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The proofs for the album artwork arrived (in the form of links to monster JPEG and PDF files) early this evening, shortly before I left work. Apparently it takes several hours for it to work its way through the upload queue to their proof server.

Their prepress artist found about a dozen nits to pick, but they were all things [ profile] artbeco and I had discussed, and many of which we did on purpose. One comment strongly implied that said prepress artist wasn't old enough to have seen a punched card in the wild; the rest were almost certainly boilerplate.

So I told 'em to go anead and, as we say at the copier company where I work my day job, push the big green button. Fasten your seatbelts!

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No word from Oasis today, but my call this morning verified that the artwork has been received and is being scrutinized. Proofs are expected tomorrow, so my working hypothesis is that they haven't found any problems requiring attention from me or [ profile] artbeco. But still...

Showed the packaging mock-up to a couple of people at work today. It's very cool. Not clear how many people are going to read it carefully, but hopefully they'll at least find the link to the lyrics and other stuff on the web. If not, well, they'll always have Paris the album.

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Even as I type, an 80MB zip file with the artwork for Coffee, Computers, and Song is sitting on a server in New Jersey. The length matches, anyway; unfortunately they don't supply an MD5 hash. It took an hour and a half to upload over [ profile] artbeco's admittedly rather slow DSL line, so we had a good conversation and didn't really notice the time. We did it from her place so we could take care of any last-minute changes; there were a few of them, but not too many.

We'll find out tomorrow morning whether it came through OK; I'm not going to say it's done until I get the proofs back.

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Over the last couple of days the subject of album artwork has come up. I have heard rumors of artists scheming behind my back. Since this is a fairly specialized topic, I'm putting it over in [ profile] mdlbear_albums, in this post. There's also a little speculation about the next couple of albums. Comments, suggestions, etc. welcome.

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