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I took a walk! Go me? I also got up an hour later than usual, went to bed nearly an hour earlier, and in between left my car's lights on and ran the battery totally into the ground. Now my radio thinks it's been stolen, and wants a code to be keyed in before it restarts. I never use the radio anymore, but I miss the damned clock. Thank goodness for AAA, anyway. I might have been able to get a jump from a coworker, but wouldn't have known about locking and unlocking the doors to reset yet another anti-theft measure. Excuse me?

Oh, and I had to replace the battery, too -- one cell was bad. The car's seven years old, but still...

On the gripping hand, it was a fairly productive day at work, with a successful experiment around mic placement for audio conferencing.

1011 Tu
  * up 7:30; W=196.4; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, exercise, light
  @ GAO on the bank bailout
  * bring to work:  monitor stand, Thinkpad keyboard, mics (C2s), I/F
  * walk:  2.75mi to Radio Shack on DeAnza Blvd.
    perfect weather when I left; ended up hot and sticky.
    = The Indian grocery across the side street has brown basmati rice in
      burlap sacks.
  & left the lights on.  Had the battery replaced. Stupid radio thinks
    it's been stolen, and needs a code of some sort.  :P
    (also ran down the battery in my cell phone; used the office phone)
  @ Charts: 6 Big Economic Myths, Debunked | Mother Jones (ysabetwordsmith)  
  @ Florida Governor: Anthropology Not Needed Here @rowanf
  * spoke to Colleen about Orycon.  She still wants to go; still not sure we
    can afford it.
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