reading from "Rolling in the Deep", which is what happens when they ask her to do a Mira story about mermaids. SPOILER ALERT! )

There were more prizes to go around than there were people present, because weekday. Yay books!

Tif was also there. Yay!

I like to have handcrafts at parties like this. This time, I worked assiduously on my loon shawl, continuing the process of loonembellishment. It's looking very nicely loony.

One of the questions was about LGBTQI...* representation. One of the challenges with Seanan's October Daye series fae is that with their effective immortality, most of the fae do average out to bisexual -- even a 95% straight fae is likely to run across those five exceptions -- but that can be a challenge to represent. (The audience member asking the question was pleased by the consistent way that people with these identities and experiences were sprinkled visibly throughout most of her books, which is rarer than it ought to be in the genre, and Seanan had many things to say. Among other things, she expressed that visible representation ought to be the bare minimum.) So that was how the topic of asexuality amongst the fae came up to start with. And the difficulty of expressing asexuality in a character without running the risk of screeding. And someone asked whether a particular character was not perhaps ace. Cue Seanan channeling said character for a brilliant few minutes about bodily fluids, and stickiness. Hilarity, etc.

When the questions were all answered, the books and shirts were all given away, and the books were all signed, it was time to wrap up. Tif and I popped across the street for burgers, and talked about a great many things, including social shenanigans (a specific fashion community's CAH supplements), cats (her cats, and the cat-buttering vaporware app), shoe woes, and the social difficulty of writing minutes for a meeting during which the local equivalent of Dr. Pulaski is not present, and therefore the entirety of the meeting is complaining about Dr. Pulaski.

I had a dodgy feeling about the 16th St station, so I walked back to 24th St. It was not as ultra sketch as 16th tends to be, but there were still things which I would identify as sketch. Including the dudes who were smoking up and then spitting on the floor inside the station while we were waiting for the train.

When I came home, lb had shared the following:

Tomorrow will be Wednesday.

Thursday will be US Thanksgiving. Guide Dog Aunt is hosting; the other aunt will be joining us. Tay and her Young Man will be coming. Not sure how many cousins, if any. I plan to bring CAH, as this subgroup of family seems to be compatibly terrible with each other. (I am entirely willing to play CAH with my aunts and sister. When extra siblings from my aunts' generation come in, it may be Apples to Apples time.)

Behind the Scenes Balloons

Nov. 26th, 2014 12:30 am
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Are you going to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tomorrow in your jammies while the turkey roasts and pie cools?

You are?

Me too. I love that parade mostly because of those huge helium balloon characters. So I enjoyed watching this video courtesy of Science Friday entitled "Meet The Balloonatics". Check it out:

Playing with gender

Nov. 26th, 2014 01:22 am
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I identify as agender, for many reasons, but in my head and also when I speak aloud, I generally default to a low, deep register that sounds stereotypically masculine, and has a somewhat masculine energy to it. But not always; the register can and often does shift around at random through the day.

However, the other day I started playing around with my atman's* form, shifting the register around on purpose. I had a lot of fun with a feminine register, especially doing things in my feminine form that I normally do in my more masculine form, like lifting heavy objects and making bestial sounds. I have discovered that I am actually slightly stronger, in terms of physical strength, in my feminine form than in my masculine form, which surprised me.

Why is this surprising to me? Background: I am one member of a Multiple collective with 8 other people, and 7 of those are either female or feminine non-binaries. The eighth person is a masculine non-binary (who uses he/him/his pronouns). He and I have always been physically stronger than the others. There was a theory for a long time that this enhanced strength was due to our masculine leanings. (Not our theory; theirs.) Well I seem to have disproven that theory, since my feminine form is stronger than my masculine form.

Something else I found interesting is how much of my accent carries over to my feminine form. Obviously you have never heard my accent when I speak - both internally and aloud - and I have a hard time explaining it. If I had a working microphone, I could record the accent for you. But I can say that my accent sounds vaguely Slavic, almost Russian. I do not know what accent it is supposed to be. There are certain pronunciation patterns that are reasonably consistent when I speak, which I have been unable to pin down to any accent I can identify. For instance, "but" I pronounce "boat." "Certain" sounds like "sare-ten" (rhymes with "hare ten"). "Not" is said like "note" unless I am concentrating on slimming the accent. "Head" I say as "hayed," "in" is said "een," "also" is said "ohl-so," and "register" is said "ray-jay-stir."

