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Poem: "Thorny Paths"

May. 25th, 2015 03:11 pm
ysabetwordsmith: (paladins)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This poem is spillover from the May 19, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] ellenmillion and [personal profile] zeeth_kyrah. It also fills the "war" square in my 5-18-15 card for the [community profile] origfic_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles. It belongs to the series Path of the Paladins.

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Amazon Author Pages

May. 25th, 2015 12:38 pm
annathepiper: (Aubrey Orly?)
[personal profile] annathepiper

Theory has it that it’s a good idea to have an Amazon Author Page. So since I write under two different names, I have two different Amazon Author Pages! I went ahead and claimed “Angela Highland” as my pen name, which necessitated the following chain of communication:

Me to Amazon: Hey Amazon, I’m Angela Highland too!
Amazon to Me: Okay, we’ll have to clear this with your publisher.
Amazon to Carina: Hey, is this her?
Carina to Me: Amazon pinged us, is this your email address?
Me to Carina: Yep, that’s me!
Carina to Amazon: Yep, that’s her!
Amazon to Me: Fabulous. Here, have an Author page.

There’s my original Author Page for Angela Korra’ti, and the new one for Angela Highland. Those are both easy ways to look up my work if you want to buy any title for the Kindle, or the audio edition of Valor of the Healer. Feel free to bookmark these for your own reference, or if you know Kindle people who might like my stuff, point ’em at the links, mmkay?

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Poem: "Such Strong Needs"

May. 25th, 2015 03:50 am
ysabetwordsmith: (paladins)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This poem is from the May 19, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] rix_scaedu and LJ user The_vulture. It also fills the "prostitution" square in my 7-31-14 card for the [community profile] hc_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the series Path of the Paladins.

Warning: This poem contains references to prostitution and to past sexual assault. If these are touchy topics for you, consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

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ysabetwordsmith: Cartoon of me in Wordsmith persona (Default)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This story belongs to the series Love Is For Children which includes "Love Is for Children," "Hairpins," "Blended," "Am I Not," "Eggshells," "Dolls and Guys,""Saudades," "Querencia," "Turnabout Is Fair Play," "Touching Moments," "Splash," "Coming Around," "Birthday Girl," "No Winter Lasts Forever," "Hide and Seek," "Kernel Error," "Happy Hour," "Green Eggs and Hulk," "kintsukuroi," "Little and Broken, but Still Good," "Up the Water Spout," "The Life of the Dead," and "Anahata."

Fandom: The Avengers
Characters: Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanova, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, JARVIS, Tony Stark.
Medium: Fiction
Warnings: Public surveillance (consensual on the part of the main characters). Mention of past trauma with lingering symptoms of PTSD. Current environment is safe. Shyness. Nausea.
Summary: Steve coaxes Bruce and Bucky to go out running with him. Later on, there is Game Night.
Notes: Hurt/comfort. Family. Fluff and angst. Coping skills. Exercise. Healthy touch. Asking for help and getting it. Hope. Tony takes things apart. Nonsexual ageplay. Nonsexual intimacy. Caregiving. Competence. Toys and games. Gentleness. Trust. #coulsonlives

Begin with Part 1.

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How is it Sunday already?

May. 24th, 2015 11:17 pm
archangelbeth: Bleary-eyed young woman peers up, pillow obscuring the lower half of her face. Text reads: SO not a morning person. (So Not A Morning Person)
[personal profile] archangelbeth
Got to bed WAY LATE because Percy decided to sleep on my lap, interspersed with licking my hand cutely.

I... apparently really missed having a lap cat. *sigh*

Havva Quote
My former employer and I had a falling out. I wanted to end our association, and he wanted to kill me.
--the Orion Marta, upon being asked, "Why did the Klingons capture you?" in Star Trek Online, Federation plotline.

(I did a lot of STO today. And while I am rather tired of the Fake Vulcan Ambassador episodes, there is one bright spot: Vulcan Traffic Control going, "Welcome to Vulcan. Please... ehn-joi ...your stay." Like "enjoy" is this excessively foreign word that can only be spoken by some kind of rote syllabic repetition, and she has to consult her notes any time it comes up to remember how to pronounce it.)

