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0917 Sa
  * up 7:15; W=196.2; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, exercise, light
  | some back and trapezius pain.  Took naproxen
  @ Judging a Book by its Cover: How Women See Comic Books (ysabetwordsmith)
  @ On Language - Crash Blossoms - (thnidu) 
  @ seanan_mcguire: Across the digital divide. (smallship1) 
    print books and poverty, and perhaps after the apocalypse
  @ Borderlands Books : From the Office : Amazon is Nobody's Friend, Part One  
    by Alan Beatts (scroll down for it) (trektone - A
    bookseller's take on Amazon (not the river)) 
  @ elf: No pocket paperback, no throwaway edition
  & Lucked into a fabulous queen-sized futon couch for $20 only 2 doors down.
    Ikea.  Unfortunately it doesn't fold as well as I'd like; getting it
    upstairs is going to be something of a nightmare.  Wait for Og.  Don't
    know if it would fit downstairs; probably not. - 66x81 or thereabouts.
    So...  no.  Not really; there would only be 6" or so along the side.
    % no walk, but I think I got my exercise.
  * brought my large suitcase down from attic
  @ The Archdruid Report: The Glass Bead Game ... and its vision of a
    less-technological future 
  @ The Sad State of AT&T's Quest to Acquire T-Mobile
    Not sad for anyone but the Death Star.  Where is Luke Skywalker when we
    really need him? 
  * 15min:  puttering.  bedroom, sewing room, garage.  Widening paths.
  * drive:  Hwy 9 to Santa Cruz, Cliff Drive to Capitola
    Capitola warrants a return for a pedestrian explore.  No map, but it's
    hard to get lost in the sliver between the Bay and Highway 1.
  & guacamole:  a ripe jalapeno, half a habanero, two avocados
    2 cloves of garlic, cumin, salt, lime juice.  The habanero got squished in
    the garlic press between the garlics; much better than chopping it.
  * work, s4s:  post based on When I Go =? next Songs for Saturday? - yes
    @ mdlbear | Songs for Saturday: When I Go
  * 15min:  verified that C+N's humidifier fits in my (expandable) suitcase. 
    ! impressed; pleased.
  % Caught in the act:  I'm reading a story, and a
    character is about to do something emotionally very risky.  I'm having a
    lot of trouble reading it.  WTF?  Wow.
  : Colleen walked 6 steps without holding on to anything!
    ! delighted.  mudita.
  : Colleen repaired the pair of pants that's been sitting by the sewing
    machine for ages.  And the pair with the unravelled side seam will get
    worked on this week (maybe)
  | 9:45 or so - sleepy
  & 11pm bed

Was I just complaining about not having enough entries? Admittedly, there are a lot of links and bits of puttering (indicated by the 15min: tag), BUT there were a few major items, too.

The biggest, I think, was the fact that Colleen was able to stand up and take 6 steps without holding on to anything. That's a total distance of about 3 feet, but still! Progress!

I set out for my walk in the morning, but stopped in at a garage sale two doors down and found a queen-sized futon couch for $20. The lovely young woman selling it helped me haul it to the house and into the living room, whereupon I decided that I'd had my exercise for the day.

We went out for a drive in the afternoon -- Highway 9 to Santa Cruz, then south on Highway 1, getting off at the exit labeled "harbor", because Colleen didn't want to be so close to the ocean without seeing it. We wandered around for a while, eventually finding ourselves on Cliff Drive between Santa Cruz and Capitola, which was simply lovely. I figured, correctly, that it would be difficult to get too lost in the little sliver between the ocean and Highway 1.

We remarked on how we should come back and explore Capitola on foot/scooter some time, and how it would be a nice place to retire to (though probably way too expensive). The fact that we're starting to consider moving, and actually talking about it, is a major step.

When we got home, I made a lovely guacamole (brightened by a ripe jalapeno and half a habanero pepper), and eventually posted my second Songs for Saturday. And Colleen repaired the pair of pants that's been sitting by the sewing machine for half a year. So I'm feeling pretty good about the day.

I went splat at 11, after feeling sleepy for about an hour and a half. (I got up at 8:15 this morning, so apparently I needed the sleep no matter how much I resent having to spend so much of my day unconscious.)

Quite a few links up in the notes, including several about ebooks. Most of those were related to seanan_mcguire's Across the digital divide. I may have something to say about that in the near future.

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