So take the sentence "I identify as agender, for many reasons, but in my head and also when I speak aloud, I generally default to a low, deep register that sounds stereotypically masculine, and has a somewhat masculine energy to it," and write it out in my accent:

"I identeefy aaz a-jendare, for many ree-zones, boat een my hayed aand ohlso wayn I speak a-loud, I genoralee defoalt to a low, deep ray-jay-stair thaat sounds stair-ee-oh-teep-eek-lee mosque-oo-lin, aand haaz a soam-watt mosque-oo-lin ain-er-ʒee to eet."
(Places where the "a" is seperated from the rest, like in "a-jendare," is the A saying its name. And the "oo" in "mosque-oo-lin" rhymes with "you," "true," and "do." The ʒ character sounds like the S in "pleasure," "leisure," and "treasure.")

It is not always quite that thick, (I do not always pronounce "it" like "eet," for instance) but it is always close.

But yes, despite a higher, more feminine register, my accent in feminine form is basically the same as in my masculine form.

* = Atman is Hindi for "soul," but I use it to refer to my concept of my body, my mental/spiritual form.
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Unfucked it! I used this post as a guideline, even though I wasn’t emergency cleaning, I just had no idea where to start. I did three 20/10s to get the actual room in order, then a 45/15 where I pulled everything out of my drawers and folded it properly (plus sorted into tops and bottoms and put in separate drawers accordingly) and filled a garbage bag with clothes to be taken to the local women’s shelter because I’m terrible for buying things, wearing them twice then never looking at them again. I also tightened the actual drawers because I’d jammed so much stuff into them they had started to come apart.  

Apologies for the lack of bedding in the pictures, it’s still not dry yet. I can’t believe how helpful following UFYH’s advice actually was. I like cleaning once I’m into it but I get overwhelmed trying to start.

Short Business: Sleeper by Jo Walton

Nov. 26th, 2014 08:15 am
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Illustration by Wesley Allsbrook showing Essie with her purple braid wearing a suit and carrying a gun

It is probably best to for us to embrace subjectivity, to withhold judgement. Let us say that the entity believing himself to be Matthew Corley feels that he regained consciousness while reading an article in the newspaper about the computer replication of personalities of the dead. He believes that it is 1994, the year of his death, that he regained consciousness after a brief nap, and that the article he was reading is nonsense. All of these beliefs are wrong.
“It’s 2064,” Essie says. “You’re a simulation of yourself. I am your biographer.”

Ana: "Sleeper" by Jo Walton is a story that presents us not only with a technologicaly advanced world where it's possible to create a AI consciousness based on your understanding of a historical figure, but also a world where the stark economic inequalities we're familiar with today have been greatly magnified. The dystopian nature of this world becomes increasingly obvious as the story progresses, thanks to passages such as this:
She finds it hard to imagine the space Matthew had, the luxury. Only the rich live like that now. Essie is thirty-five, and has student debt that she may never pay off. She cannot imagine being able to buy a house, marry, have a child. She knows Matthew wasn’t considered rich, but it was a different world.

Later on, Essie tells the simulation of Matthew that,
“The class system needs to come down again. You didn’t bring it down far enough, and it went back up. The corporations and the rich own everything. We need all the things you had—unions, and free education, and paid holidays, and a health service. And very few people know about them and fewer care.”

This is not new territory for Jo Walton. Although at first glance this story is very different from the Small Change trilogy, they also have quite a few things in common. One looks towards the future and another towards an alternate past; one is science fiction and the other alternative history interlaced with crime — but all the same, the themes and political concerns at the heart of the two works are closely linked. I wanted to start by asking you what you thought of the world depicted in "Sleeper". Do you think that despite its brevity the story manages to set up a vivid picture of the threats of uncontrolled capitalism?
Read more... )

You can read "Sleeper" for free at
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Day 57.

It seems like responsible 29-year-olds should probably maintain a semi-clean house. I’ve been too tired/overwhelmed lately to bother, but then I learned about Unfuck Your Habitat and was motivated enough to at least get my kitchen in decent shape for Thanksgiving! It took three 20/10s and one 45/15 spread throughout the day to get the kitchen super clean and the pantry reorganized. Now I get to enjoy the fun of being surprised and delighted every time I walk into the kitchen! <3

Good visit with the sleep doc...

Nov. 25th, 2014 11:01 pm
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I met with my new sleep doc today. I was a bit hesitant to work with a sleep doctor because my symptoms don't map well to a sleep disorder.

Well, my sleep doc agrees. But she points out that sleep disorders present a thousand different ways. And... well, I can't argue. And she thinks it merits ruling out. Which... well, that was part of the goal.

I like her. She listened, we talked back and forth, she recognized that I'd done a lot of thinking about this and engaged me on it. She also has the sense about her that she'll consider it a personal affront if she can't do something to help.