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Poem: "Ink"

May. 24th, 2015 10:06 pm
ysabetwordsmith: (paladins)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This poem came out of the May 19, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer, [personal profile] eseme, and [personal profile] chordatesrock. It also fills the "getting a tattoo or piercing" square in my 12-20-14 card for the Rites of Passage Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the series Path of the Paladins.

Warning: This poem contains detailed descriptions of body modification and altered states of awareness.  Consider your tastes and headspace before reading onward.

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solarbird: (molly-content)
[personal profile] solarbird

The Raptor has this huge cargo area in two-seater mode, larger than that of all but the largest SUVs. It’s also got a three-seat mode, which might actually be useful, as well as four and five (if one person is small) modes. Three-seat mode will be particularly useful for Leannan Sidhe gigs, since that’s usually a three-person band, and we’ll still have quite decent room for cargo in that configuration.

The vehicle comes with a cargo-area tray for all-seats configuration (again, in theory five, really four adults), but you can’t even buy something specifically made for two-seat mode. Even most universal cargo-area liners simply aren’t big enough, which is hilarious – all these SUV toys being too small for my Honda Fit Raptor, lol – but I found a one that was, and stared modifying it.

Pictures below the break…

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another tiny mobile change

May. 24th, 2015 04:59 pm
solarbird: boring bit (boring bit)
[personal profile] solarbird

I’ve set up a redirect so that mobile users going to the front page from outside the site will, by default, go to the mobile version. But unlike with the blog (where I can’t do this because reasons), you can actually and properly exit to the desktop view – there’s a link at the bottom of the mobile page to do it.

It’s the same mobile version as the one you’d get by default if you went to the blog on mobile, so there’s not really much new. But I didn’t want to have to add a “go to mobile” link on the front page or anything, so this seemed like an adequate solution for now.

Anyway, if you’re curious:


Forced desktop:

Mobile front page:

That’s not perfect because the mobile front page will be shown as a desktop blog page but with mobile content if you go there from desktop, because again reasons.

Next version won’t do that sort of foolishness, but that can wait a couple of years – I hope!

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Panning for Gold: Beyond Eyes

May. 24th, 2015 04:21 pm
dialecticdreamer: My work (Default)
[personal profile] dialecticdreamer
First, the strange header, “Panning for Gold.” It's a way to announce an interesting crowdfunding project without using the word in the header, which I've reserved for the last year for shout-outs to DW projects and signal boosts.

Second, the frequency. I honestly wish I could write a post every single day about some amazing way to crowdsource data, or make new toys (thanks for the <>LINK, Ysabetwordsmith!), among dozens of other categories. Instead, I'm going to suggest one interesting project each month among all the grit and dirt and cloudy water available on the 'net.

Hence, Panning for Gold.

Now, to this month's beautiful, weighty nugget: a video game entitled “Beyond Eyes.”
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Story: "Touching Scenes"

May. 24th, 2015 02:35 pm
ysabetwordsmith: (Schrodinger's Heroes)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This story came out of the May 2015 Creative Jam. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer. It also fills the "healthy touch" square in my 5-2-15 card for the Wellness Toolbox Bingo fest. This story belongs to the Don't Try This at Home series of Schrodinger's Heroes.

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Done this week (20150516Sa - 23Sa)

May. 24th, 2015 11:49 am
mdlbear: the positively imaginary half of a cubic mandelbrot set (Default)
[personal profile] mdlbear

Rough week, mostly. Especially from Sunday through Tuesday; Naomi speculated that I may have been fighting off a bug. It's also possible that it was due to hypoglycemia or something else. Colleen's health is better, so that's something. The recent changes are, finally, working.

Curio's weight is back up -- almost to where the vet said it should be -- and I've been getting some good cat therapy from him and Desti. Cricket, though, has been a little escape artist. We're having to make sure she's locked up if more than one person tries to go out.

My workgroup is moving, so I worked from home Thursday and Friday -- that helps. I'm not enjoying work much, though; that's a problem.

