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I've been trying to figure out how to articulate the gut feeling I have that there is a large overlap between geek culture and disability culture, for at least two years now, as evidenced by this post:

Well, now, By George! I think I've got it:


For some, the world fits like a tailored suit.
They trust that they can slip into a room
And that the space will drape so easily
Their shoulders hardly feel the weight at all.
And every sentence seamlessly unfurls
Its meaning to their minds without a snag.
As best they can recall, there's been no need
To notice where the edges don't quite match,
Or where there is a tangle, or a pinch.

But then, for us (the ones who break the mold),
The world is built to be our puzzle box.
We each emerge from sleep and face the day
Alert to any hidden latch or key,
And where there's none, invent one for ourselves,
Thus, bit by bit, we craft a life that fits.
And though they're taught that we're the tangled pinch
Our craftiness expands their tailored world
In all those places where our paths might cross.

But could it be (Markedly) better?

Check In #3

Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:52 am
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This is the last official check-in before the project completion deadline on August 16th. Don't forget that completed projects submitted before August 12th get special consideration when it comes to early posting dates.

(If you are someone who would find additional check-ins helpful, please let us know, and we'd be happy to schedule a follow-up check-in with you between now and the deadline!)

Remember to share what you've done so far with your partner, which means that if you have a partial podfic completed, now is the time to send that to your partner. Also, if you haven't given your writer feedback about their work, please take that opportunity to do it now. We've found that it's often very important to pod_together participants to have their work acknowledged and appreciated by their partners, and sometimes with the rush to meet deadlines, this important step in the process can get overlooked! So this is your official reminder to send some love and support to your partner :)

And of course, please let us know any ways we can support you. Options include:
-Putting out a call for a co-podficcer for part of the story
-Putting out a call for an editor to help edit your podfic
-Additional check-ins/cheerleading/podfic betas

If you think you'll need an extension, please remember how to request one. And as a reminder, the posting period this year is much shorter than it's been in years past, so we're limited in how long an extension we can give.

Okay, we look forward to hearing from you! We hope you are having fun!

Episode Rewatch: 3.08 Obsession

Aug. 2nd, 2015 06:01 am
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We've been at this a year, you guys! Thank you so much to everyone who's been watching and commenting. ♥

3.08 Obsession
Original air date: November 14, 1994
Director: Paul Ziller
Writer: Lawrence Shore


Synopsis: David Keogh, an old friend of Duncan's, has a history of fixating on women. His newest obsession comes to Duncan for help.

Please share your thoughts and reactions in comments. The master post for all discussion posts is here.
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The Kansas City Star's Meredith Newman shared that One Direction, in KC tonight, is No. 1 in the teeming world of fan fiction. Kara Nesvig informed City Page’s readers that There’s a huge fandom for 1D “slash” fanfiction, if you didn’t already know. And, from Madison Malone Kircher on Business Insider regarding Anna Todd: This woman wrote One Direction fanfic on her phone and ended up with a major book deal.

Forbes contributor David Gonzales wrote, regarding a remake of the Nosferatu story, Brooklyn-based director Robert Eggers will now become the third director to take on this Bram Stoker fan fiction character.

In a piece for The Guardian, Blur’s Graham Coxon told Tim Jonze that caring about intraband relationships [is] a stupid soap opera for [fans]. It’s obsessed people writing fan fiction and spinning it into some bullshit on the internet, when actually they don’t know anything about it at all. It’s some weird thrill for them. In the old days, they probably wrote it in a letter and it went into a big sack that was never looked at by the band. Now we have to read all that shit ... Well, you don’t have to, but sometimes you click a button ...”

From Men’s Journal’s Gear Lab: The best episode of the podcast Mortified is "Jurassic Park Fan Fiction" […] a brilliant episode in which a reader named Jordan shares his ode to what he once considered the greatest movie ever made.

Wolverine, Deus Sex Machina, E.L. Doctorow, Ms. Marvel, Gene Roddenberry, Minecraft, Among Ten Thousand Things (Seinfeld), Gronk, Sherlock )

For Herald Sun, Alice Clarke wrote that libraries have computers and internet connections that can be booked for free, so it’s a place people can go to do their online business, read their fan-fiction and consume their cat memes.

Denver Post’s Susan Clotfelter quoted Author Carrie Vaughn on fan fiction, female heroes, and writing life.

