Apr. 26th, 2011

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Probably not a bad day, but it felt pretty frustrating. I'm still struggling to get across some concepts at work that seem very obvious to me, but are apparently difficult for some of my coworkers to grasp. I'm doing my best to write them up, but I really don't expect that to get very far down the path to understanding.

I seem to have a lot of trouble explaining things that are obvious to me but not to the person I'm talking to; I get frustrated and upset. I'm now trying to communicate through (hopefully more diplomatic) intermediaries on the work thing, but that has its own problems.

My walk was short, but maybe a bit more mindful than usual. By the end, at least, I was mostly just looking at the trees with their new leaves, washed clean by the night-time rain and morning mist.

According to Colleen's doctor, a sizeable fraction of California's population shares her blueberry intolerance -- apparently it's something like lactose intolerance; you don't develop the ability to process them if you don't grow up eating them. Weird.

I did some practicing; QV and The Cap and Bells. That felt good.

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