Form CC-305 OMB Control Number 1250-0005 [pdf] "Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability" came by at work, and it lists major depression under "Disabilities include, but are not limited to". So (after sleeping on it) I checked the damned box. The label says "YES, I HAVE A DISABILITY (or previously had a disability)", so it doesn't matter whether I can handle it now. Not clear that I can, really. The label on the box is amusingly reminiscent of "Are you now or have you ever been..." -- which I guess is one of the reasons I hesitated.

Links in the notes.

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May. 24th, 2015 09:50 am
kyrielle: A photo of kyrielle, in profile, turned slightly toward the viewer (Default)
[personal profile] kyrielle
Drew is feeling better this morning and no fever at all.

Yesterday, while Scott watched the boys, I did some needed basic shopping and went to the Japanese Garden. Alas, I didn't make sure I had the memory card for my camera with me (AUGH!). I got some pretty good photos with my phone, though. Wish I could have tried the same photos with the camera.

I am done with the Ridiculous Week of Sous Vide cooking. We have lots of stuff prepped and frozen for future thaw/heat/sear/serve cycles. I am happy about that. Also happy about the results I'm getting in general.

I think I may have to cave and buy a Wii U. Our Wii is starting to have problems reading its discs...any discs. I was tempted when it first came out, but there's not a lot "extra" that I wanted...however, working? That's an EXCELLENT additional feature. :P

Way before I worry about that, I need to plan the meal sequence for the week, and also swing by the library and return the videos. Late fees for videos are nothing to laugh at. :P
ysabetwordsmith: Cartoon of me in Wordsmith persona (Default)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
If you've been following my Love Is For Children series, you may have noticed that it started out with shorter stories and then got into longer ones as the characterization and plot threads built up. Part of that happened due to getting great ideas from reader input and weaving it in, when I should have taken some of those ideas and made separate smaller stories of them. This is a problem, because it's much easier for me to start things than to finish them. I bogged down on the series because I wound up with stories bigger than I can readily finish. I have a rule about not posting things until they are finished, for precisely that reason. I've been frustrated at having a bunch of stuff written that I can't do anything with. But I do better with shorter things and I'm okay at threading them together to make a longer storyline out of those pieces. So I have decided to try picking apart the big stories into pieces of more manageable size. After all, fanfic is where I experiment and make mistakes and try radical new solutions. Basically, I'm redefining what "finished" means, in the interest of being able to share at least some of what I've already written rather than leave it sitting around. Also Dreamwidth has allegedly made longer posts feasible so I'm testing that too. We'll see how well that works.

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OPINION- Ireland's Resolution

May. 23rd, 2015 09:08 pm
dialecticdreamer: My work (Default)
[personal profile] dialecticdreamer
I wanted to talk about marriage equality, and for the first time, I'm going to rely entirely on connections to fiction, movies, or television supplied by my readers.

The situation: Two different beliefs are in conflict. One might even say “at war,” but valiant and determined Good Guys have faced their enemies and “won.”

What happens next?
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So. Much. Fanfic. Writing.

May. 23rd, 2015 11:17 pm
archangelbeth: Woman doing a zombie "braaaaains" pose (Braaains!)
[personal profile] archangelbeth
I tried to make a push to finish it, and have... gotten a lot closer! *headdesk* I forget what it was last, but right now it's at 37K and if my characters keep being chatty it's gonna be 40K before I'm done. Or at least once I start adding notes about what headcanon I'm using and stuff like that.

...I want to finish it SO MUCH. *cry*

(For one thing, I want to watch more episodes of Enterprise, but if I do that before I finish the dang thing, I will fall down the rabbithole of Endless Revisions, and dadgummit, this is SELF INDULGENT FANFIC. I am going to wallow in it, no matter how out of character things might turn out to be in subsequent episodes. O:p )

Havva Quote
I have a feeling that this is where Zack will spend most of his time, watching the road and guarding us from all comers. He'll probably be disappointed--we won't get too much traffic. Still, he can keep a sharp eye out for rogue squirrels.


...the druid squirrels are even worse.

