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A pretty good day, though I have the feeling that I'm being less productive than I should be. Want to be. I'll have to work on that. Um... Is working on being productive actually being productive, or am I being metaproductive as an escape from being productive?

I went out for a walk again, but turned around after only 15min or so because I was getting rained on. I must have just walked under the edge of it, though; it was still sunny and dry at work (though the rain did reach there eventually). The Monta Vista high school's LED sign said "School Cancelled Today" -- I didn't find out why until I got home. Just roll over the link if you don't want to read the story, which might be triggery for some.

In other news, Steve Jobs is dead. He died of pancreatic cancer, which killed my father a dozen years ago. He was 56, eight years younger than me.

Is it ok to feel mortal now?

1005 We
  * up 6:35; W=199.8; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, exercise, laundry
  * Supreme Court copyright case will decide fate of millions of once-public
    works - The Washington Post (+Kee Hinkley)
  @ What You Shouldn't Post on Your Facebook Page If You Want a Job
  @ Popular Logos with Hidden Symbolisms (xkcd: Subliminal)  
    check out the xkcd rollover text.  Not keyboard-safe.
  ~ humira.   Didn't find the instructions, which were on the back of the
    medication guide like an Ace Double, until after I'd already tried to use
    it and gotten it wrong.  Do Not Like -- the syringe was So Much simpler.
  ? Anybody remember Ace Doubles?
  * walk:  W. on McClellan; cut short at 15min due to rain
    : Must have just walked into the edge of it; it was still sunny at work,
      and I didn't get wet.
    : The high school had a "school cancelled today" sign lit.  
      I didn't find out why until I got home
  x Avoiding group cancelled for tonight
  @ Boing Boing ยป Steve Jobs has died.
  @ Basics of Quebecois Podorythmie: Raising the Bar for Foot Tapping
    search from [personal profile] annathepiper
  | did something unpleasant to one of the muscles near my left shoulder.  :P= 
  * 15min:  10ish - assorted puttering.  Laundry, big suitcase upstairs, etc.
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