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Rough week. Feeling doomed at work; things aren't coming together as quickly as they need to, and I'm not seeing things that should be obvious. Getting old, and I don't like it.

I thought leaving the Starport was hard. This is going to be worse. I guess it's like getting old -- I have to do it, but I don't have to like it.

If I haven't grown up by now I don't have to, right?

We've been doing a lot of sorting. Colleen and I have been through our closet (though there's still a lot left) and bookshelves (about half done), and I sorted books in the Great Room with Naomi. We'll probably have to do another pass.

There were a few small triumphs. I managed to track down the lyrics to Naomi's song "Staying Home Tonight", which had gone missing -- we'd performed it back in 2007. Took grep-find on my home directory (including both mail and LJ archives) to find it.

The emacs grep-find function is wonderful. Basically it searches for a pattern in the contents of every file in your current directory tree, and flags every hit the same way it flags compile errors, so that you can visit each one and do whatever investigation or fixing you need to at that point. You can run the same thing on the command line, but then you don't have the convenient integration with the editor.

Back to small triumphs -- Monday we had (new Honda Odyssey) Rosie towed down to the dealership in Tacoma where we'd bought her, to have her blocked fuel line fixed. Got her back yesterday. And I surprised and delighted Naomi last night wth The Pharos Gate, which I'd just finished reading and which she hadn't known existed. Hmm. Should do a review of the series, shouldn't I?

A comment on last week's post has inspired me to write up my journaling system. It looks like what's now called a "bullet journal", but predates the eponymous fad by at least half a decade. Hmm. Should put together an emacs mode, or see if I can tweak org-mode for it.

A Wikipedia dive starting at Irregular Webcomic! #3594 led me to the article on Slouch hat, which in turn led inevitably to the Tricorne and Bicorne hats. Does that make the slouch hat a unicorne?

Notes & links:

  * Up 5:05; W=207.6; dishes, laundry
  @ The description of a new world, called the blazing-world.
    Observations upon experimental philosophy : Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish of scan
    One of the Earliest Science Fiction Books Was Written in the 1600s by a Duchess
    The Blazing World - Wikipedia
    Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Wikipedia
  * 15min: cleared off and folded the plastic folding table in front of my desk.
  ~ still searching, without success, for N's song "Staying Home Tonight"
    Best guess is that it's in a word document attached to an email.  I can't find it, but
    the oldest email from her I have on my gmail account is from 2011.  So it would be
    from before that, if it exists.  -> searching ~ on nova with grep-find.  I expect that
    to take a while.  ConChord 2007 concert! -> Found the lyrics in N's LJ for Aug. 2007
    Must remember to use -i next time -- the title was in caps.
  * PAY Seattle - stiff; both electricity and utilities.
  * Up to Lake City Way to deliver Felicity, whose lease has run out.
  : We have a plan for Rosie -- if we can get her towed to Tacoma, they'll fix her for
    free.  That's huge, so we'll see what we can do.
  % N thinks I am suffering from irrational worry and burnout.  She's probably right.
  # ! I just realized that the tourney tables could work *really well* in a Tiny.
  # If we'd known two years ago what we were going to be doing now, we could have built
    tiny houses inside our garage.  (Of course, then we would have had the boat-in-the-
    basement problem, so it wouldn't have worked anyway.)
  * put a few more CDs in backpack.  Sales have been comparatively brisk.  I.e. happened.
  * Book sorting with Naomi and Colleen.
  * Tried one more time with Rosie.  close, but no.
  % 5pm totally wiped
  % a drink and some potstickers for dinner have helped immensely
  * 8:41 Have been reading the Griffin and Sabine books; have just finished the first book
    of the second trilogy.  They are, as N said, extraordinary.
  * bath
  * started reading Dealing With Dragons

  * Up 4:35; W=203.8; laundry, dishes
  * 6:23 finished The Morning Star, the last of the Griffin and Sabine
    books.  Though apparently there's a recent sequel set between the two trilogies.
    -> ordered.
  * 7ish: take van down to Elliott for new tire.
  * Call AAA and have Rosie towed to Tacoma
    Called ~11; finally came ~2pm.  Fortunately the car behind her had been moved,
    presumably by somebody going to work, so my fears about having to knock on neighbors'
    door proved unnecessary.
  ~ AAA membership - on auto renewal, -but may have to update the Amex card exp date-
  : N wants to have everything we want to keep cleared out of the Great Room by 2/28, at
    which point we will hold our massive moving sale.  She is looking into storage
    options.  If the economics are favorable, a small shipping container.
  & shopping, because I'm the only one capable of it right now.  Walgreens, Petco, QFC.
    left about 6:45, got back 8:15ish.  Got myself a bag of kettle chips at W's because I
    knew I was going to damned well earn them.
  % at one point (heading to QFC, I think) noticed that my jaw was clenched enough to
    hurt.  Apparently I do that a lot.  Stress?
  % wiped out.  Called a halt to the shopping trip when I noticed I was getting tired.  It
    felt close to an edge. Not as bad as yesterday when I had a blood sugar crash.  But.
  % 9:30ish - Colleen griping about nobody eating dinner sent me over the edge -
    scream/whined apology, incoherent after that, ran out of the room.  C spent the next,
    half hour or so crying, which doesn't make me feel any better.  I know it's not my
    fault, but that doesn't help as much as it ought to when I'm this fragile.

