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My right peroneus muscle is still painful. No idea what I did to it or am doing wrong, though one article suggested that it could be plantarflection due to sleeping under heavy blankets. So maybe I should go back to sleeping on my side instead of on my back. Sleeping on my back is fairly recent, so that may be fairly simple.

I've been doing a lot of puttering, and arguably a lot less practicing than I should, given that I have a concert in less than two weeks at Orycon. I've been practicing most days this week (see notes), and I think my calluses are back, so that's something. Need to print out my set and start doing more complete runthroughs.

Halloween was fun, going out with N and her kids. Gave the adults someone to talk to.

I've been taking care of the critters, since N, G, and g are away at OVFF. Cricket's been in the Great Room, mostly hiding in the Cubhouse -- at least, that's where I usually find her when I come in. Ticia's been pretty good about not trying to come in, though I still have to warn her away from the door.

Puttering. Yeah. G' did some major re-organizing and cleanup involving the downstairs closet and playroom, and the upstairs closets. Unfortunately, this was accomplished mainly by moving things into the garage and craft room. I've been gradually moving stuff to more sensible places. Some of the decisions have been good ones, though; I'm not complaining about the kitchen cabinet re-org.

Oh, yeah: the Cubs won the World Series. I'm not a sports fan at all, but that's pretty extraordinary. If it's a sign of the apocalypse, I'm hoping that it continues with the person the wingnuts are calling the Antichrist getting into the White House. And that's the last thing I'm going to say about politics until November 9th at the earliest.

Notes & links:

  * up 6:15ish; W=207.4; dishes, ..., laundry
  @ jeshyr | The Ricky Game: A Day In The Life roll dice instead of counting spoons.
  * I should keep better track of my reading
  * 10am-2pm Harvest Festival combined with Farmers' Market.  Going with Colleen.
  * Music:  When I Was a Lad, Windward, ..., Wings, Silk and Steel
  % need to stop singing for the day, concentrate on guitar, and have some honey/ginger
  * 15min: moved the inversion table to behind the klik-klaks.  There's walking room
    between it and the bookcase.
  @ Voted: Progressive Voters Guide Ballot measures - King County 
  % 10:20 cold
  % lot of back pain after rinsing dishes; took a cyclobenzaprine before bed.

  * up 7am; W=207.4; laundry, dishes
  % interestingly, my leg pain seems to mostly go away if I walk on it.
  * Trick-or-treating with N and the kids.
    g was Wednesday Addams; j was the scariest thing he could think of - a corrupt

  * up 6:50; W=208.6; laundry, dishes
  & went to work without my glasses; the only noticable effect was that I didn't have to
    take them off to read my phone on the bus.
  @ meridian_rose | Asexual Awareness Week Links (ysabetwordsmith)
  @ Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store (ysabetwordsmith)
  : phone connection down when I got home - apparently a loose connection at the coupler
    that joins the cable from the demarc downstairs to the cable to the modem.  Nobody
    bothered to mention it; I noticed because C's medical alert interface was beeping.
    Given the position of the coupler (near the floor) I blame the cats.

  * Up 5:30; P=123/79, p=64; cleanup, laundry, pots
  * write check for G'
  * Music: Ship of Stone and some guitar noodling.  My calluses appear to be mostly back.
  @ Millions Of Drunk Cubs Fans Rioting In Heaven Following World Series Win-The Onion 
    Apocalypse now, I guess.
  * up 6:05; W=208.8; laundry, dishes
  @ How I'm changing the way I use Facebook - Debbie Ridpath Ohi Good ideas.
  * 7ish take N et. al. to airport for OVFF
    pretty much the perfect route back:  International Blvd, 99, W. Marginal Way,
    Highland Park Way, Holgate, Delridge, 35th Ave.  Should have taken 16th ave to Dumar
    Way from Holgate, but it still worked.
  : The main problem for the weekend is going to be taking care of the downstairs
    critters -- Cricket and the piggies.
  * Desti fed; Cricket fed & watered; piggies fed & watered.  Track will have to be kept
  * up 5ish; W=208.8; dishes
  * Music: For Amy, Wings.  Need to give the second part another listen, or drag out the
    sheet music (which might work better).
  * Team lunch at Buca de Beppo.  Ate a bit too much, but yum.
    % longish walk; kept up pretty well, but my right ankle hurts a bit more than it did
  @ Depression and Anxiety Accommodations
  @ The ADA and depression - know your rights
  @ Workplace Strategies for Mental Health - Accommodation Strategies 
  @ WebAIM: Web Accessibility In Mind
  * fed & watered Piggies, Desti, Cricket (in Great Room)
  & ordered two Tiffany-style hanging lamps for the Rainbow Room.

  * Up 5:30ish; W=208.8; shower, laundry, dishes
   Critters: Ticia, Desti, Cricket, Piggies
  @ Observation of the Wigner-Huntington Transition to Solid Metallic Hydrogen
    2016-10-05.  From a wikipedia dive starting at Stellar nucleosynthesis  via wcg 
  @ APOD: 2016 November 5 - ISS Fisheye Flythrough nice.
  : G' has cleaned up the closets on both the bottom and top floors, and gotten a lot of
    stuff out of the playroom (downstairs living room).  Unfortunately, this has also
    resulted in a lot of stuff being piled into the workroom and garage.  Things look a
    lot better, but that's because much of the clutter is hidden.
  : I also suspect that C' and C" have put stuff in the middle bedroom upstairs, though I
    haven't asked.  N and G still have a lot of stuff in the closet, too.
  : OTOH, I really like the way G' has partly reorganized the kitchen, designating a
    cabinet for C' and C", and moving the water bottles back to the cupboard to the left
    of the sink (labled "cups", but actually tumblers).  And she took out all our sheets
    except for the one set we prefer.  I'm going to move back some less-preferable
    alternatives, just in case.
  * Moved the rest of the twin fitted sheets, and one king flat, into the bedroom closet.
    Cut down a shelf, very clumsily.  I have lost many of my woodworking skills, and
    apparently much of my common sense.
    : Tablesaw needs a support for long boards on the left.  And/or I need a miter saw.
    & freeing the tablesaw involved quite a lot of re-arranging.
    % exhausted bear.  With wet feet.
  : C' was greatly amused when I told her my abbreviations for her and C".  Score!
  @ Andrew Sullivan: Trump, America, and the Abyss
  * 15min:  Unpacked the Luup litterboxen -- there are three of them.  They require 15lbs
    of litter each - that's an entire jug.
  * 15min:  brought up and fixed one of the kitchen bar stools.
  * 15min:  put together and installed the drawers for N's bathroom cabinet.  Done.
  * Music:  Wings - worked on the second melody
  @ What It Feels Like to Have ‘Functioning’ or ‘Low-Grade’ Depression | The Mighty 
  @ I'm here... - Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (via The Mighty)
  % 10:15 drifty.  Bad headache, probably from spending too much time downstairs.
    G' certainly used industrial quantities of febreeze; maybe other stuff.

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