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Talented Musician Brilliantly Plays ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ on Hammered Dulcimer

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Aug. 30th, 2016 07:40 pm
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Fall means back to school AND back to sports. West Seattle’s sports-consignment store, Second Gear Sports (WSB sponsor), has recently remodeled to add more retail space and new fixtures so that more of their items are easier to browse and discover. The new fixtures were obtained from three regional Sports Authority stores that shut down – it’s enabled SGS to get more merchandise up off the floor and higher up for visibility as well as accessibility.


Also, Second Gear Sports has launched pickup and delivery service for large items, via their new wrapped vehicle that you might have seen around town.


SGS is at 6529 California SW and will be celebrating its third anniversary this fall.

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Bruh they some power rangers


Skills and grace and a punch in the - yeah.  WOW.

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Oh my god. I love Dino Charge so much.

(Also, I can watch Netflix on my iPod?! Is this how people keep up with TV shows? They're just watching them on their phone? NO WONDER! PS, I've seen way more of Supernatural than I thought. Netflix is a great summary resource! I'm practically caught up now and I haven't watched a single episode!)

So I'm populating my bookshelf with sporting gear and so forth (I love colored cloth cubes; I'm considering getting a whole wall of them not even for storage, but just for the prettiness factor) and I was like, hey, if I let Power Rangers episodes play on my computer in the background, I could acquire knowledge and work at the same time.

I signed into Netflix and was confronted by, I don't know, 22 seasons of Power Rangers. Most of them, of course, were quite familiar. But despite my goal of learning something about Dino Charge, I was drawn to Samurai because of [ profile] funkyinfishnet's writing. When I clicked on the first episode, though, it started with a truly appalling voiceover about something that happened on Earth a long time ago. I internally sighed. Have I grown out of Power Rangers, I wondered? Why is this so boring?

(This was the first 20 seconds. My attention is easily lost.)

Well, if I'm going to be bored, I might as well start with the season I know nothing about, so I backed out of Samurai (I'm sure it's great; let's be fair, I didn't even meet a single character before I changed my mind) and went into Dino Charge instead.


Sweet, I thought! This is my show! I happily went back to sorting cuddl duds to the sound of heavy-handed bashing of power structures and terrible failure to subvert gender stereotypes.


Saban's Power Rangers Dino Charge "Official Theme Song"

"in a world full of strife we must fight to survive
try to break the chains that divide
there is only one chance to take the right stance
hold tight keep our power alive
go go power rangers!"
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Dr Jen Gunter

Of course I clicked when this tweet from Glamour came across my timeline.

The article mentions the following four products: washable period underwear, washable pads, menstrual cups, and sea sponges. The first three are great, but menstrual sponges are not.

This is what Glamour said about sponges:

Yup, you can stop your period before it exits the premises by putting a sponge up there. Menstrual sponges like those that Jade & Pearl and Jam Sponge offer actually look a lot like bath sponges, and they work the same way. The only disadvantage is that they may be a bit cumbersome and messy to get out. But they are good for the environment and your wallet, since you only have to change them every six to 12 months.

This is dangerous advice.

Sea sponges aren’t “like” bath sponges they ARE bath sponges. Some people promote them as “natural” alternatives to menstrual tampons, except they are untested and potentially very unsafe. Oh yeah, they are also filled with dirt.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, twelve “menstrual sponges” were tested at the University of Iowa in the 1980s and they and contained sand, grit, bacteria, and “various other materials.” Another batch was tested by the Baltimore district laboratory and in addition to the sand, grit and bacteria they also found yeast and mold. One sample contained Staphylococcus aureus (the bacteria that causes toxic shock syndrome). As the FDA notes there is least one case of toxic shock syndrome associated with the sea sponge and another possible one.

The grossness of a debris and “various other materials” containing vaginal sponge aside there are real potential safety concerns. Bits could break off and become a nidus for bacteria, the sponge itself could have harmful bacteria, sponges may change the vaginal ecosystem promoting the growth of good bacteria, the inability to clean them adequately between uses may reintroduce potentially harmful bacteria that was breeding in the wet sponge sat drying beside the sink, and the sponge may cause abrasions during insertion and/or removal.

Menstrual products, sea sponges included, are regarded by the FDA as “significant risk devices requiring premarket approval under Section 515.” Basically, you have to study any products that is new and prove it is safe.The concerns about sponges were so significant the FDA contacted the manufacturers of menstrual sponges to warn them of the risks and to require they stop marketing and selling the products. Some closed down, others relabeled their products for “cosmetic” use. By they way there weren’t just a few businesses selling sponges, the FDA visited forty-one businesses that packaged sponges as well as 500 retail establishments.

One of the companies suggested as a source of menstrual sponges by Glamour is Jade & Pearl who received a warning letter from the FDA in 2014 about marketing menstrual sponges (if you read the full letter you’ll see that Jade & Pearl actually had a whole list of FDA violations).

This is how Jade & Pearl advertises their sponges right now, but it’s pretty genius marketing to get Glamour to  tell everyone that your product is potentially not just for cosmetic uses! See FDA, it’s “just a sponge.”

Sea sponges are potentially very unsafe.

Really, I can’t emphasize that enough. There are lots of very biologically plausible ways they could harm women andGlamour magazine should be ashamed for including them without the most basic of research. It makes you wonder if Google was just not working the day the piece was written or if it was sourced only from press releases.

I’m the expert and I say women should not use sea sponges in their vagina. They are potentially very dangerous. They don’t even have the most basic of safety testing. Glamour should know better and I urge them to print a correction and remove the offending paragraph.

Reblogging because im very sure i reblogged the video of that review and want ppl to know

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Friendly reminder that even though the Christian God is often rendered male, men and women were both created in God’s image, informing us that God is entirely male and female and also more than a binary. Friendly reminder that Hebrew grammar/language explicitly feminizes the title of God on numerous occasions. Friendly reminder that metaphors used in the Old and New Testaments refer to God as a mother bear/hen/eagle, woman in labor, and mistress of the home.

Friendly reminder that welcoming the feminine aspect of God into your life or seeing your femininity as reflective as God or imagining God as a mother is 100% within your orthodox Christian rights.

Try it. It will feel uncomfortable at first. But if you lean into it, an amazing blossoming of self and internal healing can happen. This goes for boys and girls and everyone in between.

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That’s the expected cost to taxpayers over 10 years from Obama’s proposed free tuition plan, the White House admitted Friday.

That’s about the cost of 8 months of war in Iraq. Seems like a much better investment of my tax dollars to me.

I bolded

It’s amazing how 80 billion isn’t worth mentioning when it’s about killing people, but is suddenly a huge, horrifying barrier when it’s about improving lives.

