Oct. 18th, 2008

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2008-10-18 6:43

It took a little over three hours to get from our house to our motel in Pollock Pines, about 20 miles east of Placerville in the Gold Country. There's supposed to be wireless internet in the rooms. Guess again. It's not as if I haven't gotten used to blogging offline, but I really need to install html-helper-mode on this stupid thing, and write the tools I need for easy posting without cut-and-paste.

Reasonably calm on the way here -- driving is generally very soothing for me these days -- and I'm feeling basically OK this morning. A little alarmed at how much this weekend is going to cost, but that can't be helped. Nor could Thursday's sushi dinner in honor of the A+ on the Y.D.'s report card. We'll economize in other ways. Trainwreck post soon, I think.

2081018 07:39

They have powerline network boxes for people who can't get wireless. OK; that works. Pretty snappy, too. Have gotten a little breakfast: a hardboiled egg for me and an English muffin for the Cat. I'm wondering whether my mood shift had anything to do with my experiment with a mostly gluten-free diet a couple of weeks ago; I've been backsliding this week.

Of course, I also forgot to pack my travel router and miniature power-strip. Mild grump.

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