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0522 Sa
  * up 7:40; W=195.2; drugs, nose, teeth; laundry, dishes
  @ Selkit's Braintwitches - Coping with celiac disorder, month #3
    Several good tips for celiacs (*waves at Callie*)
  ~ 10ish try to get over to bank
  @ how metafilter saved two russian women from potential human trafficking
  * noon YD has a college interview - DeVry.  Tuition ~8K/16 wks
    She's enthusiastic; BS in business administration in < 3years
    Wondering whether/how I can possibly afford it.  After student loans it
    works out to about the cost of two new cars, total.  Doable.
  * post Baycon schedules
  * print party fliers for -next- weekend's Baycon meeting
  * walk: 1.5x around Rose Garden
  * made dinner: stir-fry cabbage, onion, bacon, lamb
  * order cyclobenzaprine for Colleen, Aggreox for me
  ! anxious?  Not sure why.
  @ Notes from the Corner of Chaos and Bedlam - Ask Vs. Guess Culture
    (quoting this comment on metafilter)
    This column will change your life: Are you an Asker or a Guesser?
  % anxiety?  Or just cold?  (Temp down to 66)
  * snuggle, bath, bed, snuggle

I've already mentioned the bit about not being able to tell the difference between anxiety and cold.

The main thing was the YD's interview at DeVry University. She's very enthusiastic about it, and it will probably be good for her. Very focussed, and she seems convinced that she wants to concentrate on a BS in business administration. No interest in liberal arts. Well, she's an adult (just barely) and hard to argue with.

I wish we'd put more away for her. We can afford it, but it'll be tight for a couple of years. Day-tripping Baycon, at minimum.

Walk, about 1.5x around the Rose Garden.

I don't remember whether it was a good day or not. Probably not so much.

Some good links under the cut.

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