May. 16th, 2007

mdlbear: (abt)

(xposted to [ profile] mdlbear, [ profile] linux, and [ profile] debian -- this is a followup to my previous post on [ profile] linux, and [ profile] debian asking how to make a CD-Extra.)

Well, k3b seems to have no trouble making a CD-Extra -- it's a lot like Nero (which I also tried -- don't bother) except it makes (and is willing to save) a full set of image files in /tmp, and the UI doesn't suck as much. On the minus side there doesn't appear to be any way to import the CD-Text data and track order from the kind of .toc file that cdrdao takes. And unfortunately I didn't save the debugging log, so I don't know what commands it was running out the back end -- when I looked at it in the window I didn't see the commands, but I've seen some logs in bug reports (thank you, Google) and they're there. Grumble. Next time.

But it works, so About Bleeding Time will be a CD-Extra, one way or another. Yay!!

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