Nov. 7th, 2006


Nov. 7th, 2006 07:06 am
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Oh, wait.

Get out there and VOTE the bums bastards party of torture, war, right-wing religious nuts, Guantanamo party that gutted the Bill of Rights Republicans out.

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FIC's Linux-based Smartphone - Gizmodo
FIC's taking more than just a page from the Linux community with its FIC-GTA001 smartphone—its taking their entire playbook. Hoping to capitalize on what is essentially free programmers for the project, FIC is releasing a Linux-based smartphone complete with an SDK (Software Development Kit). This allows end-users to develop their own programs and functionality for the phone (picture an army of geeks making sure you can play back DivX on your phone).
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Just got back from the Janis Ian concert at Don Quixote's in beautiful downtown Felton (which, if you don't know the SF Bay Area, is ten miles up in the mountains from Santa Cruz). Drove up with the [ profile] flower_cat and my coworker [ profile] rowanf, who had nobody to go with and didn't want to drive up by herself.


As Rowan said, "Janis gives good concert." Not only a brilliant songwriter but a fantastic performer. This was the first concert of hers I've been to; hopefully not the last, though she doesn't get out to California all that often.

I'm going to try hard to resist the temptation to completely rethink all the arrangements on my album.

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Got a flu shot today at work -- or at least at the building where I work, which is nearly the same thing. Unlike previous years our landlord didn't foot the bill, and I could maybe have gotten it for less at Kaiser, but I was there and I didn't have to think about scheduling.

Had a dentist appointment this morning for my regular cleaning and checkup; I'll be getting a couple of small cavities filled next week. Hasn't been a bad year, on the whole.

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