*removes kitten from trying to eat the computer cord* NO. ...he sulks noisily. Like a tiny furry Darth Vader.
*watches him come over and try to eat the OTHER laptop cord* NO. *puts him on the other side of the chair, by the scruff* *watches him sulk*
*repeats again*

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Memorial Day from the Horse's Mouth

May. 23rd, 2015 08:25 pm
ysabetwordsmith: Cartoon of me in Wordsmith persona (Default)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
If you're trying to help a group of people, or honor a cause, to which you do not personally belong then start by asking for their input. Here are some ideas from veterans about how to observe Memorial Day. In light of that ...

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Poem: "Who Gives of Himself"

May. 23rd, 2015 08:12 pm
ysabetwordsmith: (paladins)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This poem came out of the May 19, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer. It also fills the "outnumbered" square in my 5-18-15 card for the [community profile] origfic_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the series Path of the Paladins.

"Who Gives of Himself"
-- a ghazal

Shahana explains to Ari as they gather with others to pray,
"To be a saint of Gailah requires one who gives of himself."

Along with Gailah's old Tevorn is Diawn's younger Madralay,
Who says, "I ain't fancy, but I'm someone who gives of himself."

The middle-aged man who serves Syvera has gone as gray
as the paint horse he rides, yet still stands to give of himself.

The service of Zyweet the Trickster is not so easy a play,
But one woman turns aside the plaint and gives of herself.

Ligia's seer is light of tongue as the birds that wing by the way,
Twittering of the taint she has seen, so she gives of herself.

The scholar who looks to Plumere soon holds them all in sway,
Weaving complaint on complaint to reveal how he gives of himself.

Talaton's own nods her head at the news, tilts the balance away,
and says, "How quaint. Who will dance with me as I give of myself?"

A smith of Barzay holds out her hand. "I'll take that roundelay,"
she says, "and acquaint you with the steps I give of myself."

Yasun has sent a healer to join the row of talents upon display,
who frowns at violence, but shows restraint, and gives of himself.

But one is outnumbered, uncounted by the officiant on this day --
There is in their company no saint of Gorrein who gives of himself.

* * *


You can read more about the ghazal form online.

A saint is someone who epitomizes the tenets of their religion, so the qualifications vary somewhat from one tradition to another.  For all the fuss and bother some religions make of them, saints actually tend to lead rather quiet lives.  The Jewish concept of tzadikim  reflects this.

Google's time warp

May. 23rd, 2015 05:15 pm
thnidu: Mirrorverse bearded Mr. Spock, I FIND YOUR LACK OF LOGIC DISTURBING. lj:stevemb's variant of icon by lj:madfilkentist (logic)
[personal profile] thnidu
Google Europe Blog
Our views on the Internet and society
Friday, May 8, 2015

70 years on: remembering the end of World War II

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. As time passes, and memories fade, it’s important to remember both the sacrifices made and the remarkable stories of the period. ...

1 comment:
May 10, 2015 at 2:21 AM
Seventy years ago, "The end of World War II". That would be May 8, 1945.
Funny about that. As I remember— from history, not in my own lifetime but not long before—
• World War II was a **WORLD** war, not just a European war.
• The US dropped the first atomic bomb used in war on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, and the second one on Nagasaki three days later, August 9.
Quoting from Wikipedia:
Victory over Japan Day (also known as Victory in the Pacific Day, V-J Day, or V-P Day) is a name chosen for the day on which Japan surrendered, in effect ending World War II, and subsequent anniversaries of that event. The term has been applied to both of the days on which the initial announcement of Japan's surrender was made – to the afternoon of August 15, 1945, in Japan, and, because of time zone differences, to August 14, 1945 (when it was announced in the United States and the rest of the Americas and Eastern Pacific Islands) – as well as to September 2, 1945, when the signing of the surrender document occurred, officially ending World War II.

Poem: "Acts of Desperation"

May. 23rd, 2015 03:18 pm
ysabetwordsmith: (paladins)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This poem is from the May 19, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] chordatesrock. It also fills the "desperate" square in my 5-18-15 card for the [community profile] origfic_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the series Path of the Paladins, and is a direct sequel to "Grit and Grace" so you'll need to read that one first. For Nahum's perspective of the aftermath, see "Its Very Existence."

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Scrabbling for Language

May. 23rd, 2015 02:28 pm
ysabetwordsmith: Cartoon of me in Wordsmith persona (Default)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
My partner Doug sent me this article about the new Official Scrabble Dictionary. My thoughts ...