She is sure that whatever we need to do, it will require a full sleep lab. But these days,insurance starts with an in-home sleep lab to test for apnea. If you have moderately severe (or worse) apnea, this catches it, so they can go straight to testing what level of CPAP you need. So I guess it saves some money. But she reckons we'll need the full sleep lab to catch, or, alas, rule out sleep issues.

Thankfully, the home sleep lab can be done next week, and then we can look for the full deal.

I find it interestingly ironic that I woke up at 4am today, when my appointment with the sleep doc was Monday. Oh well.

Commissions are open!

Nov. 26th, 2014 01:27 am
plures: The words 'keep moving forward' over a background of watercolour arrows. (Keep moving forward.)
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Art & Design Commissions

by members of Plures House ♦ as of 24th November 2014

We're taking art/design commissions again! Read the master post for more information, including types of work, pricing (now with exchange rates for common currencies) and turnaround. You can see our previous work here.

You can link to the master post with text like 'the [personal profile] plures are doing design commissions' or something to that effect; if you've had work done by us in the past, do mention it if you decide to signal-boost it. :)
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Posted by Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…

1. I’m worried my employee will be demoralized by a coworker’s promotion

I’m newly the manager of a very small group of three people. One of my first acts will be to promote someone in our group–let’s call her Sarah– who is overdue for recognition of the truly outstanding work she does for our organization. One of my other reports–who’ll I’ll name Diane–currently shares the same title as Sarah, and has been at the company far longer, but won’t be receiving a promotion now (or at any point, unless her contributions change considerably.) Diane does a lot that’s great but only in particular areas–she is inconsistent and at times incompetent at others. Nonetheless, she is valued for the number of things she does do very well.

What is the proper etiquette in this situation? Should managers tell his or her other reports that one of their colleagues will be receiving a promotion before the announcement goes out company-wide? I anticipate that Diane will feel demoralized at this news, something that I’d like to address if I can because one of the things that hinders her work is a recurring sense of discouragement and disengagement when things don’t go well. Should I tell her in a matter-of-fact way about Sarah before she hears along with everyone else? If I think she has mixed feelings about it, should I find a tactful way to raise that with her? Or should I just be business-as-usual and stop trying to anticipate possible reactions?

I don’t think you have to tell Diane ahead of time — unless she had applied for the same promotion, in which case, yes, you’d want to let her know before the rest of the company. But if your sense of Diane is that it will go over better if she gets a heads-up earlier, then sure, that’s fine to do. Just keep it matter-of-fact and avoid any tone of “you’re a delicate flower who needs special handling,” since that risks being insulting to Diane’s professionalism (and also potentially introduces a problem that wouldn’t otherwise have been there).

If Diane seems demoralized, I’d address that head-on by talking to her about whether she’s interested in earning a promotion herself at some point and specifically what she’d need to work on and do differently to be eligible for one. And — regardless of this situation — I’d also make sure that you’re giving her direct feedback about the inconsistency in her work and how it’s holding her back.

2. My new job wants to use Facebook to monitor employees

I just started a new job and in the midst of the training and information-dump stage, I was asked to like the business on Facebook and friend the two owners. This was stated as a way for them to monitor how employees are talking about work online, and potentially to observe any behavior that would disrupt the flow of work. This was stated verbally and I said something like, “Yeah, I can do that.”

Now I really regret agreeing to that. To avoid a long ramble, it feels icky. I’m a recent graduate and have worked hard to make sure my public presence online (what anyone can see who googles or searches for me on a social media outlet) is not objectionable and represents the most professional image. How do I avoid friending my bosses without violating this workplace policy? I just don’t feel comfortable giving them access into my personal life, and this workplace seems very chummy.

Just don’t friend them. I don’t think you have to go back and say, “I’ve decided not to do this” — you can just not do it. There’s a decent chance they won’t notice or bring it up again. But if they do, you have the following options:
a. Say something vague like, “Oh, I’m hardly ever on there, but if I go on there again, I will.” And then don’t. Continue to be vague about it.
b. Say no directly: “I feel strongly about keeping my professional life separately from Facebook and have a personal policy not to mix the two.”
c. Take the road of least resistance: Add them, but immediately block them from seeing any of your posts.

3. Working hours changed dramatically seven months into the job

My husband interviewed for a new job about seven months ago. It was a very long interview process, where he spoke with multiple managers, HR, and Corporate. Because we have a new baby, he was very upfront about needing flexibility with work hours and making sure the job was the right fit for us, and vice versa. He was assured by multiple people that during the “off” season, 30-hour weeks were the norm and during “busy” season 50-hour work weeks were standard. Time off for vacations/sick days wouldn’t be an issue.

