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A lot of yesterday turned out to be spent on system administration, which on the whole was a good thing. I finally, though reluctantly, cancelled my account(s) at He was a great ISP back in the days of dialup, hacker-friendly, local, and technically savvy. But he was too small to offer DSL, and pretty expensive as a hosting provider. Everything's on Dreamhost now.

I also logged in on Network Solutions, only to find that the account consolidation I thought had been done a couple of years ago hadn't actually happened. It took me an hour or so on the phone to get it straightened out, but while I was at it I had the tech track down and consolidate my oldest account, with my original NIC handle of SS39. I am a happy bear -- last time they told me I couldn't get it back without access to the (now invalid) email address it was based on.

I also did a little practicing (at Colleen's request), and a little decluttering around the office, mostly of objects that weren't made of paper this time. That's next. It's amazing how quickly paper can pile up on any available horizontal surface.

Some good links, including the Behringer EUROLIVE B205D Active PA/Monitor Speaker which I saw at Starving Musician when I was out buying salmon for dinner. I decided not to buy one; one more mic preamp (it has two) and I probably would have. It would fit comfortably in my suitcase.

As it turns out, I really need afrin or some other strong decongestant in order to sleep well. Breathing helps for some reason.

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