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Read "Peace Ties" by Dialecticdreamer

May. 23rd, 2015 01:31 am
ysabetwordsmith: Damask smiling over their shoulder (polychrome)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
You can now read the story "Peace Ties" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer, in which Heron searches for more ways to help Mallory and introduces her to some of his family.  Begin with Part 1

Actual Friday

May. 23rd, 2015 12:27 am
archangelbeth: A WoW white lion going "boo." Above: Is mine please, the surprise-lion. (SurpriseLion)
[personal profile] archangelbeth
Which was, for kid, pretty much a day of rest and goofing off and hopefully recharging her spoons.

I have managed to get a bit more momentum going on fanfic -- still have to figure out a bit more Awesome for everyone -- and whilst I was doing so, was sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting room while kid did horn lesson... and it did bad things to my rump. I was getting shooting pains in my sacrum area after I got up, and of course I had to carry the kid's horn down... um, basically one and a half flights of stairs, or thereabouts. Fortunately, I made it to the car. Carefully. And then sitting in a regular chair at home has helped. Still. OW.

Meanwhile, spouse spent a chunk of time with his uncle waiting for the furnace people to come repair said furnace. (Does anyone want a 350K or thereabouts house in MA?)

Havva Quote
This is the front of the house and will be the wall of the guest room, assuming that any of our friends will still come to visit us now that we live in the far north.

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Story: "Not Going Away Soon"

May. 22nd, 2015 11:16 pm
ysabetwordsmith: Cartoon of me in Wordsmith persona (Default)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Recently we watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, which turned out a lot better than I expected. However, there were certain things that bugged the crap out of me, and one of them was Black Widow's outfit. It distracted me through the entire movie, it was so illogical. Therefore I decided to deal with this by explaining how that could actually make sense. It doesn't belong to any of my ongoing series, just a stand-alone fixit because stupid things irritate me.

Mild spoilers for AoU. Direct references back to Iron Man 2.  Maladaptive coping skills. Tony expresses his emotions by making things for people. Natasha has boundary issues. And Clint is just adorable.

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psychedelic antique van

May. 23rd, 2015 12:10 am
thnidu: cat staring out at you, photoshopped into wild colors (Pow Wow cat)
[personal profile] thnidu
Yes, this baby really has an ANTIQUE VEHICLE license plate. The inside is pretty cool, too — the owner invited me to view and capture it — but it was too dark to show up well, and flash reflecting off the windows would've been a mess.

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Lose the stereotypes

May. 23rd, 2015 12:03 am
thnidu: cat staring out at you, photoshopped into wild colors (Pow Wow cat)
[personal profile] thnidu

Dig the bumper stickers. (License plate redacted for privacy.)
800px wide )
thnidu: 13 horizontal stripes, blue and white; 50 stars in the same layout as US flag, red on white and white on blue. By me. (Glory Variation #1)
[personal profile] thnidu
hat-tip to [ profile] james_nicoll, this post


by Hunter S. Thompson

"And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird."

---Revelation 18:2

Richard Nixon is gone now, and I am poorer for it. He was the real thing -- a political monster straight out of Grendel and a very dangerous enemy. He could shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time. He lied to his friends and betrayed the trust of his family. Not even Gerald Ford, the unhappy ex-president who pardoned Nixon and kept him out of prison, was immune to the evil fallout. Ford, who believes strongly in Heaven and Hell, has told more than one of his celebrity golf partners that "I know I will go to hell, because I pardoned Richard Nixon."

I have had my own bloody relationship with Nixon for many years, but I am not worried about it landing me in hell with him. I have already been there with that bastard, and I am a better person for it. Nixon had the unique ability to make his enemies seem honorable, and we developed a keen sense of fraternity. Some of my best friends have hated Nixon all their lives. My mother hates Nixon, my son hates Nixon, I hate Nixon, and this hatred has brought us together.

Nixon laughed when I told him this. "Don't worry," he said, "I, too, am a family man, and we feel the same way about you."

Click headline for the whole gonzo thing.