In a piece on Galacticon IV for Queen Anee & Magnolia News, Valeria Koulikova wrote that A writers’ workshop will help those who want to pursue fan fiction and talk about how they can bring life back to the worlds no longer exciting on TV screens.

In a piece about Outernet, which seems like the ultimate TV-meets-net-nanny for as-yet-uninternetted, Klint Finley wrote that what will be available is determined by a public vote. In other words, you can upload your Ant Man fan fiction, but it might not ever make it onto anyone’s Lighthouse if no one votes for it.

From “Fun unlimited at college fest!” in Times of India: Calcutta Boys' School fest, Concord '15, presented by The Times of India was a happening affair. A variety of contests were held that saw participants from different schools of the city battling it out. Oneof-a-kind events like blogging workshop, comedy show, fan-fiction drama, Asian parliamentary debate were also held.

Finally, for Radio New Zealand piece about the deficits of kids today, John Gerritsen quoted Marlborough Girls' College librarian Colleen Shipley: "They're reading off social media, they're reading fan fiction and if you have a snapshot look at that type of reading that they're doing, it's bad - the grammar's bad, the spelling's bad."

Sunday WTF?

Aug. 2nd, 2015 11:40 am
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Posted by Fred Clark

1 Timothy 2:11-15

Let a woman learn in silence with full submission. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she is to keep silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing, provided they continue in faith and love and holiness, with modesty.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 07:07 am
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Border dispute ends before achieving fractality.

Thanx to [ profile] andrewducker

SBTB/DA Bestsellers: 21-28 July 2015

Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:00 am
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Posted by Amanda

This week’s bestsellers are brought to you by cold drinks, yummy carbs, and our affiliate sales data!

  1. Premiere: A Romance Writers of America® Collection by Amazon | Kobo | GooglePlay | ARe
  2. What a Lady Requires by Ashlyn Macnamara Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay | ARe
  3. A Dozen Rakes, Renegades and Rogues, Oh, My! by Amazon | B&N
  4. First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay | ARe
  5. After a Fashion by Jen Turano Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay | ARe
  6. Playing Dirty by HelenKay Dimon Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay | ARe
  7. Purely Professional by Elia Winters Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay | ARe
  8. Game Play by Lynda Aicher Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay | ARe
  9. Back In Play by Lynda Aicher Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay
  10. Grey by E.L. James Amazon | B&N | Kobo | GooglePlay | ARe

I hope your weekend reading was relaxing and worthwhile!

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Posted by Carrie S


The Ladies Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners

by Eliza Leslie

In the early 1800s, if you were a woman in America or England who wanted to know how to cook, how to run a household, and how to behave, you were likely to turn to Eliza Leslie, also known as Miss Leslie. As a member of the middle class (her father was a watchmaker) who lived in England and America, Miss Leslie imparted advice that could help the reader cope with an aristocratic ball or a low-grade boarding house, at home or abroad, with equal aplomb.

She wrote or edited 19 books ranging from the specialized (The Indian Meal Book, which was all about cooking with cornmeal, 1847) to the general (The Lady’s Receipt Book, A Useful Companion for Large and Small Families, 1847). Her cookbook Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches, first published in 1837, proved to be the best-selling cookbook of the 1800s. She also wrote and edited fiction, including a yearly anthology called The Gift, which featured several works by Edgar Allen Poe. I’d give an awful lot to know if Poe and Miss Leslie ever met, and if so, how it went down.

In 1834, Miss Leslie branched out from cooking to talk about etiquette with Miss Leslie’s Behavior Book. It was reprinted in 1864 with a new title: The Ladies Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners. I expected to flip through this as an occasional reference, but I found myself completely fascinated by Miss Leslie’s personality, her perspectives, and all the little nuggets about middle class and upper class life that are revealed in these pages.

The thrill of this book isn’t so much the manners as all the other details of life that are revealed. For instance, this book contains detailed instructions on how to make ink and how to make paste. It describes changes in speech and customs, and differences between American and British social mores. There’s a comprehensive guide to British titles for the benefit of Americans who are travelling abroad or entertaining. The stuff about grammar and slang reveals when phrases were coming in and out of fashion. The advice regarding letters is full of history about envelopes and stamps and general geography. There’s a chapter on how to treat literary women that is just as apt now as it was then, a chapter on children that is full of solid common sense, and enough information about fashion and clothes to make any historical re-enactor or cosplayer proud.

