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Woke up from a dream -- which I actually remembered some of, which is unusual in itself -- that involved looking over the edge of a ledge that seemed to be part of a building being renovated on the left, and part of a cliff on the right. I do get nervous around unprotected drop-offs, but don't remember dreaming about it before. The building under construction, college caffeteria, and unfamiliar city streets are common.

Most of the morning -- ok, the whole morning -- was taken up by a seminar on export controls. The speaker managed to be both informative and entertaining, so that was good. Spent some time talking to people, as well. No walkies.

My new netbook has been shipped, and is scheduled to arrive a week from Monday. The new scooter charger I ordered arrived.

Somehow, a number of things didn't get done despite being on my list right out where I could see them. I feel rather upset about that.

I did get some work done on the makefile for audio recording directories, and a little practice on the Conflikt set. So that's good.

Interesting link via the company Yammer feed on the Future of Interaction Design.

1117 Th
  ' dreams mostly involving a WiFi?? antenna dangling from a cable off a ledge
    that seemed to be connected to a building on one end and a cliff on the
    other, fear of high places with edges, caffeteria food, and unfamiliar
    city streets.  The antenna was the only really new element.  Being in a
    high place and being anxious near the edge isn't new, but it's uncommon in 
    my dreams. 
  * up 6:40; W=194.8; drugs, nose, teeth, dishes, exercise, light
  @ esr ยป The Smartphone Wars: Samsung Busts a Move?
  * morning music:  ran through one song for Conflikt set.  Sloppy on guitar.
  * leave by 9am for Menlo Park
  * 10am Menlo Park.  Export control compliance seminar.  Required.
  * lunch in Menlo
  @ How Facebook Tracks Its Users 
  @ A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design real manipulation,
    not pictures under glass.
  : Cygnus has been shipped; est. arrival Nov. 28.
  * about - awesome window manager
  @ Making Light: Occupy Chaotic Good (smallship1 -
  @ OWS-inspired activism - 
  @ Union workers embrace Occupy mantra in San Jose march - San Jose Mercury News
  * scooter charger arrived.
  * some music.  Ran through a Conflikt song; now listening to the ref. tracks 
    totem `make list-oggs` &>/dev/null &  # singing along some.
  * Makefile work
  * headed for bed ~11

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