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I have never been an observant Jew, and I've never observed Yom Kippur before, but it feels like a good thing to do.

If I have offended, injured, or neglected anyone during the last year -- or before that, even -- I am truly sorry. If you would like a more personal apology, or if there's anything you want me to do to make amends, please talk to me. In any case, I will be trying hard to do better this year.

If there is anyone who has, or believes they have, offended, injured, or neglected me, if there is anything for me to forgive, you are truly and sincerely forgiven. I hold no grudges for anything done before this moment; please gently but firmly remind me if I appear to be hanging on to one.

May you all be written and sealed in the Book of Life for a good coming year, and may those of you who are marking this day by fasting have an easy one.

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