All this information would be terribly dry if not for the fact that, like Miss Manners and Dear Abby, Miss Leslie has a powerful and often humorous personality. Generally, Miss Leslie is funny, personable, and employs a combination of excellent common-sense and logical civility. Behold my favorite quote in the history of ever:

If a person begins by telling you, ‘Do not be offended at what I am going to say,’ prepare yourself for something that she knows will certainly offend you.

I read quite a few of Miss Leslie’s comments to my tween daughter and nieces on a family road trip. Miss Leslie became quite a presence – almost an extra person on the trip. Before I knew it the kids were spending dinnertime in heated discussion about what Miss Leslie would say about our table manners. The children were of the opinion that Miss Leslie needs to lighten up, but they also got their elbows off the table.

Eliza Leslie, giving no fucks.

I could easily devote an entire essay to Miss Leslie’s opinions regarding class, race, and gender. Because I think it’s crucial to not gloss over aspects of our history, I’m going to talk about them at length; however, they comprise a fairly small amount of the book. I enjoyed this book because it allowed me to learn a great deal of habits and attitudes of upper and middle class people in Yankee America in the 1800s from a primary source. It’s hardly surprising that some of what I learned (or was reminded of) was unpleasant, but it’s important to be reminded of these aspects of our history.

Because this was written in the 1800s in America, it’s full of stuff about class, gender, and race. HUGE trigger alert for sexism, racism, and ablesism. Interestingly, Miss Leslie seems to think much more highly of people who are “coloured” than people who are immigrants, and woe betide you if you’re Irish. Miss Leslie can hardly be thought to be progressive in modern terms in her ideas about race – at best, she’s condescending. She highly respects “coloured” servants and waiters in high positions and clearly regards them as not only capable but often better at etiquette than the white people they serve (she also instructs the reader not to refer to young men of color as “boys”). But here’s a sudden reminder that shit was real, from a chapter on conversation:

Avoid all discussions of abolition (either for or against) when coloured people are nearby.


Immigrants are another story. Miss Leslie fears that they might take your children to the tenements, where they will pick up bad speech patterns and horrible diseases, and the Irish might whisk your babies away and have them baptized as Catholic. I do not relate this, or some of Miss Leslie’s other prejudiced opinions because I find them amusing – I find them appalling. However, I also find these kinds of comments to be instructive in the sense that Miss Leslie allows me a look at how people of her place, time, and class thought of class and race from a primary source. I feel this is important not because these attitudes are part of our past, but because they are immediate, painful part of our present, although in some cases the identities of those discriminated against have changed.

BTW, as someone who could, quantitatively, be said to be “deformed,” I was immensely upset to discover that Miss Leslie advises that no “deformed people” dance at balls or parties because they are distressing to watch. Should I ever have occasion to dance, and Miss Leslie be present, I’ll politely trip her and pin her to the carpet so that she can’t see me, thus saving her considerable distress. Seriously, Miss Leslie, get a grip.

Alas, it is my painful duty to inform you that despite the fact that Miss Leslie was a brilliant woman who built a thriving business and achieved fame and fortune, she was not in favor of women’s rights. She was a fan of the Victorian “Angel in the Home” concept – the idea that women are inferior to men intellectually and physically, but superior morally, and that they should turn their energies towards making the home a moral and physical sanctuary. Women, says Miss Leslie, are best at parenting and nursing and other nurturing activities. While Miss Leslie acknowledges the accomplishments of some women, she believes they are unusual:

Truth is, the female sex is really as inferior to the male in vigour of mind as in strength of body; and all arguments to the contrary are founded on a few anomalies; or based on theories that can never be put into practice.

Oh, Miss Leslie. Why must you break my heart into teensy bits? If we had you on the suffragette team, we would have had the vote a lot sooner. You would have informed the men in power that to deny women the vote was un-gentlemanly and they would have dissolved under your stern gaze like wet tissue paper. Sigh.

