Apr. 17th, 2010

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... to [livejournal.com profile] callylevy!!!! Have a great one!!!

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I'm not dead, just a combination busy and (involuntarily) catching up on sleep. So time and attention for posting has been pretty minimal. I'm seriously thinking of adding more automation, especially for links.

Speaking of links, their increased number and quality are due to my taking gizmodo and engadget out of my daily blog feed and substituting BoingBoing.

Anyway, it's been a strange week at $work because of major upheavals. Our sekrit project was approved Wednesday; the next year promises to be a wild ride. If it gets too wild, I can always go back to the safety of research, but I hope that's just my inner neophobe talking. I've never done well with change.

I found myself feeling tight across the chest and writing, "OK, that's fear. I don't know what hope feels like." I guess that says most of it.

ETA: as it turns out, later that day I found myself walking noticably faster than the days before; that usually indicates a positive mood of some sort.

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The YD's desktop computer died in Wednesday's power outage, which lasted about an hour and a half. So did my 8-port GigE switch, apparently, which led to another hour's worth of confusion getting the network back up when I came home in the evening. (I had cleverly turned off the fileserver and my desktop machine from work. If I'd had any sense I'd have sync'ed my to.do file first.)

The YD's Windows machine was the big one, though: it wasn't recognizing her hard drive. The older Windows box in the public area upstairs recognized it just fine, but of course all her files were private. You'd think there'd be a way for an administrator to unprotect a directory, but I'm not a Win$ expert.

What worked, yesterday evening, was putting it in my desktop Linux box and rsyncing it onto both my local hard drive and the YD's external drive. She was delighted to get her homework back.

There was a lot of stress involved in the process, of course, on all sides. I seem to have a very bad habit of saying the YD's name, at increasing volume, to get her attention when she's yelling in panic or frustration; I ought to look for a gentler alternative to shouting her down.

There was also a lot of stress during the network diagnosis and bring-up phase Wednesday evening -- nothing like a housefull of laptop-using family and guests to add pressure to an already frustrating experience.

I'd been sort of looking for an excuse to buy a 16- or 24-port switch, but... I really didn't need the extra expense this month, either.

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We Eat The New KFC Double Down And Live To Tell About It (But It's Only Been 15 Minutes) - Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Blog : NPR

The "double down" is, apparently, a bacon sandwitch with two pieces of fried or grilled chicken replacing the bread. In other words, a very low-carb, gluten-free sandwitch from a fast-food joint. I love it!

(from thnidu)

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The dressers in our bedroom, though lovely, are about 20 years old and are starting to fall apart. (In particular, the back of Colleen's has cracked and partially popped off due to constantly trying to cram too many pairs of pants into it.)

Also, while there was plenty of room for a queen-sized bed, there's less room for a king. The plan is to replace them with Elfa shelving, possibly with some home-made additions. This will eventually be moderately expensive but can be done incrementally.

The room -- especially the carpet -- needs a thorough cleaning. And we need to swap the rented hospital beds for the ones I purchased recently.

So there's quite a bit of work in the offing. I'm pretty sure I can get the dressers emptied over the course of the week. Getting them out of the house is another matter. Swapping the beds also looks like a big job, though I've seen it done by one person.

Anyone feel like coming over next weekend and lending a hand? I'm planning to make a big pot of chili.

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