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This is just a rather disconnected set of notes.

With 42 CDs (30 shrinkwrapped copies of CC&S and 6 "pre-order" sets) in it, the backpack is a bit too heavy, but it still fit nicely under the seat, even with my shoulderbag under the flap and my rather bulky headphones in the "CD player" compartment.

In any case it's awkward, especially combined with Plink, since I can only have one of the two at a time on my back. Next time I'll bring a folding luggage cart -- it can live in the overhead rack strapped onto Plink. Or, better, with Plink strapped onto the back so that it can fold up easily, and so I can set the backpack on it without having to move Plink.

Next time I have to fly I need to ship CDs to the dealers, and just take enough to cover unexpected shortfalls and a few in-person sales.

50 CDs took up most of the suitcase. I think I need a bigger one; there wasn't room for the hiking boots, which would have come in handy.

I have to remember to print out a fresh songbook before every con. And practice up a two-fer ahead of time.

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