Some of Miss Leslie’s ideas seem silly today (a short list of things she dislikes includes calico, old ladies who don’t wear caps, people who drum on the keys of a piano with one finger, slang, the polka, rocking chairs used for any purpose other than rocking a baby, and small dogs). Some are offensive and distressing. But all are grounded by the idea that whatever you may think of the status and condition of people around you, you should treat them as kindly and politely as you can given the information you have and the situation you are in. We all have our own prejudices, preconceptions, and biases, and I’d argue that Miss Leslie’s general principle remains sound. I’d only add that it is also our job to continually attempt to educate and challenge ourselves, so that our prejudices and preconceptions may diminish.

The bottom line for Miss Leslie is that it is your job to behave in a way that makes others comfortable and it is your right to be treated with respect. Miss Leslie does not expect you to be a doormat and, regardless of your personal feelings, you’d better not be a snob. Be as kind and courteous as you can possibly be to everyone you encounter – Miss Leslie is specific in stating that this includes people who are below you in social standing, including the lowest servant.

Without any further ado, here are some tips from Miss Leslie. First, some health and safety advice:

Sleeping with the windows closed in a room newly painted has produced fatal diseases. To some lungs the vapour of white lead is poisonous. To none is it quite inoxious. Its dangerous properties may be neutralized by placing in newly-painted rooms, large tubs of water, into which has been mixed an ounce of vitriol.

THE MORE YOU KNOW. Vitriol is sulphur, by the way.

There’s an entire chapter about tea that includes two long paragraphs about butter, to my vast delight. An excerpt:

By-the-by, the use of cooking-butter should be established in all genteel-houses. If the butter is not good enough to eat on the surface of cold bread or on warm cakes, it is not good enough to eat in the inside of sweet cakes, or in pastry, or in anything else…The use of butter is to make things taste well; if it makes them taste ill, ley it be utterly omitted, for bad butter is not only unpalatable but unwholesome…We know by experience that it is possible to make very fine butter even in the State of New York, and to have it fresh in winter as in summer, though not so rich and yellow.

Don’t laugh at people who hurt themselves. It makes you look unladylike and it also  makes you look like a big jerk:

When you see persons slip down on the ice, do not laugh at them…It is more feminine, on witnessing such a sight, to offer an involuntary scream than a shout of laughter. And still more so to stop and ascertain if the person has been hurt.

Time travelers, this simple tip can save you much embarrassment:

Do not travel in white kid gloves. Respectable women never do.

On that one neighbor that we all have:

There are certain unoccupied females so over-friendly as to take the entree of the whole house…never for a moment do they seem to suppose that their hourly visits may perhaps be inconvenient or unseasonable…If they find that the front door is kept locked, they glide down the area-steps, and get in through the basement. Or else, they discover some back entrance, by which they can slip in ‘at the postern gate’- that is, ‘alley-wise’ – socialists are not proud…Her talk to you is chiefly gossip, therefore her talk about you is chiefly the same.

Any time I review a classic, I run into a balancing act problem. There’s always at least one “Oh no you did not use that word” moment in an older book (and a TON in this book) and I don’t want to derail the whole review by dwelling on that aspect, but it would be horribly insensitive for me to ignore it altogether. In some aspects, Miss Leslie is “fair for her day” and in some aspects she is markedly conservative for her time. Miss Leslie herself points out certain areas of controversy between her opinions and those of other people, showing that her social and political attitudes were  not universally adopted been in her time. These issues are so glaring to the modern reader (and rightly so) that they threaten to take over the whole book even though 99% of the book is about more innocuous topics such as how to shop in a new city:

If you are a stranger in the city, do not be always exclaiming at the prices, and declaring that you can buy the same articles much lower and much handsomer in New York, Boston, or Baltimore. For certain reasons, prices are different in different places. If an article is shown to you in Philadelphia as “quite new”, refrain from saying that it has been out of fashion these two years in New York. This may injure its sale with bystanders, chancing to hear you. You need only say “that it is very pretty, but you do not want it now.”

I am giving this book a B+ for its entertainment values and historical values, both interesting and sometimes appalling, with the strong caveat that many of its attitudes are (and certainly should be) offensive to modern readers.

If there is any chance that you may find yourself in the Victorian Era (TARDIS, portal, enchanted portrait, whatever) I highly recommend you prepare yourself by studying this book and, if possible, taking it with you. How else will you know that wearing white kid gloves in 1834 in Philadelphia marks you as a hussy? How else will you know how to prevent lead poisoning and make your own ink?