I’d still pay for it this. I’d be the one good thing my taxes would be going towards. Cause it sure ain’t going to infrastructure or schools at this rate »

#is this number meant to scare me? #80 billion over ten years #so 8 billion a year #divided by the total number of tax payers in america #in 2013 there were 242 million taxpayers #so going off that number#it would cost the average american taxpayer $33 a year #wow so scary what a horrible way to spend $33

amen. this is, what, dinner and drinks at a mediocre sit-down restaurant for two? I’d spare it.

The last comment thank you

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Tracefinder: Contact (Tracefinder #1) by Kaje Harper
Gay Mystery / Thriller
Paperback: 382 pages
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing (June 15, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1786450682
ISBN-13: 978-1786450685
Amazon: Tracefinder: Contact (Tracefinder #1)
Amazon Kindle: Tracefinder: Contact (Tracefinder #1)

What could an undercover cop and a drug lord's pet psychic have in common?

Brian Kerr has spent years hiding behind a facade of mental slowness. His brother and sister got all three of them off the streets and into a cushy life, under the protection of a dangerous criminal. But to keep that safety, Brian has to use his Finding talent to track down the boss's enemies. Although he pretends not to know what he's really doing, each Find takes its toll, and he's trapped in a life he hates, losing touch with his true self.

Nick Rugo's job is to protect and serve the people of Minneapolis as an undercover cop. He isn't closeted, but he isn't out at work, and there's a wild, angry side to him that he's managed to keep hidden until now. When he's assigned to bring Brian's boss to justice, he intends to use anything and anyone it takes to do that.

Nick initially sees Brian as a pawn to be played in his case, but he keeps getting glimpses of a different man behind the slow, simpleminded mask. As the two men get to know each other, it becomes clear they share secrets, some of which might get them both killed.

Rainbow Awards Guidelines:
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Posted by WSB

(Photo courtesy Tiny Trees – classroom-building work party at a non-WS site)

We’ve already reported on two of the schools opening this fall in West Seattle – the new Arbor Heights and Genesee Hill elementaries – and here’s one that’s opening WITHOUT a new building, without any building at all, in fact: Tiny Trees Preschool.

Tiny Trees got big attention last year for announcing its plan to launch outdoor preschools in Seattle city parks, and the list of parks now includes West Seattle’s Camp Long, where the nonprofit plans two classes starting next month. Teacher Anne Churchill, a West Seattleite, tells WSB that teachers and other staff will partner with parents later this week to set up the outdoor “classroom” areas they’ll be using at Camp Long “to make a quality education in reading, math and science affordable for families and to give children a joyful, nature rich childhood – one full of play, exploration and wonder.” They’re expecting the two classes at Camp Long to serve up to 64 children.

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The Guy With The Suitcase (Once Upon A Guy #1) by Chris Ethan
Gay Contemporary Romance
Series: Once Upon a Guy (Book 1)
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Rhys Christopher Ethan (February 14, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1945171111
ISBN-13: 978-1945171116
Amazon: The Guy With The Suitcase (Once Upon A Guy #1)
Amazon Kindle: The Guy With The Suitcase (Once Upon A Guy #1)

Pierce is homeless. Young and strong-willed Pierce has been living in the streets of New York City for six months, since his parents kicked him out of their perfect, Christian, suburban house. Pierce is gay. And he is suffering the consequences for being true to himself. Rafe is homeless. He is also sick. Impressionable, but far from innocent, Rafe ran away from home almost a year ago. His sickness is slowly killing him. But Rafe is not a hopeless case. He has learned to get by. Nights of paid passion turn to sheltering warmth from the imminent New York winter. And then there's a suitcase. Pierce's suitcase, which holds secrets from everyone including its owner. When their worlds collide, their lives intertwine and when the world seems bent on bringing the two souls to their knees, fate has other plans for them. Caution: Contains adult language, New York City streets, tough life choices, sexual tension, stubborn brutes and swoon-worthy romance.

Rainbow Awards Guidelines:
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Posted by Victor Mair

In "Voice recognition for English and Mandarin typing " (8/24/16), we took a brief look at a Stanford-University of Washington-Baidu study that showed, according to an NPR article, that voice recognition finally beat humans at typing.  The title of the original study is "Speech Is 3x Faster than Typing for English and Mandarin Text Entry on Mobile Devices", and the authors are Sherry Ruan, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Kenny Liou, Andrew Ng, and James Landay.

Abstract (may be found here):

With laptops and desktops, the dominant method of text entry is the full-size keyboard; now with the ubiquity of mobile devices like smartphones, two new widely used methods have emerged: miniature touch screen keyboards and speech-based dictation. It is currently unknown how these two modern methods compare. We therefore evaluated the text entry performance of both methods in English and in Mandarin Chinese on a mobile smartphone. In the speech input case, our speech recognition system gave an initial transcription, and then recognition errors could be corrected using either speech again or the smartphone keyboard. We found that with speech recognition, the English input rate was 3.0x faster, and the Mandarin Chinese input rate 2.8x faster, than a state-of-the-art miniature smartphone keyboard. Further, with speech, the English error rate was 20.4% lower, and Mandarin error rate 63.4% lower, than the keyboard. Our experiment was carried out using Deep Speech 2, a deep learning-based speech recognition system, and the built-in Qwerty or Pinyin (Mandarin) Apple iOS keyboards. These results show that a significant shift from typing to speech might be imminent and impactful. Further research to develop effective speech interfaces is warranted.

Here's the pdf for the original Stanford paper.

The following is a guest post by Silas Brown, which goes into much greater detail about the context of the achievement described in the Stanford-UW-Baidu study.


According to the NPR article:

In English, they found the software's error rate was 20.4 percent lower than humans typing on a keyboard; and in Mandarin Chinese, it was 63.4 percent lower.

… except that it wasn't a keyboard.  The link to says "the built-in Qwerty or Pinyin (Mandarin) Apple iOS keyboards".  That means on-screen keyboard, not physical keyboard.  It's no surprise to me that the iOS keyboard is awful – I'd be far more interested in a study that used an actual physical keyboard (second-hand phones that have them are still available, although the manufacturers don't like to make them anymore so they're trying to trick us into thinking we don't want them anymore – but it's still possible to pair a phone with a Bluetooth keyboard if you can find a good one).

And the news report is very misleading to put this after such high-ranking things as the Kasparov-Deep Blue chess match and the similar Jeopardy and Go matches.  The human opponents in those setups were world champions.  So if you're going to follow on from that, I would expect the human side to have an experienced secretary and a proper office keyboard, not some random volunteer typing into an iPhone.  At least we get the phrase "mobile devices" a couple of paragraphs down (which is from the paper's title, although even this is pushing it because "devices" can include tablets but the study used only phones) – this aspect should have been more prominent.