The Manuscript IS DONE

May. 22nd, 2015 06:04 pm
commodorified: I'm sure I'm sorry but the number of people gone mad in the street is particularly excessive (madness of crowds)
[personal profile] commodorified
Done, dusted, tied up in a bow. Poked with a fork. Emailed to [personal profile] graydon with strict instructions to ignore me when I email him at 3am with ONE MORE THING.


Please feel free to provide Wild Rumpus and Shenanigans of a celebratory nature in comments. Pictures of sheep and pangolins particularly welcome.


May. 22nd, 2015 09:44 pm

Who does dev work on iOS out there?

May. 22nd, 2015 12:43 pm
annathepiper: (Final Test)
[personal profile] annathepiper

For any of you developer types who have to work with iOS, I have a question for you!

Namely: Apple has this new system that asks sites to use links if they want to direct people to the App Store for a company or app. So for example, we have which takes you to all the stuff in the iOS app store by Big Fish Games.

My question is this: what if you’re not on the US app store on your device? According to this article on the Apple Developer site, in theory what’s supposed to happen is that you get redirected to the app store for your country. But what I don’t know is whether this is actually the case, and what sort of magic Apple might be doing to actually make that determination.

On one of our test devices at work, I just tried to set its app store to German, but found that I still went to a list of English apps if I hit that link in Safari. I don’t know if is doing some form of geoIP checking or what.

Anybody able to enlighten me one way or another?

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About the Bandleader

Jan. 1st, 2015 12:01 am
solarbird: (music)
[personal profile] solarbird

Dara Korra’ti – a.k.a. the supervillain Solarbird, the Lightbringer – wasn’t yet a musician when the world changed underneath her. She had been a published genetics researcher, a software developer for a certain… Monopolistic company… of yore, and had a little art career going on the side; she was arty, but not a musician. She likes to say that she didn’t change, the world did – but that’s not entirely true, now, is it?

It started with the flutes, or more correctly, with the flutemaking. Dara was a registered combat flutemaker in Cascadia, which was in fact an actual registry that actually existed. But the Seattle-based Newfoundland folk band Three Good Measures – so called because at first that was how many good measures they could get out in a row – started having sessions at her household, Anna said, “hey, Dara, you make flutes, you should play, too.”

Three Good Measures weren’t going to go anywhere, and in fact didn’t. But out of the wreckage of that group came the bands Xander, The Popular Monsters, Twelve Good Measures, and – at the urging of fellow musician Alexander James Adams – Dara’s group, Crime and the Forces of Evil.

The four-track studio demo Sketchy Characters spawned offers of sponsorship towards producing studio full-length album, Dick Tracy Must Die, and after that came the Tumblr favourite “Kaiju Meat,” the piracy-and-revolution live-in-studio album Cracksman Betty, and the new album for 2015, Bone Walker: The Free Court of Seattle Original Soundtrack.

While the band has largely remained a studio phenomenon, Dara has played solo shows from Cumberland, Vancouver Island, BC south to Redmond, Oregon, and travelled and performed as far east as Toronto, Ontario and Boston, Massachusetts. One time, she got brought up as a surprise addition by performers during Festival Mémoire et Racines in Joliette, Quebec, and she’s sung in chorus for both the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

She thinks that’s pretty cool. Particularly for a supervillain.

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solarbird: (molly go (about to punch))
[personal profile] solarbird
Focus on the Family's Family Research Council - Focus's anti-gay officially political wing, as opposed to their anti-gay officially-not-political core wing - finally got around to taking confessed child molester Josh Duggar's Executive Director position page offline.

How nice for them. Let's make sure things aren't forgot.

Confessed child molester Josh Duggar of the Family Research Council
(click to see full size)
solarbird: (korra-smug)
[personal profile] solarbird

It’s been a while since I posted a flower picture, so here y’go. This was taken on a hillside above the Oregon coast.

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Fiction: Peace Ties (part 5 of 5)

May. 22nd, 2015 07:46 am
dialecticdreamer: My work (Default)
[personal profile] dialecticdreamer
Peace Ties
By Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
Part 5 of 5
word count:1584

:: Part of the Finn Family series, in the Polychrome Heroics universe. Takes place after Ysabetwordsmith's “Murder Salad” and before her “A Canvas for Reinvention”::

Back to Part FOUR
To the Index
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“Well, we've got almost forty minutes before they toss us out,” Simon mused as he rolled to a stop beside one of the few empty tables in the museum's food court. “Did you have fun?”