Now I’m off to write my Miss Leslie/Edgar Allan Poe fan fiction, and Miss Leslie has advice for me, and perhaps you, too, as writers. Above all, be polite about it:

An authoress has seldom leisure to entertain morning visitors; so much of her time being professionally occupied either in writing or in reading what will prepare her for writing. She should apprize all her friends of the hours in which she is usually engaged; and then let none who are really her friends and well-wishers, will encroach upon her convenience for any purpose of their own, unless under extraordinary circumstances.



Aug. 2nd, 2015 04:54 am
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The latest issue of my zine, Nice Distinctions 27, is now available at Bill Burns's excellent efanzines
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via at August 02, 2015 at 03:15AM:


I reblogged this so fast.

"Black coffee's not enough for me"

Aug. 1st, 2015 11:09 pm
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"My arms aren't that sore, I can totally go to the gym and work with a new personal trainer," I said on Monday.

"Ow, ow ow ow," I said on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Arms blah )

Other than my perennially cranky limbs, my health's been very good. I've been moving around enough to keep my knees happy. I don't remember the last time anyone in the house had so much as a cold. My ears are being very well behaved. I have a weird ongoing thing where it sometimes feels like food is caught in my throat, but my ENT checked it out and says it's just congestion.

I finally went to a decent allergist (after years of thinking I should) and learned that I'm allergic to roaches and dust mites; we don't have roaches but we do have a lot of dust, given all the books and all the cats, so I guess that's a good reason to change my sheets weekly, have the sainted Angela over to clean the house monthly, and maybe get an air purifier for my room. I could also get allergy shots but there's no guarantee they'll help, I hate injections, and it just seems like more than I can emotionally cope with right now. Ask me again when I've slept.

Still not caught up on sleep post-RWA. Hoping to fix that this week.


Being good partners )


J went out of town for a week. Every day he was gone, Alex got more and more vocal and unhappy and lonely and affectionate. When he came back Alex glued himself to J and would not leave his side until J went to bed and shut the door. Then Alex plunked down sadly outside J's room, looking woefully at me every time I walked by. Apparently he has decided that he's J's cat. J wasn't consulted about this but doesn't appear to be displeased. He still gets to pick our next cat. :)

The cats are generally getting along very well. There's still occasional chasing and swatting and hissing, but you know, they're cats. Sam and Sophie generally hang out on X's bed all day, grudgingly managing to get within a foot or two of each other. Alex sleeps in my room at night, up on top of the dresser; Sam sleeps on my bed or windowsill.

We still have no idea how they'll all react to the appearance of a baby. We'll figure that out when it happens, I guess.


Baby prep )


And because I totally needed a new side gig while all this is going on:

Introducing Reading While Cooking! [ profile] mrbelm and I are collaborating on this literary and culinary advice column. Submit a request with your preferences and restrictions, and we'll recommend books and recipes for you. The first post went up today and we plan to do at least one a month, maybe more.

We're very grateful to the people who have put requests in our queue, since we couldn't really do an advice column without people who want advice. If you want some tasty things to read and eat, send us a request!

It's the first time I've tried using Patreon; so far we have one backer who's pledging a whole $2 per post. :) But it's a start. If we're not profitable by the end of the year, we'll probably consider the project a glorious failed experiment--as so many books and recipes are--and move on to something else. In the meantime, we're having fun.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 03:41 pm
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Little girl/Dot turns SIX.

It is also Lammas.

The wheel of the year turns.

Are you ready for change?
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via at August 02, 2015 at 02:30AM:

~ The Ladies’ Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners; or, Miss Leslie’s Behaviour Book, a Guide and Manual for Ladies, by Eliza Leslie, 1864
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via at August 02, 2015 at 01:45AM:

The evolution from Edwin to The Vision

For the amazing vislon

Good things

Aug. 2nd, 2015 12:49 am
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1. I've really enjoyed seeing my pals lately. I went to the cheap seats to see Mad Max (for the 3rd time); saw some friends and acquaintances at Comics Club today, and saw the film Mr. Holmes yesterday. Gabby is back in town which is great.