Furthermore, the paper says nothing about how participants were asked to trade-off between speed and error rate – presumably they could achieve a much lower error rate at the expense of slower speed, but they didn't want to because they were only being paid a fixed amount and probably wanted the test to be over and done with sooner rather than later.  It doesn't really make sense to compare both speed and error rate in the same test because obviously there is a trade-off (on BOTH systems, as we are told the speech system offered post-recognition correction and participants might have chosen to skip this if they were rushing).  It would have made more sense to fix one and measure the other, as in "make sure the text is 100% right and we'll time how long it takes you to make those edits" or "use all of 20 seconds to make as many edits as you can and we'll measure how good it is when the clock stops".

Oh, and they excluded punctuation marks because they found a 1999 conference paper saying it's not a fair comparison.  But in real life it's sometimes possible to use a punctuation mark to save several words of meaning, so perhaps, instead of having participants transcribe a fixed set of sentences exactly, it might have been better to tell them they can change the wording if they want as long as the result is unambiguously the same meaning according to some reasonable neutral observer (or as long as they agree their rewrites will be published for all to see).  That would make a better fit for applications like sending emails from phones, since how many keyboard users are told they can't have punctuation in real life?  And I expect speech recognition systems have got better at punctuation since 1999, so wouldn't want to say "let's just forget punctuation because somebody in 1999 did".

So yes I'm afraid that study does look a little over-hyped … but it would be nice if voice recognition could improve to the point where I don't want my real keyboard. Although, for messaging, if you're going to speak, then you might as well send the person a voice message, unless there's some reason why the message must be in text or you need to carefully edit what you say and can't make yourself a script first.

Please note that I was reacting to the NPR headline "Voice Recognition Software Finally Beats Humans At Typing" and its opening line "Computers have already beaten us at chess, Jeopardy and Go" in their report here.

I'm not saying the study isn't good, just that I think NPR over-hyped it by placing the performance of average iPhone users on a par with world-championship contests (I assume that hype was NPR's doing, not the researchers).  Unfortunately, it's not obvious how to get the reporter Aarti Shahani's email address to check if they'd like to reply.


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Posted by Geoffrey K. Pullum

A rather poetic and imaginative abstract I received in my email this morning (it's about a talk on computational aids for composers), contains the following sentence:

We will metaphorically drop in on Wolfgang composing at home in the morning, at an orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon, and find him unwinding in the evening playing a spot of the new game Piano Hero which is (in my fictional narrative) all the rage in the Viennese coffee shops.

There's nothing wrong with the sentence. What makes me bring it to your notice is the extraordinary modification that my Microsoft mail system performed on it. I wonder if you can see the part of the message that it felt it should mess with, in a vain and unwanted effort at helping me do my job more efficiently?

Here is the message as it actually appeared on my screen:

We will metaphorically drop in on Wolfgang composing at home in the morning, at an orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon, and find him unwinding in the evening playing a spot of the new game Piano Hero which is (in my fictional narrative) all the rage in the Viennese coffee shops.

The Microsoft Office 365 system and its Outlook email manager (which my university has ordained that we shall all use) decided that a certain word sequence in the message might denote an event that I would want to enter on my calendar. It therefore linked the text to a popup calendar dialog box and marked it up in underlined blue to let me know it had done this (without my permission or consent).

Office 365 is the crappiest, slowest, most annoying email system I have ever encountered, and that is really saying something. I could write reams for you about its stupidities and detrimental effects on my productivity. Its attempts at showing intelligence are perhaps its worst feature. I have no idea what kind of natural language processing botch could possibly be implicated in generating the hypothesis that morning, at an orchestra rehearsal in the afternoon, might denote an event (would the event be in the morning, or the afternoon?), but clearly there is no syntax involved in hypothesizing it, and even less semantics. It looks as if the program simply spots words denoting time points or intervals, like morning or afternoon, and makes a guess at the boundaries of the containing constituent. (It often assumes the whole sentence or paragraph is relevant, but here it just took a nonconstituent word sequence.)

I'm not particularly interested in the mechanisms that add these links, except perhaps as an example to illustrate points I have made elsewhere (namely that the state of the art in computer handing of human language is so dire that something needs to be done, though nothing will be done, because nobody cares). I am, however, profoundly interested in the question of how to switch this and other putatively smart features off. But there are no signs of any such way. I have examined all the settings panels minutely. There is no way to stop the system guessing wrongly at event references (and references to other entities like dates and addresses) and linking parts of the text to the Office 365 online calendar system (which I do not use).

There is likewise no way to stop it underlining every word that is not spelled according to American English conventions: though sold in and configured for the USA, this horrible product is on the lookout for aluminium, centre, defence, colour, licence, marvellous, medalled, realise, rigour, signalling, theatre, etc., and marks them up as errors. As a sophisticated British-born bidialectal user, I expect that when I send an email to a British recipient and choose to use British spelling conventions, my decision to employ British norms will be respected. (Notice that it would be perfectly within the powers of current computational linguistics to recognize consistency in British or American spelling practices within a message.) I do not want to be graded and judged and edited by a clueless piece of misfeatured junkware.

It's typical Microsoft: bloated programs with ill-programmed fancy features you never asked for and don't want but can't turn off (or can only turn off with great difficulty after intensive searching through hundreds of preference panes). Recall Mark's post about the way Excel invents gene names by making incorrect guesses at dates that it imagines the user might have intended, and inserting its guesses into text fields, ignoring what was actually typed.

Microsoft markets software that is utter shit to begin with, which is already bad, but what's worse is that it is evolving shit, and new versions keep emerging with new layers of shit laid over the old shit, and it thinks that although it has shit for brains it is smarter than users like you and me.

The less I have to use Office 365 the less grouchy I will be, so don't email my academic account, OK?

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Vacations Can Be Murder (Diega DelValle Series #3) by Jane DiLucchio
Lesbian Mystery / Thriller
Paperback: 186 pages
Publisher: Quest by Rce (March 3, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1619292564
ISBN-13: 978-1619292567
Amazon: Vacations Can Be Murder (Diega DelValle Series #3)
Amazon Kindle: Vacations Can Be Murder (Diega DelValle Series #3)

When her friends take Diega DelValle on an impromptu vacation to Talkeetna, Alaska, they envision a quiet setting in which to give Diega a breather from both teaching and heartbreak. However, even before the friends arrive, this small town on the edge of Denali National Park becomes a less than idyllic vacation spot. Gail, a Talkeetna native, dies on the mountain. Melissa, Gail's cousin and a former student of Diega's, arrives in Talkeetna and raises doubts about the death being accidental. Due to Melissa's pleas for help, Diega and her friends are thrust into an investigation of a small town and its inhabitants-an unsavory pastime that turns deadly.