He got hired at the start of the slow season, and within three weeks, nearly all of his local office was fired for misuse of company funds and new managers were brought in. He started working 45-50-hour weeks and now, at the start of busy season, he’s regularly working 65-hour weeks. He was told there are no vacation days granted from October through March. He’s salaried.

He tried to explain to his new manager that he had been told multiple times during the interview process that things were flexible, and was essentially told “tough luck.” Short of a new job, does he have any recourse?

Unless he had those promises in writing, probably not. And even then, unless the written agreement covered a specific period of time, the employer could still change the terms going forward — at which point it would be up to your husband to decide if he wanted the job under those new terms.

He did the right thing by explaining to the new manager that he had taken the job in part because of hours, but if the new management is determined to change those hours (and it sounds like they are), he probably needs to decide if he still wants the job at this point, knowing that these are the new conditions. That sucks — I’m sorry.

4. Should I take it seriously when my boss suggests I could replace her when she leaves?

How seriously should you take it when your boss suggests that they want you to replace them when they leave the company?

I work at a very small company (less than 10 people), but the company has been around for over 20 years. This boss is not the owner of the company, but the assumed successor of it when the owner retires. I’ve been at this company for one year, and this was said to me after the office I was working in closed and I could either relocate to a different office or leave the company.

Is it just blowing smoke to get me to stay with them? I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but I was very flattered.

Hard to say. In general, when your boss says that to you, it at least means “I’m thinking seriously about it, but it may or may not happen.” There are certainly bosses, though, who talk out of their asses without considering that their words have meaning, or who do deliberately string people along. You know more about your boss than I do, so you probably have a better sense of which of these explanations is most likely.

But if you want to learn more, it’s totally reasonable to go back to your boss and say, “You mentioned a while ago that you’d consider me as a replacement when you leave the company. How serious were you about that? It’s something I’d be interested in talking more about.”

5. Withdrawing from a hiring process because I’m overqualified for the job

I recently interviewed for a position at an organization that I’ve always wanted to work for. The problem is the position is somewhat below me, such that I’m overqualified and the compensation is lower than my current job. There are a number of personal reasons why I feel I can’t take a job at this organization right now (longer commute, small children, money), but I’d love to reapply in the future when they have a vacancy at a higher level of pay. I feel like it might be appropriate to pull my hat out of the ring now – this would save them paperwork and let them fill the position sooner, but I want to do it in a way that doesn’t hurt my chances for future employment there. Any ideas?

Absolutely appropriate, and if you’re straightforward, they’ll appreciate that you didn’t waste their time considering you further. I’d say something like this: “After thinking it over, I’ve decided to withdraw from consideration for the X position. I’m very interested in working with you, and our interview solidified that, but I don’t think this position is the perfect fit. I’d love to talk with you in the future, though, if you have an opening doing ___.”

my job wants to use Facebook to monitor employees, demoralized by a coworker’s promotion, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

Spring photos

Nov. 26th, 2014 04:07 pm
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It's no secret that September is a bit of a crazy month for me. So many birthdays! It also happens to be the month of ALL THE FLOWERS! I took a heap of photos and never quite got around to posting them. I thought I'd better do it before Spring officially ends (even though Spring unofficially ended a month or so ago).

Since there are so many photos, I thought I'd do them in two batches, starting with the natives.

Cootamundra wattle )

Hardenbergia )

Grevillea 'New Blood' )

Grevillea 'Bronze Rambler' )

Hope that bring some colour to those of you battling with winter dreariness (or summer bleaching).

This was a triumph…

Nov. 25th, 2014 11:57 pm
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Originally published at Ekunyi's Embers. You can comment here or there.

…I’m making a note here: huge success.

Which is to say, via Jonathan Coulton lyrics, that I am indeed “Still Alive.”

I find it both disconcerting and yet mildly reassuring to look at my last entry here and consider how much I’ve walked through in the past two months and yet seem to have come out the other side relatively unscathed.

I found a decent job. I applied for and was accepted into a new graduate program in counseling. I made it through a crazy allergic reaction to antibiotics (which then  tried to create a sequel for itself — Scary Lesions Part Two: Son of Scary Lesions! Definitely Rifftrax material.)