  * up 6:20; W=203.6; laundry, ..., dishes
  * coffee grinder light blinking, set to 12 cups, won't turn on or off.  Growf.
    My cuisinart conical burr grinder display won't stop blinking - Fixya
    -> as it turns out, it just needed to have the bin pushed in harder.  And it doesn't
       respond to button presses if the thing is out.  :P
  @ Performance Review Peril: Adobe Study Shows Office Workers Waste Time and Tears
    Naturally the linked infographics don't work on Chrome/Linux, because Adobe.
    -> actually, it's PrivacyBadger. 18 trackers

  * up 6:15; W=205.4; laundry, dishes
  : It's been raining hard all morning.  I'm going to get soaked on my way to the bus stop
    -> actually it had greatly decreased by the time I actually got out of the house.
  * book sorting around my desk.  Got rid of about 2.5' of books.  (out of ~8)
  * Closet sorting.  More than half my shirts don't fit.  Still haven't sorted the pants
    yet, nor the bags and boxes of badges, pins, and other memorabilia.
    N and C want me to cut my strap collection down to 5.  I can probably get close.

  * up 6:00; W=205.4; dishes, laundry
  : Colleen ordered Chinese for dinner
  * 15min: sorting - closet, the box with the staplers (We do not need three identical

0120Fr Trumped
  * Up 5:45; W=206.2; dishes
  & Wikipedia dive starting with Digger (Aussie soldier; from Irregular Webcomic), leading
    to slouch hat, tricorne and bicorne (generically called cocked) hats, and Mandlebrot
    set variants by way of the Tricorn set.  If a tricorne and bicorne have three and two
    sides of the brim pinned up, that would make the slouch hat a unicorne.
  @ If you’re still maintaining a LiveJournal, your journal’s now in Russia (vixyish)
    -> now vixy
    -> raises the idea of a tool that goes through and replaces all your LJ posts with a
       "this post has moved to..." message.  Hmm.
  @ The
    Best Linux Distros for 2017 | | The source for Linux information
  @ this comment on Done last week (20170108Su - 14Sa) explains my bullets.
    I should write that up at greater length.
  = history of   Started 2006 as a pure todo list with o and *
    2009 was archived in quarters.  By q4 it had many of the current features.  I haven't
    	  used = or boldface in quite a while -- may be worth going back to the latter.
    2011 was the first year to be archived by month, and includes a hsx.done as well.
    2014 includes an archived wibnif.done
    2016 does not include wibnif -- should fix that -- but does include a couple of month
	 subdirectories for related files like my Westercon schedule.
  # should go back to = for inline notes.  = in first column is headers and other sticky
  & 15min: Since the pair of little mesh laundry hampers we were using seems to have
    disappeared (and both were falling apart anyway), I cleared out half of a dresser
    drawer.  This has the additional advantage of making sure that (housekeeper) G'
    doesn't mix them with other loads.  (There are two problems with mixing -- one is that
    I need to be particular about what detergent is used, because of sensitivities; the
    other is that if loads destined for different floors get mixed up, things are likely
    to go missing, in both directions.)

  * up 6ish; W=205.6; laundry
  @ New details from investigation cast cloud over Trump inauguration | MSNBC 
  * 15min: book sorting; rainbow room.  and a 2nd round.  Need both C and N for the 3rd
  @ Thinking about Minnaloushe | Zsolt Komaromy -
    The Cat And The Moon - William Butler Yeats - Analysis 
  * 15min: papers.  A few duplicate music books, and the black Antec case (ex Dorsai)
  * merge changes to starport/Admin across cygnus, nova, and snowflake.  Not as clean
    as it should have been; I ended up doing an actual merge, because I'd archived the
    2016 worklog on cygnus and nova, and added a lot on Snowflake in 2016.  pull --rebase
    would have worked, but I got cold feet. :P
  @ ‘We’re Not Going Away’: Huge Crowds for Women’s Marches Against Trump - NYT
  * Down to Tacoma with G to pick up Rosie.  We had to wait an extra hour+ for someone to
    get there and give us the keys.  I drove back in the old van.
  @ How to cope with traumatic news - an illustrated guide - ABC News (Australian
    Broadcasting Corporation) (ysabetwordsmith)
  @ acelightning | My friends... Don't give up!
  * 18:48 finished The Pharos Gate.  It's a beautiful completion.  I'm sad
    that there can't be any more.  There are Yeats references all through the series,
    notably "The Second Coming" and "The Cat and the Moon" (which may well become a
    @ The Bullet Journal Productivity Method Empowers Your Paper Notebook 2013
  . write up see 0120 for history
    first reference I could find was a lifehacker video in 2013; see 0121.

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