Rainbow Awards Guidelines:
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Going Coastal by Jane DiLucchio
Lesbian Mystery / Thriller
Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Quest by RCE (November 18, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1619292688
ISBN-13: 978-1619292680
Amazon: Going Coastal
Amazon Kindle: Going Coastal

A client dying on her massage table is traumatic enough for Kate Matthews, but when the police declare that death a murder, life becomes more painful for her as she is cast as the major suspect. None of this is what Kate expected from her move to the peaceful town of Santa Barbara. After a near-fatal heart attack, an early retirement from her Los Angeles law firm, and a change in careers, Kate envisioned a quiet life with her wife, Alicia, and their grown children. Since the client held a position on the California Coastal Commission, her death becomes a media event. Kate finds herself and her family sucked into the maelstrom. The former lawyer has all she can do to find the truth behind Celia's death without adding her own name to the body count.

Rainbow Awards Guidelines:
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Nothing To Lose by Clare Lydon
Lesbian Contemporary Romance
Paperback: 302 pages
Publication Date: June 12, 2016
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1534626077
ISBN-13: 978-1534626072
Amazon: Nothing To Lose
Amazon Kindle: Nothing To Lose

Can you find love in a hopeless place?

Nobody would ever describe Scarlet Williams as a ray of sunshine, but that doesn’t mean she deserves the flood that wipes out her basement flat, making her temporarily homeless.

Enter Joy Hudson, local mayor & sunshine specialist, who opens her house to flood refugees and ends up with Scarlet on her doorstep. Two more opposing characters you couldn’t fail to meet, and yet, somehow, they strike up a friendship. But when the rain stops and the sun comes out, could that friendship blossom into something more?

Fans of contemporary lesbian romance will love Scarlet & Joy’s story, bursting with real characters and shot through with British wit. From the international best-selling author of London Calling and This London Love comes a heart-warming tale of love & redemption.

Find out if opposites really do attract: buy Nothing To Lose today!

Rainbow Awards Guidelines:

Chapter 50: And Last

Aug. 30th, 2016 08:33 pm
rmc28: Photo of cover of Penguin edition of Watership Down, by Richard Adams (watership)
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It was a fine, clear evening in mid-October, about six weeks later.

[This post is part of my Watership Down read through. You are welcome to join in at any time; please read my introduction post first.]

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I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1991. Early on, I set aside any hope of useful medical treatment: at that point the issue was whether the syndrome was "real" or simply whiny women. I have a glimmer of hope that this research may finally answer that question. (Hoping especially for my UK friends, who have been cruelly treated by their government researchers.)

Full pre-pub paper here

Press release from University of California - San Diego. (2016, August 29). Characteristic chemical signature for chronic fatigue syndrome identified: Discovery, along with revealed underlying biology, could lead to faster, more accurate diagnoses and more effective, personalized therapies. ScienceDaily. Retrieved August 30, 2016 from

begin quote
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a mysterious and maddening condition, with no cure or known cause. But researchers, using a variety of techniques to identify and assess targeted metabolites in blood plasma, have identified a characteristic chemical signature for the debilitating ailment and an unexpected underlying biology: It is similar to the state of dauer, and other hypometabolic syndromes like caloric restriction, diapause and hibernation.
end quote

Yay for taxpayer-supported science.

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Posted by Amanda

This HaBO request is from Jennifer, who is trying to track down what sounds like a dramatic family saga:

I’m looking for a book I read in the early to mid 90s. I remember most of the plot but not the title or author.

It was set a few decades post-Civil War, but a lot of events affecting the story happened then. It started with a surgeon named Charles operating on the president on a yacht; I think mouth/jaw cancer. He has a wife, Araminta (pretty awful), and a sweet teenage daughter (Elizabeth, maybe?). I remember she was artistic. His wife has a daughter named Cassie from her first marriage with an awful husband named Stanley (sub-plot – he’s having sex with his sister, yuck). His daughter has fallen in love with a young man I think named Jonathan.

Charles find out and gets upset because, turns out Jonathan’s mother is his first wife, who remarried when she thought he was dead in the war. He survived but by the time he found her and their little girl, she had remarried and had a baby son. Rather than cause a scandal for her, he went off and remade his life, changed his name from Coin to Charles and became a surgeon. Araminta knew about all this (I think her first husband was related to one of them) and sort of blackmailed him into marrying her for her silence.

So the first wife, I think her name was Maggie, has been having a happy life. Her husband is some sort of politician. Her daughter has married and lives somewhere Western-ish. (Chicago? The two young people visit her there, running away? Something about the Pullman Strikes?) Her son’s doing well. Then Jonathan and Elizabeth fall in love and everything goes crazy. Lots and lots of drama.

The internet tells me those strikes were 1894 and the president was Grover Cleveland, who had secret surgery on his mouth on a yacht in 1893. That sounds about right.

Well that’s going to be an awkward family reunion. Anyone know this one?

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Posted by WSB

If you went to South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) this past Saturday for the West Seattle Car Show, and hadn’t been there recently, you might have noticed the sizable construction project on campus, along 16th SW.

(WSB photo, taken last week)

The $32 million Integrated Education Center project is a major addition for the campus on Puget Ridge. We asked SSC spokesperson Ty Swenson for an overview; here’s the information he provided:

The new 57,550 square foot Integrated Education Center (IEC) will replace the existing Cascade Court Building (CAS) and provide for expanded growth in our health care programs and needs for basic skills training, which includes English as a Second Language (ESL), adult basic education and high school completion.

(Rendering by McGranahan Architects – looking east from 16th SW, showing pedestrian walkway and plaza improvements)

Three stories in total, the IEC’s first floor will have general purpose classrooms and computer labs. The second floor will be dedicated to health care programs and the third floor will house faculty and staff from various disciplines. There will be small collaborative spaces found throughout the building intended for small group meetings or projects, and there will be three outdoor spaces – one at the front entrance, a balcony on the west side of the first floor and a roof garden on the west side of the second floor.

The IEC will integrate classroom and lab space for the health care programs, adult basic education, and ESL programs as well as a supporting faculty suite. Co-location of these programs will increase the efficacy of vocational-focused ESL training, I-BEST (where we teach basic skills in reading, math and/or English while simultaneously providing job training) and nursing NAC-LPN-RN ladders to better serve ethnic minority students and students with emerging English skills.