I’ve been plugging along on planning my wedding, written new music for and performed with my musical duo, and have mostly kept up with my responsibilities to my two spiritual communities (both the long-distance House of Netjer work and the local Quakers I worship with, though have not formally joined.) Hell, I even learned to crochet recently! In summary: my life is extraordinarily busy and rather quirky in the range of what it contains, but it’s full of interesting people, ideas, and challenges: all in all, I’m pretty lucky.

I do miss writing though. I miss using this space, miss trying to find ways to reach out to all nine of you mysterious followers out there, giving you things to think about that have interested me or spoken to me in my spiritual life. Miss trying to capture those moments when something strikes me from my personal experiences in how it links with my beliefs, my time with the Netjeru.

I’m still having those moments, even though I’ve not made the time to sit down and write about them. I’m still communicating with my gods even if, as anyone who has watched my Offerings Log have probably noticed, my time in shrine has been woefully minimal of late courtesy of all the health stuff.

It always feels good to go back though, to just sit with my gods, light the incense, listen to anything that They might have to share. It feels wonderful to sing, connect my breath with my intent and craft a form of heka through song. It is good to return.

It feels right to come back to this space again as well.  To try to begin writing again. I have no idea if anyone is still reading this, and if not, that’s okay. I think I need to start off this effort of return by writing largely for myself and my gods. I believe there’s a connection between us that I establish here, when I write, that I’d not considered when I allowed myself to wander off for a time. A connection of thought when I just allow ideas to flow, reaching down into my own emotions and concepts, and outward for whatever sort of divine inspiration might be available to me. A creative bit of light that comforts and warms as we enter the darkest, coldest time of the year.

Yes, it is very good to return.

Un-effing my living room!

Nov. 25th, 2014 10:09 pm
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There’s still a lot to do; the floors are a mess and i need to clean the furniture, and underneath the table is a bit cluttered. My storage space is kind of overflowing so I put everything I use regularly in containers under the coffee table but it looks a bit chaotic. 

This did take a few hours but that’s mostly because I have chronic pain so I had to sit down every few minutes and I was folding baskets of laundry at the same time. I haven’t done any serious cleaning in months due to severe depression but thankfully for me, my new medication is working and I suddenly have the energy and motivation to do stuff! So if you’re suffering from depression and just barely coping or you’re like I was and think ‘i’m not actively suicidal so my meds but be helping’ please do see your Dr, cos it can truly be much better than that! But I digress.

The sofa took like 5 minutes, the bookshelf (which had almost no books on it but just knicknacks and bullshit) took about 20, the table took about 10. All up, about 40 minutes work including breaks. Neat, hu? 

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Jump Start--Takujo no Ageha

Nov. 25th, 2014 09:41 pm
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Hi folks!

One of the ways Weekly Shounen Jump stays on top of the sales charts is by "churn", ending old series and starting new ones in their manga anthology magazine. Now, sometimes this happens naturally, as the recent run of Naruto reached a good point to end the series. But more often, it's a series that used to be popular but has gone downhill (Psyren for example) or a recent entry that didn't catch on (for example, Barrage.) In these cases, the writer has to wrap everything up in three or four chapters, so the story has some kind of ending.

Generally, the Jump editorial people want three new series to start each quarter of the year; which means that it's time for the online edition to have another round of "Jump Start." This last week, the first of the new series debuted, Takujo no AGEHA.

It's about ping-pong, or as they persistently refer to it here, table tennis. 18 pages of 55.

You may notice some similarities to an older manga series.... )

Next week, it's E-Robot, with the power of weaponized fanservice.

Your thoughts and comments?
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It's more convenient for her to just do that when she's in the train station than for me to head to a train station to do it.

So she comes home that night and says "I was going to refill your card, but I found I had this other card I didn't know about, an unlimited that's about to expire in a week. You use that one, I left it by the TV for you."


I grab the metrocard, grab the suits, and head for swimming... only to find, to my dismay, that what I thought was the right card really only had $2.75 on it, leaving me with just 25¢ to get home, which as you can see is plainly not enough.

So while the girls went to class I called my mom and set out to make change. Yes, my mother said, she hadn't meant some other card. She had no idea how that happened, maybe she still had the unlimited on her...?

After swimming I get on the bus, card in one hand, change in the other. My plan is to swipe my card, then pay the remainder in coins. Except when I dip my card, it says I have a transfer, which is impossible (you can't transfer to the same bus you got off, and it'd been more than two hours), and there is $8.75 left on the card.

I definitely had no other card in my pocket. It's definitely the same one. I am definitely weirded out.


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D.O.P.-T. (yesterday)

Nov. 25th, 2014 06:55 pm
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Well, that was an exhausting week. I made pots of money, but it would have been aggravating even without the police incident in the middle of it.

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