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The New Adventures of Queen Victoria has a good comment on some of the latest LJ ugliness. (Also pointed to by [ profile] filkertom; unfortunately the post has been deleted.) In that post, a simple gratuitous mention of H.censored P.censoredand c.censored p.censored drew an immediate snarky comment from an burrLJ employee86.

From which we conclude that LJ is scrutinizing every damned post for keywords. Not really surprising; so is Google, only for a different reason. LJ has also set themselves up as sole judge, jury, and executioner of what content is permitted by their Terms of Service. OK, they can do that: it's their site. I have a permanent account, so I can't send them much of a message by not sending them any more money. (Shakes fist at sky.)

This post by [ profile] technoshaman has a little more to say about it, and [ profile] tibicina draws our attention to the [ profile] fandom_action community for discussion of legal issues and legal action around fandom. More on the recent journal deletions here and here.

[ profile] technoshaman also points to an airline pilot's take on security. The stupidity isn't entirely confined to LJ.

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