Dec. 4th, 2010

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... to [ profile] singlemaltsilk!!!! Have a great one!!

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A pretty good day; busy at work but manageable (unlike Thursday, which was insane and a good reminder of why I don't want to stay in a production environment for the rest of my career). But no walk, and no errand/shopping expedition. This afternoon, I hope -- some errands are getting pretty urgent.

I had a very vivid, detailed memory of moving my October and November "done" items to a new quarterly archive (2010/q4.done), and checking them in to git. But when I looked in the afternoon, I found that I hadn't actually done it! Dreamed it? Complete with the tactile memory of typing into the commit message buffer? Apparently.

A fun IM conversation, rather too late into the night, with Naomi about our shared imaginary menagerie. Imagenerie? Imaginagery? *attempts to untangle brain* *fails*

Quite a few links on an assortment of subjects.

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