This energy-efficient building will provide plenty of natural light and an atmosphere that is welcoming, conducive to learning in many modes and a great place for students, staff and faculty to engage in collaborative ways.

The IEC’s location offers an opportunity to improve the visibility and identity of South Seattle College along 16th Ave SW. The project was designed to provide a balance and transition between the scale of the campus and neighboring homes. With the removal of Cascade Court, pedestrian movement and outside gathering spots will be created and improved. An open pedestrian walkway from our main entrance above 16th Ave. SW will lead to an expanded Clock Tower Plaza, considered the campus’s core and main gathering spot for students.

Construction is expected to continue through next May, followed by college staff/programs moving out of Cascade Court, which will be demolished in summer/fall 2017.

P.S. You can check in on the progress via the official construction-site webcam.

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The Pillow Box: Collected Slave-verse Tumblr Fics (2895 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Tony Stark
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Tony Stark, Jarvis (Iron Man movies), Stark Robots (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Slavery, Alternate Universe - Dystopia, Master/Slave, Hurt/Comfort, Kneeling, Cuddling & Snuggling, Rewards, Bananas, Robots
Series: Part 3 of All These Burning Hearts in Hell

Collected ficlets from the All These Burning Hearts in Hell 'verse, starring Tony and Threetoo with Threetoo's pillow nest in a supporting role. Prompts for each ficlet in the chapter's summary.

#2: One-Star Review, for this prompt:

I’d like to see the first time Threetoo tells Tony one of his rewards is thumbs-down (not counting the bathrobe, obvs).
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(Great Blue Heron, photographed by Mark Wangerin)

The calendar tends to quiet as Labor Day approaches, but we have a few things to highlight:

ONE MONTH TO APPLY! The deadline for artist/craft vendors to apply for the Fauntleroy Fine Art and Gift Show is now exactly one month away, September 30th. Details are in our calendar listing.

TUESDAY TAI CHI: 6 pm at Alki Beach Park – weather permitting – it’s the new Tuesday night edition of free Saturday Tai Chi with Lao-Shi Caylen Storm. (60th/Alki)

NEW ORLEANS ROADHOUSE & HONKY-TONK JAZZ: That’s the description of what Joe Ross and The Bird Watchers will be playing tonight at Parliament Tavern in The Admiral District, 8 pm, no cover. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

BABY KETTEN KARAOKE: 9 pm at The Skylark, it’s karaoke “with flattering sound systems, songs that you actually want to sing but can’t find anywhere, and magical song slips that self destruct if ‘Grease megamix’ is written on them.” (3803 Delridge Way SW)

SEE THE FUTURE … via our full WSB West Seattle Event Calendar (where you’ll also see how to send an event to be listed).

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Star Wars

At the Ready by [ profile] atrata
She could tell Dameron to light himself on fire and he'd say absolutely, General, happy to help! Of course she tried not to, but if he kept insisting on volunteering for missions without bothering to find out the parameters first, well. Maybe he deserved what he got. Poe would do anything for the General. This is hilariously perfect.

can't take the sky from me by [ profile] celeste9
Your father and I couldn't sit by and do nothing, Poe's mother had told him all those years ago. Couldn't sit by and do nothing. People said that Poe was brave, that he was a good man, but all he was doing was trying to be the man his mother would have wanted him to be, a man she could be proud of. She had loved him so much that she risked everything to make the galaxy he would grow up in a safer place. Not only for him, but for all the children who had yet to be born. He loved her enough to honor her memory. Poe and his mom and flying. Have tissues handy.

Coming Out of My Cage, Doing Just Fine by [ profile] Redrikki
Anakin and Ahsoka try to comfort each other after escaping from Kadavo. (Ignore the typo in the summary.)

If you (and I can hardly) believe it by [ profile] zorana
The Resistance underestimates Finn, so he ends up proving his competence in a little friendly competition. Oh Finn. <3

learn to love the skies i'm under by [ profile] celeste9
The Resistance welcomes Rey in various ways. Oh heart.

my friends, my friends forgive me by [ profile] ladanse
Bail and Breha raise their daughter. *sobs* This is a really lovely look at Leia growing up from Bail's POV.

put her roots down by [ profile] celeste9
Really lovely story of Rey finding her way with the Resistance, with her family, and with Poe.

Reprise by [ profile] Elfpen
Two long, involving stories where Obi-Wan goes back in time at the moment of his death to nine years before the events of TPM; he makes his peace with Qui-Gon, mentors his younger self, and manages to start changing the timeline, hopefully for the better. And it gives excellent Obi-Wan in twice the usual amount! (The series is incomplete - the author says there'll be a third story - but the two extant stories are complete and there's no real cliffhanger at the end.)

Sith All Your Tempests Cannot Hold Me Back by [ profile] akathecentimetre
Really lovely modern AU where Satine is the British Ambassador to the US, Obi-Wan is a war correspondent and also they are in a relationship with Bail Organa; I admit to being skeptical of that going in, but the whole thing works really well. (also, ♥AHSOKA♥)

A Sprig of Hope by [ profile] Vera_DragonMuse
"You don't have to," Poe would protest.

"I can feed myself," Rey would insist.

Finn only rolled his eyes and got on with it. He didn't tell them about growing up eating the same routine meals, how the others would smuggle each other the best items as tokens of affection. He didn't tell them that bread became a language of love.
Rey and Finn take up gardening, much to the delight of the Resistance. Oh heart.

They were at Mos Bina (Come and see) by [ profile] TwinEnigma
Fascinating AU where Alderaan is destroyed earlier and Leia ends up a slave on Tatooine and Luke uses local mythology (and Obi-Wan, fitting well into the role of (unwitting in this case) trickster) to free her, and lead the slaves in an uprising.


political question

Aug. 30th, 2016 11:33 am
[personal profile] dsgood
Should the US and other countries accept political refugees from Heaven and Hell?

[PUBLIC POST] The joys of research

Aug. 31st, 2016 01:21 am
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[personal profile] ljlee posting in [community profile] go_write
Hearty apologies for two weeks (I think?) of silence, I've been tired and lazy and overworked. I've also been reading a book called The Art and Craft of Writing Historical Fiction by James Alexander Thom, which understandably spends a lot of time discussing research. It's not a book that speaks to my particular needs; Thom wrote novels about events from the past few centuries, not two millennia ago, so a lot of the materials he discusses just didn't exist in my time period or were lost. Still, his general points about sources and verification are valid for any period, I think, and I'm just happy to be reading advice specific to historical fiction as a lot of the stuff I come across online tends to be geared to speculative fiction.