2. I got an awesome haircut which was a collaboration between Jesse and my neighbor Devyn, both of whom own clippers.

3. I read Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley and loved it. It features a talented, flawed woman as the main character. Katie is the main chef at a successful restaurant called Seconds, where she also lives. She wants to strike out on her own with a new restaurant, but is having trouble with that venture. Her ex-boyfriend is hanging around and things are awkward. When a young co-worker gets in an accident, party due to Katie's negligence, a house spirit appears and gives her the opportunity to fix it. Katie then gets addicted to fixing all the mistakes she can, and things start to go bad. This book is funny, charming, affecting. I loved it.
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Took forever for me to finish, but in response to a friend, at long last:

How To Decorate

Final phase: Now. Where to put the furniture...?

So you know what you're going to do in your place. You know what you need to be comfortable. And you know the styles you like. And as synedochic suggested I've listed official "designer" terms to make those styles searchable.

Now it's time to draw your layout and decide where to put your furniture.

1 - Measure your place. (Oh! And measure your larger pieces of furniture.)
2 - Now sketch the shape of your place (on graph paper if you like), marking the length of each wall.
3 - From the list of what you want to do in your place (eat, sleep, read, entertain, exercise, tap dance), pencil in areas for each of those activities. Draw a circle demarking the areas for each activity and label them.
4 - Then draw where, within those areas, what you already own will go (consider first things like, oh, grand pianos that can only go in one or two spots).

A drawing helps you use your space intelligently.

Read more... )

Pencil in areas for each of your planned activities from phase one.

Read more... )

The graph paper helps you see the space as fluid.

Read more... )

What are you going to use to shape the room?

Read more... )

Pick your colors according to the mood you want to create.

Read more... )

Now place (draw) furniture in the activity areas according to what works for your activities.

Read more... )

Consider line of sight.

Read more... )
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...oh, I. Uh. I never posted about this one.


Yeah, I'll just leave this here. We never have to speak of it, it's fine.

Now That the War Is Through with Me (810 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes
Additional Tags: Mercy Killing, HYDRA Trash Party, hydratrashmeme, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat

"I know your creed. You should go outside now."

To Clear Up Misunderstandings

Aug. 1st, 2015 09:45 pm
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Coyote Jones was kind enough to notify me that she was going to take Skype drama to her blog. Therefore, I'll provide the following documents.

I have lost any respect for you. Not that I had much to begin with because you keep harping on about the situation with mobius and how I was "way over the line".

You don't even know the full situation, yet you and the others ganged up on me. Not cool. Seriously, and with sincerity, go fuck yourself, you narcissistic wannabe guru. Don't let the door hit your ego on the way out.

You victim-blaming troll. YOU, of all people, try to assert dominance over me? LOL. I will never, ever think well of you. I never have. When I found your DW profile last year, I thought, oh, what bullshit. So it is today.

Fuck you. Up the ass with broken glass.

I'm blocking you, power-hungry troll. Good riddance.

Swiftpaw, Quil, and WatchingWolf could easily tear you a new one. They don't need the were community, and neither do I. 90% of you are full of shit. You can't see it because your eyes and throat are clogged with shit. You live, breathe, and swim in shit. You are shit.

I'm copying and pasting everything to my blog, as always. Enjoy.

And go fuck yourself.

The former is the Skype log. The latter is a PM she sent to me on the Werelist.
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The poll has been polled, the numbers counted, and the results for August are: Fae Apoc

The Faerie Apocalypse is the broader universe in which Addergoole and Doomsday Academy are set, the brief premise of which is that fae-like creatures with magical powers walk among us and, in 2011, they enter into a massive war with other fae-like creatures, triggering an apocalypse which wipes 90% of humanity (and fae) off the globe.

Its landing page is here:

As always, I will write the following Patreon stories:

$5 level - a Patron-only microfiction (or, in this case, micro-continuation)

$20 level - a Patron-only flash fiction (or about 750-1250 words of continuation)

$30 level - if I gain any $7+ Patrons, they may prompt for a private continuation.

And, if we get up to $40 (one more $5 Patron & one $1 Patron! or 6 more $1 Patrons!), then we can talk about the Patreon Serial!!

Check out my Patreon here -

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see in fae apoc!

Cya talks to her Father (again)

Aug. 1st, 2015 10:52 pm
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After the series of letters [here] and a visit to Cya's son Vidrou, Enion (Cya's father) attempts to make amends with his daughter via letter. Eventually he succeeds well enough that she decides to try talking to him one more time.

She packed a bag.

She didn't need to; she was teleporting to the area, and returning, she assumed, within a few hours.

