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Back to work after a nice but too-short staycation. I got a little over half of my list done, and a few more started; that's about what I expected. (The actual list is in the notes, between Sunday and Monday.) I also spent all day Saturday (see last week) reconfiguring my household server after some hard drive corruption. So Nova has been switched from Debian to Ubuntu, and is being used as both the file server and my main workstation. Which has some advantages.

The vacation definitely reduced my stress level, though I think I'm still way behind on things at work. That wasn't helped by my swapping my secondary oncall, originally scheduled for the second week in October. However, I found the memory leak that's been blocking one of our deployments for weeks, so I'm feeling fairly pleased with that.

The charging port on Colleen's tablet finally got to the point where no cable in the house was making good enough contact to reliably charge it; I ordered a new part and some tools. Then ordered more tools, because the kit I ordered didn't include decent spudgers. (I love that word!)

I'm still spending too much time on Quora. Their user interface continues to suck, though, and I gave up on cross-posting to Facebook because they insist on posting an irrelevant image with a picture of the first few words of the question, instead of actual text. Still cross-posting to Twitter, and getting a little feedback there, but I don't actually read Twitter so I don't much care what it looks like. I put links here in the notes when I write something I'm reasonably pleased with.

In spite of my expertise in programming, I find myself mostly answering dating and relationship questions. I figure that 40-odd years of marriage at least indicates some familiarity with the subject, and in most cases the answers are pretty obvious. "How do I know whether X likes me?" "You ask them." "What should I do after she (always she -- funny thing aout that) rejected me?" "Leave her alone and go look for somebody else." I also do it because many of the other answers I see are not only clueless but amount to recommending harassment.

I think the real reason I do it is that it counteracts my near-total lack of self-confidence in my social skills. Not that I can actually apply those "skills" in the field, of course. Not that I take my own advice and, um, practice. Oh. Right.

If you're looking for something fun to read, Lúthien: Tolkien’s Badass Elf Princess is a great retelling of "Beren and Lúthien in "Badass of the Week" style.

Notes & links:

  * up 6:30ish; W=204.4, P=124/75, p=61;
  * bacon & eggs brunch with Colleen
  .. 1:05pm starting to see actual progress on the mail sorting.  I'm seeing tabletop in a
    couple of places.  (Admittedly, I am still going to have to go through the medical
    bills and a few other things separately -- at this point I'm mostly _just_ sorting.)
  ** Su, Tu, Fr, Sa, Su: Bindweed - declaring it done because the bin is FULL.
    There's about one session left, plus trimming and applying weed killer.  Done for now.
  * copy Mina's Song to lgf from tg (fixed a couple of broken links in the process)
  & Moved my stress-management goal of writing from "do more" to "keep doing" thanks
    mainly to Quora
  ** Su Rose stake - stake up the Royal Amethyst.  Feels like there's a rock or something
    just under the surface, which explains some things.  It may be too late to save the
    poor thing, but we'll try.
  & Colleen's tablet needs a new charging port.  Going to do it myself, because the h/w is
    only $6, and even when you add tools it's going to be a lot cheaper than having it
    done at a repair place.  Faster, too.
    -> now updating and charging Purple, her Dell Mini.  Also Barnard, which is mine, but
       was on loan to Chaos for a long time.
    : and of course Chrome doesn't exist for 32-bit machines anymore, but chromium should
      work and may even let her access her google account and bookmarks.  If she can
      remember her password; otherwise I'll have to look it up.  *sigh*  Chromium works.
  : Kat and Rabbit left their room a mess; fortunately most of it looks to be trash, so
    picking it up and tossing it may be fairly simple.
  % 9:18.  No work-related stuff to speak of has been done during this vacation.  Which
    was kind of the idea, but it still doesn't help with the work load.  Also, the mail
    sorting isn't done, so I'll have to pack up everything on the table so I can continue
    later.  Ugh. -> ok, did that.