What role does research play in your own project or projects, given the genre or genres you work in? What do you like or dislike about research? What are some helpful or unhelpful resources and methods?
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Star Trek Reboot

Carry It With You by [ profile] cosmic_llin
Jaylah collects her things from the Franklin. Oh honey. *sniffle*

loud and pulsing by [ profile] OwlinAMinor
The more time she spends at the Academy, the more she's discovering that there are a lot of things she can really do. Her uniform fits better every day. Jaylah, finding her way at Starfleet Academy, with a little help from some friends. ♥

Signal Towers and Children's Songs by [ profile] cosmic_llin
Jaylah, Uhura and language. Lovely.

to make a house a home by [ profile] dirgewithoutmusic
Sometimes you cannot win, no matter how good you are, no matter how brave, no matter how much you love your daughter and want to live and live and live for her. Sometimes all you can do is die the best way you know how. *sobs* ♥JAYLAH♥ I love her so much and this is a lovely look at her future.

Took My Life To Make by [ profile] cosmic_llin
Jaylah survives and learns and makes the Franklin her house. <3


if i go there will be trouble

Aug. 30th, 2016 12:24 pm
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The Dating Rituals of Superheroes (The Role Reversal Remix)
by [ profile] igrockspock
Maria tries to ask Sam out. It doesn't go as planned, so Natasha gets involved. This is hilarious and adorable. (and the original, Sam POV: The Moon Don't Hang Quite As High by [ profile] geckoholic)

the lingering remainders by [ profile] oh_simone
In the wake of CACW, Tony gets a visit from an old family friend. Fun Avengers/Agent Carter crossover.

The Way Out Is The Way Down by [ profile] Speranza
Steve and Bucky go to Wakanda and plan to break their teammates out of the Raft, and also heal Bucky's brain.

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The Courting Dance by [ profile] edenfalling
Cor and Aravis have to convince the rest of Archenland that they're fit rulers for the country. Ah, lovely. ♥ARAVIS♥

North and South by [ profile] Flourish
Lovely story of Aravis's journey away from and then back to Lasaraleen.

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Harry Potter

the girl who lived (again) by [ profile] dirgewithoutmusic
Really lovely AU in which Harry is trans, which changes things in small but notable ways.

Never Mind the Wrackspurts (The Friendship & Forgiveness Remix) by [ profile] igrockspock
After her father betrayed Harry to the Death Eaters, Luna isn't certain Ron is still her friend. On the day after Fred's funeral, she reaches out anyway. Oh my heart. ♥LUNA♥! and also ♥Ron♥!

The Transfiguration Incident, Or Pettigrew's Problems by [ profile] Kyra_Neko_Rei
In which Peter Pettigrew has a very bad day, and everybody learns not to fuck with Minerva McGonagall. <3

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Debt of Blood by [ profile] theLiterator with art by [ profile] pentapus
Spyral sends Dick and Tiger out to gather intel about the League of Assassins, and Dick finds someone he never expected to see alive again.

His three missions are at odds with one another, but in the end, he makes the only choice he knows how to make, and, much to Tiger's surprise, everything works out in the end.

But is it really all that surprising?
Oh heart. Dick manages to save at least one formerly dead little brother from the bloodlust of the Lazarus pit. #we were the best richard

where one starts from by [ profile] AlchemyAlice
The Barry/Iris/Eddie story of my heart! <3

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Check, Please!

jack zimmermann is a straight shooter by [ profile] heyfightme
Jack's coming out is too subtle for the media so he has to step up his game. Hee! This is very sweet.

We'll Always Have Pinterest by [ profile] JustLookFrightenedAndScuttle
Three times Suzanne dropped Bitty off at Samwell. Oh heart.

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brushstroke lily
plum blossom



eeveelutions + flowers

painted these for a print set! get the prints! / get them on society6!

thanks for getting me drawns to 50k notes for the first time, guys!! (*´◡`*)

i bought a print of these at Supanova (which I lost on the train back unfortunately) but they’re stunning! hopefully I’ll be grabbing some more soon 💜

from Tumblr
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A Year and a Day in Old Theradane

Just Enough Fun (includes recipes) by [ profile] jedishampoo
Delightful backstory for Sophara.


Rivers of London

Just Another Day at the Office by [ profile] cordeliadelayne
Nightingale gets kidnapped and Peter has to help work the case. I enjoyed this.


Sorcerer to the Crown

The Earth Will Reach The Sky by [ profile] Merit
Darling little slice of life story with Prunella and Zacharias.


louder than sirens, louder than bells

Aug. 30th, 2016 12:00 pm
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The Bourne Series

The Bourne Purpose by [ profile] rsadelle
Post-Jason Bourne fix-it for Nicky. (NB: I haven't seen the movie because of the spoiler about Nicky, but this worked fine for me.)


Brooklyn Nine Nine

To Cogitate and to Solve by [ profile] SapphoIsBurning
Santiago tries to explain fanfiction to Diaz. This is sweet and Holt's cameo puts it over the top into hilarious.



mixed feelings about the function and the form by [ profile] carpenter
Quiet, meditative story in which Patty has to come to terms with the damage ghostbusting causes to historic buildings, and Holtzmann has to come to terms with Patty. Lovely.


News of Upcoming Stuff

Aug. 30th, 2016 10:45 am
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The description of The Harbors of the Sun is up but there still isn't a preorder option for it.

It's the sequel to The Edge of Worlds and the final book in the series.

A former friend has betrayed the Raksura and their groundling companions, and now the survivors must race across the Three Worlds to rescue their kidnapped family members. When Moon and Stone are sent ahead to scout, they quickly encounter an unexpected and potentially deadly ally, and decide to disobey the queens and continue the search alone. Following in a wind-ship, Jade and Malachite make an unlikely alliance of their own, until word reaches them that the Fell are massing for an attack on the Reaches, and that forces of the powerful Empire of Kish are turning against the Raksura and their groundling comrades.

But there may be no time to stage a rescue, as the kidnapped Raksura discover that their captors are heading toward a mysterious destination with a stolen magical artifact that will cause more devastation for the Reaches than anything the lethal Fell can imagine. To stop them, the Raksura will have to take the ultimate risk and follow them into forbidden territory.

* The Edge of Worlds is also up for preorder in paperback. It's already available in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

* Also there's more new fan art on the Compendium: a drawing of Frost, by Katriona Seallach on DeviantArt

* On Saturday, September 17, 2016, at 7:30 CST I'll be doing and online reading and an interview as part of The Pixel Project's Read for Pixels Fall Edition

* On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, at 4:30 I'll be doing a talk on worldbuilding and a Q&A session as part of the Hal Hall Lecture Series sponsored by Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, at TAMU.
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[personal profile] inkstone posting in [community profile] pokestop
I thought it'd be useful to have a catch-all post for all things pokémon. They are what you're trying to catch in this game, right? And with the release of the in-game appraisal system, I figure some people might have some questions.