But there was a certain feeling of parallel that she couldn't ignore, and so Cya packed a go-bag. Clothes, easy to hand-wash and line-dry. Medical supplies. Two days' food. A source of fire, an emergency blanket... pencils and a notepad.

On a day over a hundred years ago, she had packed a very similar bag. She'd done so countless times since, for herself, for children and grandchildren and great-great-great-great grandchildren, Kept and students and friends.
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August 1

Aug. 2nd, 2015 02:59 am
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I wrote today!

Fortuity, thy name is Happenstance

Aug. 1st, 2015 06:51 pm
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I have leftovers in the fridge: some coconut milk, and a few grilled koftas. I thought I might curry them together, but I went poking about in the freezer to see if there was any kind of lamb curry there that I could use as a base.

What I found is labelled "Kofta Coconut Curry: Wants Koftas".

Oh. Okay, then.

It's kinda weird, finding Past-Me suddenly at my elbow with offerings to what was Future-Me back then.

remember me when i'm gone

Aug. 1st, 2015 06:51 pm
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It's getting on to two years since John died.

There've been some changes in my life recently that I like to think would have made him happy for me. One was the adoption of Ferdinand, my wee kitten. The other was moving to Poplarville and getting a house. (I really have to get those pictures up on this journal.)

I like to think that he'd come up and help with the cleaning and make it funny and joke a lot, cause that's how he was. He'd also know all the secrets to getting a kitten trained to not treat your fingers as toys. Then we'd go to the BBQ place here in town and gorge ourselves silly on the best BBQ in the area.

I like thinking that it would be pleasing to him that his little sister was having a good life and was happy. Even if the hall bathroom should be condemned for health violations. (He'd probably paint a biohazard sign on the door, knowing him.)

I still notice shopping buggies in random places because of him.

Pain is mostly gone. Sore, but not sharp. It will probably never go away.
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200 descendants.

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So I'm home, and some House fic news

Aug. 1st, 2015 05:54 pm
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 Indianapolis was ... I saw almost none of it. I mostly saw the freeways, which felt weirdly oversized to me. 

What I did see, reminded me of places in Florida where they've cleared the trees, paved everything and put up strip malls and hospitals and big commercial buildings and it's just not all that enticing; but to be fair I only saw areas around that ring of interstate, and not the older parts within. 

In one of those ugly strip malls near my hotel, I found an unassuming little Thai place that turned out to be tiny, charming, and really, really good. 

The event went well, I had fun, and I'm now so tired.

In other news, Nightdog and I have finished a follow-up fic to her <i>Kingdom Come</i>, and I will be posting that to my journal. Wondering if I should do it now or wait until Monday when, I have learned, more people seem to goof around online when at work. 

Gencon, interim report

Aug. 1st, 2015 02:12 pm
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Story: Ecstasies Innumerable

Aug. 1st, 2015 05:01 pm
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Ecstasies innumerable
by Te
August 1, 2015

Disclaimers: Not mine, except for what is.

Spoilers/Timeline: A few mostly vague mentions of things which happened pre-series. Takes place in an AU-ized pre-series.

Summary: Athos looks down at him with a *quirked* look on his face.


"You wish to have this conversation on your knees?"

Aramis smiles. "My brother, I would spend my *life* on my knees to the worthy if I could."

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content which dovetails quite neatly with the content some readers may find to be disturbing. More and more spoilery warnings in the tags on AO3. Unusually for me, some of the kinks and triggers I tag for are, I'd say, *extremely* spoilery for some scenes. Therefore I'd say that, if you're the kind of reader who is generally okay with going in blind even if it means exposing yourself to potentially triggery content? You *might* want to give those tags a miss. Alternately, if avoiding triggery content is a BFD for you? PLEASE READ THOSE TAGS THOROUGHLY. PLEASE.

Author's Note: I no longer know who or what planted the idea for Incubus!Aramis in my head, but bless them. My favorite AUs will always include the ones where there 'should' be massive changes in the character(s), but there really just aren't, and it's hard to go wrong with Incubus!Aramis for that.

Acknowledgments: Much love to Pixie, Spice, Houndstar, Melly, Greyandgold, Melissa, and, of course, the best of Jacks for audiencing, encouragement, thrown projectiles, screaming, judgment, sending me to the corner to think about what I'd done, and petting.

Length: ~91K

Sto-ry! Sto-ry! Sto-ry!

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