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mdlbear ([personal profile] mdlbear) wrote2011-05-28 10:06 am

Done yesterday (20100527 Fr)

0527 Fr
  * up 6:40; W=197; drugs, nose, teeth; dishes, coffee
  @ esr - The Smartphone Wars: HTC rejoins the good guys
  * update party invites; print
  * transferred to 23" Travelpro suitcase.  Everything fits but the
    electronics bag, which I'm unlikely to need, but it's tight.  Could easily
    have added the CPAP to the larger bag.  (Or expanded the Travelpro :)
  & 15min:  made /users/starport/Systems for system config info (pkgs,
    ifconfig)  Eventually this will be updated regularly; the main motivating
    factor right now is wake-on-lan.
  * load (my) car so that I can go direct from work; park in garage
  * move daddys from main to kids; replace with ms-bear
  * good walk; ~2mi by airport with John Cantu
  * leave work ~3pm
  * Hyatt Regency Santa Clara    Acknowledgement #: 324QQJP2     King Bed
    Check-In:  05/27/2011    Check-Out:  05/30/2011    Total (USD):  341.78
  ~ 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM in: Alameda      Filk 101
      What is Filk? And why you should be interested.
        Panelists: Kitty Crowe, Bob Kanefsky, Steve Savitzky.
  : no pocket program!?  A little disorganized, maybe?
  * 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM in: Winchester
    Computers: What's Next?
      Fifty years ago, computers occupied large rooms, and they required air
      conditioning and water cooling.  One million instructions per second was
      a super computer.  Today's smartphones have more memory and computing
      power, by orders of magnitude, than those early machines.  What does the
      next 50 years look like? 
      -> good panel.  Chris Garcia, who works at the Computer History
      Museum, did a good job moderating.
  * the bathrooms still suck.  At least they have toilet-seat risers that
    are stable enough for Colleen, but easy to take off.
  * 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM in: Grand Ballroom Meet-the-Guests Reception
  : 10:15 a pocketnaomi jumps into my pocket.
  * parties; filk circle.  very small, but did Owl and the Pussycat (which
    Kanef followed with Cat Call), Bigger On the Inside.  I think something
    else but can't remember.

I moved my stuff from the large suitcase to the smaller Travelpro; it fit, except for a couple of things I really didn't need and a couple more I forgot. I am now at home after having collected the latter.

Baycon seems rather disorganized (no pocket programs!?), and the hotel sinks are dreadful as usual. But the room is huge, has a large desk/counter, and actual counter space in the bathroom, so that's a major plus. I'm not sure we got one of the accessible rooms, but it works.

Colleen got her hair re-tinted, and looks fantastic (and a decade or so younger). Almost didn't recognize her when I walked in to the hotel after work.

Blew off my 2:30 Filk 101 panel (what were they thinking?), but the 4pm "Computers: What's Next?" was a lot of fun. Chris Garcia, who works at the Computer History Museum, did a good job moderating.

The filk circle was very thinly attended, and Colleen found herself a place where she was completely hidden from the door so I didn't realize she was there the first time I poked my nose in. She found me on the party floor. I had the only guitar.

Went splat somewhere close to midnight.

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