Apr. 21st, 2009

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... to [livejournal.com profile] marypcb!!!! Have a great one!!

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A huge day for Colleen -- she got dressed by herself and walked 50 feet, then did 10 sit-to-stands. I am, accordingly, an absolutely delighted Bear. There are still a few things to worry me, though.

Also, I called Kaiser to ask about hospital beds, scooters, and so on. Details above in the notes; the bottom line is that they only rent hospital beds, and that if we want a second one (so we can sleep together) I'll have to pay the full rental on it, probably between $50 and $100/month. It'll only be for a month or two, until we can figure out whether this scheme works for us.

I should probably look into wheelchairs. We have a transport chair, but she may need something she can wheel around by herself. Hopefully not.

There's probably no way I can get the bedroom fully cleared out and steam-cleaned, but I'll at least be able to get the bed out and the carpet vacuumed. Where I'll put a queen-sized mattress and the disassembled frame is anyone's guess at this point. Kat's room, probably, since the YD has expressed interest in it. Hmm... that means I get to do it Wednesday so I'll have some help... Urk!

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Colleen continues to make progress -- she's better at getting in and out of bed, and she's getting a commode this afternoon so they can start working on retraining her sphincters.

On the other hand, her PTs don't think she'll be ready to come home on Friday. Neither Colleen nor I think so, either. She seemed OK, or at least resigned, on the phone (insert standard disclaimer here); I think she was as worried as I was about how ready she'd be.

On the gripping hand, we're going to practice getting in and out of the car tomorrow, and she'll be able to go on outings with me and Jen over the weekend. And I'll have more time to get the house ready for her, so that's a win.

So... very disappointed, resigned, and somewhat relieved. I'm probably not going to be much use over the next couple of days, though. Blerg.

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I am feeling cold, and lonely, and unproductive, and tired, and discouraged, and depressed. I didn't really expect not to be depressed and discouraged after finding out that Colleen wasn't coming home for another week; perhaps the only surprising thing is how long it took for the depression to build up to the point where it... I'm not sure how to put it. Took over?

I am, in any case, all out of emotional spoons at the moment.

I should play some music, take a hot bath, and go to sleep, shouldn't I? Or maybe not -- last night I fell asleep in the tub.

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