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Feeling scared and not particularly grateful this week; we'll have to see what I come up with.

  • I got some nice presents on Christmas. You know who you are. Many thanks.
  • Colleen, who somehow manages to put up with me.
  • I'm really grateful to my Mom, who has been providing some financial assistance (out of my inheritance). I'm not the first one in the family she's helped -- both my kids and my nephew have benefited from her generosity.
  • I'm no-end grateful to my sister N, who came up from Seattle to visit for nearly two weeks. (Does it count as a visit if this is her real home and she's only living in Seattle temporarily because Reasons? Whatever; I'll take it.)
  • Cat cuddles. We have excellent cats.
  • Grandmother in the Kitchen -- I don't know how long Colleen has had that cookbook, but we've gotten a lot of good use out of it, Especially the Yorkshire pudding recipe.
  • ... and I guess, since this is the last Thankful Thursday of 2018, I ought to be grateful to have survived it.

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