Here are the basics:
  • Each pokémon is unique. It has visible values for CP and HP, in addition to movesets that can vary from mon to mon within a species.

  • Every pokémon also has hidden stats called individual values (IVs) for attack, defense, and stamina. The CP & HP values are visible renderings of these IVs. The new in-game appraisal system gives you the range for these hidden values.

  • When you level up as a trainer, you will start seeing pokémon with higher CP but to only a certain extent. The CP of pokémon hatched from eggs stop scaling at level 20 and the CP of pokémon caught in the wild stop scaling at level 30.

  • The trainer level cap, though, is level 40. So you can keep powering up your pokémon with stardust and candy past level 30 until you hit the cap.

There are other nuances to be found here, but I find they vary from trainer to trainer. Some people start powering up their pokémon right away. Others wait until they hit level 30. Some people are torn. I thought that in addition to sharing general tips about pokémon, we could also use the comments to ask advice about our mon.

So let's have it!
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Posted by Amanda

The Smoke Thief

The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe is $1.99! This is the first book in Abe’s Drakon historical paranormal romance series. I really enjoyed this book and the world Abe created with dragons. The hero is definitely an Alpha hero and can be a jackass at times, which some readers found off-putting. But I went on to read the rest of the Drakon series. Book one in Abe’s paranormal YA series is also on sale.

For centuries they’ve lived in secret among northern England’s green and misted hills. Creatures of extraordinary beauty, power, and sensuality, they possess the ability to shape-shift from human to dragon and back again. Now their secret–and their survival–is threatened by a temptation that will break every boundary….

Dubbed the Smoke Thief, a daring jewel thief is confounding the London police. His wealthy victims claim the master burglar can walk through walls and vanish into thin air. But Christoff, the charismatic Marquess of Langford, knows the truth: the thief is no ordinary human but a “runner” who’s fled Darkfrith without permission. As Alpha leader of the drakon, it’s Kit’s duty to capture the fugitive before the secrets of the tribe are revealed to mortals. But not even Kit suspects that the Smoke Thief could be a woman.

Clarissa Rue Hawthorne knew her dangerous exploits would attract the attention of the drakon. But she didn’t expect Christoff himself to come to London, dangling the tribe’s most valuable jewel–the Langford Diamond–as bait. For as long as she could remember, Rue had lived the life of a halfling–half drakon, half mortal–and an outcast in both worlds. She’d always loved the handsome and willful Kit from the only place it was safe: from afar. But now she was no longer the shy, timid girl she’d once been. She was the first woman capable of making the Turn in four generations. So why did she still feel the same dizzying sense of vulnerability whenever he was near?

From the moment he saw her, Kit knew that the alluring and powerful beauty was every bit his Alpha equal and destined to be his bride. And by the harsh laws of the drakon, Rue knew that she was the property of the marquess. But they will risk banishment and worse for a chance at something greater. For now Rue is his prisoner, the diamond has disappeared, and she’s made the kind of dangerous proposition a man like Kit cannot resist….

In this bewitching novel, Shana Abé transports us into a world of exhilarating romance and magic.

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This book is on sale at:

Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo Google Play All Romance iBooks Audible




Wicked Ride

Wicked Ride by Rebecca Zanetti is $1.99! This is a paranormal romance with a cop heroine and an immortal Irish biker hero. I know we’ve debated about motorcycle clubs in the past and the book’s description makes mention that this particular MC is up to some pretty rough stuff, regardless of the hero’s involvement. However, many readers loved the chemistry between the very much alpha hero and the heroine. Sound interesting to anyone?

Alexandra Monzelle is a hard-fighting, heat-packing Seattle vice cop, and she’s not much interested in being protected. Her short skirt and sex-kitten heels are tools to lure her suspects into talking about the deadly new drug hitting the streets. She can take care of herself and then some. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to get that through to Kellach Dunne.

Kellach is a fresh import from Dublin, and he’s landed at the heart of a vicious motorcycle club that deals in guns, narcotics, and mayhem. He’s all male, all rough power—and all interference in her damn investigation. Maybe he’s one of the good guys. Maybe not. Lex knows an affair with an immortal like him would risk everything. No matter how delicious he looks…

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This book is on sale at:

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Desire the Night

Desire the Night by Amanda Ashley is $1.99! This is a paranormal romance with a vampire hero and a shifter heroine. Some readers felt the book took a big change in tone that lessened the chemistry between the hero and heroine. (I don’t want to spoil anything, but feel free to look at Goodreads reviews.) While others like the opposites attract element of the romance. It has a 3.7-star rating on Goodreads.

A Vampire In Chains

Held captive in a basement prison, wrapped in silver chains, the vampire Gideon is too weak to fight the monster who enslaves him. For years, she’s tapped his precious blood like a fountain of youth–sustaining him with human females she captures for his pleasure. But with the latest victim she brings him, he senses something intriguingly different. Something dangerous, yet oh so tempting.

Kay Alissano is no ordinary woman. Every full moon, she must answer the call of the wild–unleashing the wolf within. As daughter of the Shadow Pack’s Alpha, Kay is extremely powerful–and when she’s offered up to Gideon, she doesn’t surrender easily. In wolf form, she might be able to unchain Gideon’s heart and set them both free–if only he can resist the urge to consume her, body and soul, before the next full moon. . .

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This book is on sale at:

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Waking the Dragon

Waking the Dragon by Juliette Cross is 99! This is the first book in the Vale of Stars series that has a secret dragon society! The heroine is a reporter trying to investigate said society and the hero is a dragon bodyguard assigned to accompany her while she pokes around. Readers loved the amount of detail, but warn of insta-love. Several of Cross’ other titles are available for less than $3.

The Gladium Province is on the verge of civil unrest as humans and Morgons, the dragon-hybrid race, clash once more. But amid disorder can also arise passion.

When the bodies of three human women are discovered in Morgon territory—with the DNA of several Morgon men on the victims—it’s just a matter of time before civil unrest hits the Province. But for ambitious reporter Moira Cade, it’s more than just a story, and it may mean risking her own life.

Descending into the dark underworld of Morgon society, Moira is paired with Kol Moonring, Captain of the Morgon Guard, for her protection. Fiercely independent, Moira bristles at his dominance, and defies his will at every turn. Yet resistance proves futile when passion flares between them, awakening powerful emotions within both, body and soul. But as the killings continue, can their fiery newfound bond survive an even greater evil—one that threatens all of humanity, Morgonkind, and Moira’s very soul?

