Apr. 17th, 2008

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Went to the Embedded Systems Conference yesterday in the San Jose convention center. A little disappointing -- smaller than last year, and nothing really new except some of the swag. Oh, and a booth with the slogan: "Seeing is Believing, but Touching is More Fun". Yeah; I can get behind that...

There was a moderate amount of Linux in evidence: in addition to the usual distros (Montavista, LynuxWorks) most of the single-board computers and evaluation boards support it as a matter of course.

The nice thing about doing a trade show on a Wednesday is that I can come home, dump the swag on a chair, and expect most of it to disappear by the end of the evening. The only things I found worth keeping were one of the bags (black, with the sides extended into a single long shoulder strap rather than the usual pair of loops) and a pen in the shape of a squid, that opens in a particularly interesting way (from Reach Technology). The patent drawings do not show the mechanism, which is fun to watch.

10:27 Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rowanf, we now know that this is called a "Transformer Pen". The minimum order appears to be 200...

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Got home about 45 minutes ago from a retirement party at work. Peter Hart is retiring as Lab Director and CEO; it'll take three people (Lab Director, Executive VP, and President) to replace him. Four once he resigns as Chairman of the Board, which hopefully won't happen for a while. (The incoming President is Japanese, and will only be on-site part time; the Exec VP and Lab Director will do most of the hands-on work. But still...)

The party was fun -- a Japanese buffet lunch (I am feeling particularly well-fed), champagne for a toast, short speeches, and a filksong (not mine) that took advantage of the fact that "Peter Hart" scans to "Spider Man". No, you probably don't want to hear it.

Got home early, because when the incoming Lab Director waves at you in the parking lot and says "See you tomorrow" it's safe to take that as a strong hint.

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