Sep. 27th, 2007

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... to [ profile] nolly!! Have a good one!!


Sep. 27th, 2007 08:32 pm
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(Cross-posted to [ profile] healthy_fen.)

Tried to go for a walk this afternoon after lunch; set out what I hoped will be my new pace. Got out to my car to put my coffee mug away -- about .1 mile from the door -- and about .1 mile back, at which point I noticed that my shins were starting to hurt. !@#$!@#%!#@!!

It seems I just can't change my pace without risking shin splints. Last time I had them I had to cut out walking for a week. Suggestions?

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We were supposed to have Stanley Steamer in to clean the carpets upstairs in the kids' rooms, which were supposed to have been picked up. Ha! OK, my fault for not checking last night. And vacuumed -- I was pretty sure they needed vacuuming, but the [ profile] flower_cat assured me that it wasn't necessary. I understand your memory is the second thing to go as you get older. I forget the first.

Meanwhile, the office is a mess, and it would be nice to get our bedroom carpet cleaned, too.


OK kids -- [ profile] super_star_girl, [ profile] chaoswolf -- this means you. $20 each if you can pick up and vacuum your rooms by Sunday night. Dinner out at Kobe if you can do it by dinnertime. And an extra $10 each if I don't have our bedroom in the same state. (The office will take longer, but almost everything on the floor is in boxes now.) "Pick up", by the way, means all loose stuff in boxes. Not piled on top of the bed or shoved under the desk. You can put the boxes on top of the bed, or whatever, on the day the cleaners come.

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From Don Simpson (via email) comes this intriguing article on images hidden in the spectrograms of audio tracks. I hadn't thought of it, but it's perfectly straightforward mathematically. You have time on the X axis, and frequency on the Y axis: take your image, string together the inverse FT of each vertical stripe, and there you have it.


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