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This book is on sale at:

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More Imzy

Aug. 30th, 2016 11:40 am
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[personal profile] seventhe
Then I made this because it didn't exist:

Again - who knows how Imzy will kick off and fit in to the current fandom distribution, but. Hey join if you want and let's have some fun. I miss FF fandom and writing prompts and the community feel.
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Posted by John Scalzi

And Entertainment Weekly has the scoop! So go there for details, including a link to pre-order. Note the cost. It’s not a typo.

EW has the scoop, but I will now add a few answers to additional questions I think you might have.

Is there going to be a print edition? Yes, there will be, from Subterranean Press, which includes some amazing artwork. Audible has the novella as an exclusive for a certain amount of time, but SubPress will have it after that window expires. Expect it in 2017. More details when I can give them to you.

Does this mean you’re not working with Wil Wheaton in audio anymore? No, it just means we went with someone else for this particular project. If I have my druthers, Wil and I will be collaborating again, and often. But, you know. I already work with other narrators (including William Dufris, Tavia Gilbert and Amber Benson), and Wil of course works with other authors, including Ernie Cline. We have an open relationship, as it were.

Whoa, Zachary Quinto is cool. That’s not a question, but I agree. And I think he’s going to be just about perfect for The Dispatcher. I can’t wait for you all to hear this one. I’m not going to lie to you. It’s pretty good.

Any additional questions? Drop them into the comments.


Aug. 31st, 2016 12:44 am
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[personal profile] tyger
I did a few things today! Mostly uni stuff, but I also went to the doctors and got another brainpill script. And I also got an as-needed script for something to break through the crazy when it's spiking liek woah. These kinda meds are actually addictive, so gotta be super careful, but my doctor is a reasonable guy! So I have the script, and it's for a low dose, and we'll see how it goes. Hopefully the low dose will be enough! I'm honestly not thrilled about taking something addictive, anyway - too many alcoholics in my family. But end of last semester bullshit was just Not Okay Brain, so yeah. Managing it, it's important.

On a completely unrelated note, I got up to level 9 in pokégo! :D :D :D Very very slow, but I am progressing!
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(( Here’s a compilation of my racebent series with all of our major Disney ladies. :D

It’s been so fun creating these, and I’ve been both shocked and beyond thrilled with the overwhelming support I’ve received for this series! :) Thank you all so much for the wonderful messages and the continued enthusiasm.

Princesses in order (left to right): Snow White (Spanish), Cinderella (Japanese), Belle (Arabic), Aurora (Jamaican), Ariel (Indian), Tiana (Chinese), Mulan (Native American), Pocahontas (Pacific Islander), Jasmine (African/Luo), Meg (Egyptian), Kida (Maori), Jane (Korean), Eilonwy (African/Fula), Esmerelda (Moroccan), Merida (Brazilian), Rapunzel (Mexican), Elsa (Inuit), Anna (Inuit).


I love Inuit Elsa & Anna so much

Beautiful representation of Maori people and very culturally accurate :) I love that you stuck to traditional and not stereotypical!

from Tumblr
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On the recent passing of Gene Wilder - with regard to appropriate respect for his widow Karen Boyer, instead of Gilda Radner.

*points to three last names*  I got a dog in this fight.  Did you even know he’d married again after Gilda passed?  Neither did I.

Was none of my business.  

People knew about Gilda.  Nobody knew about Karen, and that’s okay because nobody knew about either of the wives named Mary who had come before Gilda (talk about having faith in finding love, wow Gene).

It’s the judge not, lest ye be judged moment.

You didn’t know because it wasn’t yours to know.  Gilda had a public face, a fiction built to tell her story across billions of people.  So did Gene Wilder.  It’s understandable if folks mention Gilda, that’s all they know - AS IT SHOULD BE.

Stand down.  No, really.  Nobody is being a dick when they express relief that they’re together again because they didn’t check Wikipedia first.  And that’s all that is.

from Tumblr
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Posted by WSB

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:52 AM: Thanks for the text – a crash on West Marginal Way at Dakota (map) is affecting traffic. Here’s what SDOT tweeted:

No major injuries so far as we know – the crash drew a one-engine SFD response.

FURTHER SOUTH ON W. MARGINAL WAY: In case you missed the alert last night, paving work is scheduled for a stretch of Highland Park Way today and tomorrow, at W. Marginal.

7:37 AM: Update from SDOT: “Both NB lanes and one SB lane are now open at W Marginal Way SW & SW Dakota St.”

FAUNTLEROY/ENDOLYNE TRIANGLE WORK DONE: If you haven’t been through the Fauntleroy/Endolyne business area in a few days, we checked on Monday and the traffic-calming work that started last week is done:


Our photo shows the major change – the block of Brace Point Drive between 45th and Wildwood is now one way eastbound, with angle parking and painted “curb bulbs” (the biggest is just out of our shot, to the right).

7:47 AM: SDOT just tweeted that the West Marginal/Dakota crash scene is completely clear.

BACK TO SCHOOL: Reminder that it’s already back-to-school season … on the north end of The Junction, Seattle Lutheran High School and Holy Rosary School are already back in session; Hope Lutheran School (42nd/Oregon) starts tomorrow. Here’s our list of the “early” starters; the first day for Seattle Public Schools is one week from tomorrow – Wednesday, September 7th – and remember the schedule changes for many schools, as listed here on Monday.

8:57 AM: One more back-to-school reminder – school buses are out practicing their routes starting today.

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Posted by Amanda

Welcome to Tuesday, better known here as HaBO Day! HaBO, or “Help a Bitch Out,” is our attempt to reunite readers with romances that they can remember parts of, but not the important parts like the author’s name or the title. This HaBO request comes from Booklovingirl, who is searching for a scifi title from a few decades ago:

It was a mostly sci-fi book (I think) I read in some random place — I think I was ill, so don’t remember it well. I think “hand” was in the title (maybe?).

Heroine was a slave on some planet, which had been conquered and all the native population injected with a virus that killed them at a certain designated time, unless they had an update or antivirus which would give them more time. She was in a gladiator-type environment and somehow escaped/was freed and found out there was a permanent substitute for the virus. She had a love/hate going on with some guy who had decided she belonged to him (literally) because reasons — or possibly her scent. The main thing I remember was that they were somehow genetically bound so that she could feel what he felt (meaning tactile sensation) when he touched her, so that gave interesting feedback if you know what I mean. I think it was part of a series but…

It was an old book when I read it — I’m thinking 70s-80s, it had that kind of feel to the writing.

This has been bugging me for a while, so any help would be appreciated!

The crazysauce potential of this books sounds pretty high.

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