0903-11 vacation - goals.  (Not expecting to get all done.)
  & Sa 0903 reconfigure Nova:  new hard drive, Ubuntu 16.04LTS, Antec P150 case, AMD CPU
    (Not scheduled, but that's most of What I spend Saturday doing)
  * Config -> Honu 
  * Tu take Colleen to Flying Fish for happy hour
  * We (start) Mail/piles
  * We music.  Brought Plink and a music stand downstairs. (split from "recording")
  * Th mail cubby -> sorting table
  * Th get car smogged
  * Th deposit checks
  * Su, Tu, Fr, Sa, Su: Bindweed - declaring it done because the bin is FULL.
  * Su Rose stake - stake up the Royal Amethyst.  Feels like there's a rock or something
    just under the surface, which explains some things.  It may be too late to save the
    poor thing, but we'll try.
  . set up tax withholding on retirement accounts - 500/month on the Ricoh account
    Track down the form online and fax to BNY Mellon -> call -- their website sucks.
    * Fr: found it in the email archives.
  . Fr apply for passport (downtown; the Shoreline PO doesn't handle them)
    -> it'll have to be next week -- the office is at 4th+Lander, or county courthouse
  . Sa, Su: work: limitations and what I need to do to fix
  . sort mail
  - recording setup:  mic stands, mics, A-Ds; test. (split from "recording")
  - domain renewals - netsol (HSX) and ~ godaddy.  Update card.
  - Bids on downstairs, shower repair
  - g's lamp, wall shelves
  - lower desk.  Can go to about 25" legs before interfering with the rolling file
  -> 10* done, 1& done, 4 in progress, 5 not done.  recording/music were a split.
     One of the in-progress items is scheduled for Monday, one tentatively Tuesday

  * up 5:15; W=204, P=120/76, p=65; laundry, dishes
  * fax withholding form to BNY Mellon
  & Secondary oncall swap with Alex.

  * up 6:10; W=205.2, P=122/81, p=56; dishes
  * 8am builder wrap-up meeting
  $ $18K to McAdams.  Canceling the bulk of the upstairs work got us back what we'd put
    down on it, so that's good.  We come out over 6K ahead
  : The outside outlet is wired up and working; resetting the GFI requires pushing it in
    farther than I was doing.  The RV/charger outlet appears to be wired up.  No good way
    to test.  Or rather, there is, but my little inductive tester needs batteries.

  * Up 6:10; W=203.2, P=134/79, p=67; dishes
  : Another g/j escalation.  j reacts to g's stress a lot the way C used to do to mine.
  * activate the UBOC card - pick up some coffee at Whole Paycheck
    It's gotten difficult to tell the UB and BECU cards apart; they're almost the same
    color (red).  UB used to be gold.  (The household BECU card is still gold.)

  * Up 4:20; W=203.8, ; dishes
  @ Acme Klein Bottle
    Moebius Scarf - The Original (was talking with g about Moebius strips and Klein
    bottles, among other things.
  @ ysabetwordsmith | How to Build Community links
  * Found the memory leak that's been blocking one of our services' builds for *two
    months*.  And had a good 1-1 with $BOSS afterward.  I may _still_ go down in flames
    this year, but at least I will have done some good.
  @ The Difference Between Employment and Independent Contracting: siderea (thnidu)
  @ A bite of Python - Red Hat Customer Portal [LWN]
  * The new USB port assembly for Colleen's tablet arrived.  In a box.  I'm going to have
    to order spudgers -- the ones in my toolkit are worthless.

  * up 6:15; W=203.8, P=115/82, p=61; laundry
  @ GIRLS' LIFE... We Need to Do Better — Katherine Young Creative f(various)
  @ Lúthien: Tolkien’s Badass Elf Princess | +Angela Korra'ti
    Beren and Luthien told in "Badass of the week" style.  Brilliant.

  * Up 5ish; W=205.6, P=117/76, p=59; shower, laundry, dishes
  @ answer to Why do I feel less anxious when I talk to people? - Quora
  @ answer to My ex broke up with me. I'm really upset, to be honest. I really loved
    him. He told me his reasons, which I still don't understand. What do I do? - Quora
  @ 10 Things You Might Not Know About the SM58 | Shure Blog f(Rob Wynne)
    50th anniversary.
  * 15min: pick up after Kat and Rabbit.  Floor is extremely dirty, but no trash.  There
    is a good-sized pile of pillows, without pillowcases; not clear who owns those.  Took
    about half an hour.
  : 2:30 - have been spending most of my time in the Rainbow Room with Colleen, listening
    to classical music.  Ticia is sleeping on top of the purple couch, and seems kind of
    blissed out.
  * 15min: replaced bulb in Kat's ceiling light; bagged trash from balcony.  Some of
    that's been sitting there since before E moved out.
  * Got some mail out for sorting.
  * 15min: install TOR browser on cygnus, nova.  Others later, presumably.
    should pick an email provider as well.
  @ still reading Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 

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