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Colleen is now ensconced in her new room (4319) -- it's closer to the elevator, for what that's worth; the view out the window is a blank wall; there's good cell reception but, as usual, no wi-fi. They should be able to wheel her to someplace where she can use her laptop, though.

She got her PICC line in (for IV feeding) about 4pm, and was about to get fed as I was leaving. I read the user's manual for the PICC -- slightly scary. (It stands for Peripherally-Inserted Central Catheter, in case you were wondering.)

The fistula appears to have gotten somewhat bigger since Monday, they will wait a week to see if it starts healing properly before deciding whether to repair it surgically. Grumph. I'm not quite as worried as she is at this point, but apparently she's not exactly a straightforward case. Trust our family to be interesting -- in the sense of the old Chinese curse.

Please don't bring her anything to eat or drink; she can have the occasional hard candy if it's clear and not artificially sweetened. Flowers are good.


One amusing quote from yesterday: we were casting about for the best phrase to describe [ profile] chaoswolf's role as interim alpha female in the household, and I simply couldn't resist "beta bitch." She took it in good humor -- with a wolf persona she can't very well argue that it's the wrong term. Colleen got a kick out of it this morning, too. So that's official now.

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