“I loved it. I think we walked through every exhibit but the one for preschoolers.” Mallory nudged the chair out of Simon's way as he carried the tray of snacks , with Heron pushing his uncle's wheelchair through the crowded food court in the museum. Despite having half a dozen tables marked with inobtrusive blue symbols for wheelchair access, the crowd of visitors had filled most of the tables. She glared at a particularly rowdy group of teens taking up a trio of accessible tables.
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May 2015 One Card Draw!

May. 22nd, 2015 07:25 am
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Name of Day: May 2015 One Card Draw!

Description of Service: Leave a comment to the DW or LJ pages and I'll draw a card for you. You can ask a specific question or simply ask what the Universe wants you to pay attention to. Please note in your request if you'd like your reading screened or given in PM.

Who is Eligible: Anyone and everyone can get a card during the open window. All who request a card are eligible to win a free reading worth $15.

Date/Time Window: 0900-1700 Pacific Daylight Time [PDT] on 22 May 2015 ONLY [countdown].

Tipping? Tips/donations are welcome, but not required. Note :: Donation perks are available.

Examples: DW free reading tag & LJ free reading tag.

In other news

May. 22nd, 2015 01:41 am
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Rubbing a bit of antibiotic ointment - Polysporin or Neosporin or whatever - into your cuticles at night will give you shockingly healthy and attractive cuticles and nails. Works fast, too.

Complaint Bingo

May. 21st, 2015 09:37 pm
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I've got a Polychrome Heroics character, Ambrose, who works in the Omaha penitentiary. To keep people like Shiv from driving him completely up a wall, Ambrose and some of his coworkers play Complaint Bingo for prizes such as movie tickets. [personal profile] dialecticdreamer helped me make some sample cards ...

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Virtual Friday

May. 21st, 2015 10:27 pm
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So there's a teacher's workshop tomorrow (real Friday), and that means no school for students. Plus a long weekend, with Monday off. HOORAY. We need one.

I need to gird my loins and go back to finishing the darn fanfic. I've just had so little motivation to do anything but refresh Twitter endlessly. O:p

Have been reading some more of the Hugo stuff -- 3-body Problem does better in PDF (where the footnotes are right there) than in epub, where the poor app winds up grinding through large chunks of itself to find where the epub footnotes are hidden. Woe, woe. (It is not my first choice for winning, but it is well above No Award, being written and translated quite competently, and even though the SF is currently very low-key, the different cultural stuff is fascinating, too.)

Edit: Oh, hey, new dragcave dragons!

Havva Quote
Around him were numerous computers in various states of disarray. They had run out of table space and put a few workstations directly on the floor, where power cords and networking wires formed a tangled mess. Instead of being installed in racks, a bunch of routers were left haphazardly on top of the servers. Printer paper was scattered everywhere. A few projector screens stood in various corners of the room, sticking out at odd angles [...]. A cloud of smoke hovered over the room.... Wang Miao wasn't sure if this was the Battle Command Center, but he was sure of one thing: Whatever they were dealing with was too important for them to care about keeping up appearances.
--The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu

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Diversity Dolls

May. 21st, 2015 06:33 pm
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Check out these 3D-printed dolls with disabilities.

I am loving the one with the strawberry mark on her face.  I've just always had a fondness for that style of birthmark -- there used to be a bank teller around here who had one.  I have no idea why some people find skin variations so off-putting.  I love freckles too.  We like appaloosa ponies, why not people?  Sure, it's nice to have a doll that looks like you, but I would've gone for this just for the diversity factor.
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A medical/nursing/childbirth info site thread got infected by a pro-gam*rgat*r, so I was present when Bofa posted his law. Too bad it's too long to quote on Twitter verbatim.

Bofa's Law: If your defense of a group consists of "Not all of them are bad," there is something inherently flawed about the culture you are defending.

Must work harder to make that list.

