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0421 We
  & up 3-4 times.  BPH.  :(
  * up 06:40; W=199.4; drugs, nose, teeth
  @ xkcd: Circuit Diagram Goodness!
  & called YD in sick again.
  @ Is Marriage Good for Your Health? - - @rowanf 
    short answer: yes.  Boosts the immune system considerably.  Conflict is bad.
  @ haikujaguar: Buildings
    "Driving home I realized that the process of writing affords me little
     pleasure—none, most of the time; I write to read the finished product. But
     the process of painting soothes and delights me, and there is great
     contentment in the smell of it and the touch and visceral feedback of
     brush and water and paint and paper. It's like meditation, if meditation
     can be gleeful. If I write for cerebral pleasure, then I draw to remind
     myself that I live in a body, and that sometimes that is a blessing. "
  @ Can Virtual Conferences Replace Real World Boondoggles?
  @ Escapist Website Mass Bans (Then Unbans And Guilts) Users Who Mention
    Adblock "if you've got ads on your website that are annoying your
    users, that is your fault -- not your users' fault." 
  @ HOWTO sneak Hitler onto YouTube - Boing Boing
  @ Space archaeologists! - Boing Boing
  @ The AMI Meeting Corpus is a multi-modal data set consisting of 100 hours
    of meeting recordings 
  @ YouTube - Embodied Social Proxies from Microsoft Research
    I don't remember offhand who first did this using a robot, but...
    see robodynamics, Anybot and Sparky for starters
  @ The Economist On Why Copyright Needs To Return To Its Roots
  & work: moved my feed aggregator off my main desktop.
  * practice:  Wheelin'  QV  2 Bears
    % my voice was in pretty decent shape, considering.
  ! still feeling down; overwhelmed
  * bed 11ish; snuggle

A mostly-ok day; got in some good practicing (AKA showing off, since Scott was there and hadn't heard any of the new stuff). I was a little surprised to find my voice operational for once.

I was still feeling down and overwhelmed in the evening, though, and didn't get much of anything done. We crashed early.

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