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Saturday my older daughter is getting married. At Consonance. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

The next two weeks are going to be insane.

Today I get to finish off the tech reports, along with the usual lab and group meetings. Wedding prep is already in full swing, of course, and there will be the usual running around. I've already taken the Y.D. to school; soon I take [ profile] selkit and the [ profile] chaoswolf to Fry's, then (Kat's) school.

Wednesday is open house at the Starport; no telling how many people will be at the Starport, but the Wednesday before and after a con are always popular.

Thursday the packing and loading-in start: I'll probably take the afternoon off to assist. It will take several trips, even with multiple vehicles, because in addition to the wedding stuff we have most of the Con Suite's equipment here. The rehearsal dinner is scheduled for Thursday night, but the actual rehearsal won't be until Friday afternoon because Joyce is still mostly bed-ridden at this point and can only be up for an hour or two per day. I'll brief anyone who's there, anyway. Relatives start arriving.

Friday afternoon most relatives and wedding guests will arrive. Sometime around 3:30 we'll start trying to herd the wedding party together for a quick rehearsal. Dinner has been designated the "family dinner"; why the Cat insisted on the rehearsal dinner being Thursday I'll never know.

Saturday morning at 10:00 is the wedding. About 9:00 I'll head down to the room and make sure sound and stairs are in place, then go into "Father of the Bride welcomes the guests" mode. 10:00 is show time: a 6-minute ceremony followed by a short concert. 10:45 we head downstairs for the reception.

The rest of the weekend is Consonance. Between relatives and friends, I don't expect to get to much more than half of the programming. Sunday evening we start loading out. The Cat will stay home with the kids so she can get the Y.D. to school, then come back to the hotel Monday morning to finish loading out. I get to help with load-out, pay for multiple rooms, and say good-byes. Mom and my niece will be leaving on the first shuttle, so I may miss them altogether. The house-cleaners arrive in the afternoon; we'll need it.

Tuesday morning [ profile] selkit heads back home, leaving his forlorn bride to finish school while he hunts for a job. I spend the day playing tour guide with the last of the house-guests. Wednesday is open house again. Guests start to arrive for the "It's Green!" party.

Thursday noonish I take the last of the previous weekend's house-guests to the airport, then go to work, to sit on a patent committee meeting that will probably already be in progress at that point. That evening the Cat and I go out for dinner, because it's my birthday.

Saturday the 15th is the annual "It's Green" potluck party. It's the Ides of March, which seems fitting somehow.

Sunday I collapse in a heap, lulled to sleep by the soft weeping of my credit cards.

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