"just to impress a boy"

May. 21st, 2015 11:24 am
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I've been reading a lot of Shit People Say to Women Directors, a tumblr blog on the deep and endemic sexism in the US film and television industry. It consists of things said to women trying to work in the industry, as is implied by the label on the tin, and it's pretty often pretty brutal.

And we all know how bad the sexism is in gaming, and more specifically, the computer gaming industry, which makes me think there ought to be another blog called Shit People Say To Women In Gaming. This anonymous post at The Trenches could be the first entry.

In mid-2011 I applied for a localization testing position in Birmingham, UK. I have 2 years of translation experience and plenty of good references, so I knew my chances were good (I want to be part of the industry and I don’t care which end I get in). I sent in my CV and received an email back on the same day with a date and time for a phone interview. I was through the roof, you have no idea how long I had been trying to get into the industry. ...

Interviewer: Look, madam, I will be frank with you, I don’t actually believe you want this job.
Me: (very stunned) No?
Interviewer: No, I don’t believe your interest in the gaming industry is genuine as a woman.

Go read the whole thing, it actually manages to get worse. And keep in mind: this is a testing position, one of the relative refuges for women in software, in recent years. Imagine the odds of getting a callback for a woman in dev.

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So it goes.

May. 21st, 2015 11:15 am
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I was going to have a nice long 5.5-day weekend after leaving just before noon Wednesday. That was my plan.

Drew ended up being home sick yesterday and today (so far: probably tomorrow as well) with a fever and a sore throat. Scott stayed with him until I got home from my last day on Wednesday. It does appear to be just an annoying cold - the rapid strep test was negative - but still, it's not quite the leisurely "wander about the Portland metro enjoying some of your favorite spots" I'd planned on. Instead I'm taking care of the house while I let him veg out to videos and relax. (I do have his homework, and he'll need to work on that in a bit, but I wanted to let the ibuprofen take effect and get some lunch in him, first.)

Still feels weird to not work there any more, but I'm very much looking forward to starting my new job on Tuesday.
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Couple more posts I've put up this week, since yet again, I'm having trouble crossposting from Wordpress over to Dreamwidth. The JournalPress plugin is getting increasingly old and cranky, I think.

And now, a rebuttal to my own rebuttal, which was a counterargument to On why tech companies drop support for older software

On whether loving SF/F makes us childish, in which, as you might guess, I have OPINIONS
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It's still early days, but doing all that mobile view work (and turning it back on once it was usable) seems to have had a pretty decent impact. Here are some stats from Google Analytics:



The bit in red is mobile; above that is desktop; below that is tablet. The tablet audience is surprisingly small; it's swamped by both desktop and phone. The "bounce" rate is the percentage of people who hit the site and only look at one page. The pages per visit is a mean, and includes the bouncers. The time-on-site thing I consider kind of unreliable, to be honest. (It's regularly internally contradictory within a single day, is why.)

Anyway, as you can see, phone users used to bounce off the site at a dramatically higher rate than other kinds of users; now they've moved into line with everyone else. Pages per visit on phone is up, time on site (unreliable tho' it may be) is also meaningfully up. Mobile users had been dragging the whole site average down; now it's back in line with other formats.

So I guess that mobile view is kind of important! In retrospect I guess that seems kind of obvious, but I tend to hate them personally, so I guess that kind of affected my impression of their value. I wish I'd done the work earlier, now. Ah, well, live and learn.

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Fiction: Peace Ties (part 4 of 5)

May. 21st, 2015 08:32 am
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Peace Ties
By Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
Part 4 of 5
word count:1053

:: Part of the Finn Family series, in the Polychrome Heroics universe. Takes place after Ysabetwordsmith's “Murder Salad” and before her “A Canvas for Reinvention”::

Back to Part THREE
To the Index
Forward to Part FIVE

Saturday morning began with a flurry of shouts from his housemates, making it impossible to sleep in. Heron got up, set his vidwatch alarm, and set to work cleaning his usually tidy room to something approaching “guest” standards. When his watch dinged, he was running his hands over the spines on a small stack of secondhand paperbacks, wavering between the two selections toward the top of the stack.

“Heron, some guy is here to see you!” Levant called at a volume which would make a Deaf person wince.
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