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raw notes )

I spent all day in meetings yesterday. A talk by the parent company's president, a meeting with $QA_guy going over the test plan for the server-side software I've been working on for about the last month, and another, longer meeting with the guys on the client end of said software, where we concluded that it probably needs to be scrapped. (More specifically, bypassed in favor of something much simpler and more efficient.)

I seem to be a researcher at heart. I'm proud of my work, happy to have learned as much as I did from it, but not at all upset over the possibility that the work might have been "wasted". $boss, who has to worry about things like schedules, understandably has a different view of the situation.

The big news, though, is that I recorded a scratch track for Amethyst Rose - specifically Eyes Like the Morning. It fell apart rather badly on the last verse, so it's not a keeper by any means, but it's something. I was appalled to note that the other scratch tracks in that directory date back to February of 2007. Sorry about that. Hopefully I'll have time over the next two weekends.

Only one link today; coffee-related. Fun, though.

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Music: Have spent most of the last hour and a half marking and splitting up Monday's and Wednesday's practice session. And I still need to move the DNS for tres-gique.* over to Dreamhost, and renew a couple of currently-little-used domains.

My idea for a single of Quiet Victories never materialized, obviously. But I noticed a rather inexpensive disk duplicator at Fry's... If I can find a printer with enough throughput it might be worthwhile. Otherwise, I'll have to settle for whipping the website into shape and printing booklets, which might be better anyway.

Health: The Ace ankle wrap seems to be working well; I think I can get through a weekend on just one pair of low shoes if I have to. Hopefully I won't have to in most cases, but it's good to know for air travel.

I seem to be getting enough sleep on a midnight-to-6am schedule, as long as Colleen isn't too restless.

For the last month or two my weight has been stuck stubbornly within a pound or so of 185, in spite of what I fondly hope has been a low-carb diet. May have to get more aggressive on that score. At least it's been on the low side of 185 for the last week, rather than on the high side.

Neighbors: Had a good talk with the next-door neighbors yesterday evening. They seem to be bearing up well under their losses, but between water and smoke damage they've apparently lost almost everything. The house appears to be structurally sound, though; repairs will be comparatively inexpensive in that direction. The fire was caused by an exploding part on the controller board in the washer; Belen had started a load just before she left. It's a good thing she did leave, though; apparently the next thing to catch was some plastic part in the washer, and the combustion products were highly toxic. PVC, probably. Maytag front-loader. Same kind that we have, though they've apparently been having lots of trouble with the controller, and we haven't. Knock wood.


2008-08-15 10:56 pm
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So, at long last, I actually got off my arse and recorded a track. A scratch track, actually, for Quiet Victories. Three vocal flubs, which will be trivial to edit out, and a trainwreck at the end that I can safely ignore.

With both extra verses (and the promotion of Bev's verse to the cannonical last verse) and a couple of reps of the men's and women's endings, it comes to almost exactly 10 minutes.

  And it's Oh, No! a thousand times no
  Although it's my blood you'll be spillin'
  I shouldn't write songs more than 10 minutes long;
  I'm afraid I'm as bad as Bob Dylan.

The new equipment (Delta 1010 and a pair of CAD GXL3000 mics) sounds wonderful, to my aging ears at least.

I'm going to sing it at Kathy Mar's bash tomorrow. Probably more than once. I expect to break a few people with it.

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For a couple of weeks now I've been getting even less done than usual on all the various projects I've been working on. As little as six months ago I'd had hopes that I'd have most of the work done for my next album by now; I'll be lucky to get the first one or two scratch tracks done today. There are organizing projects and carpentry projects scattered all over the house; software projects and writing projects and web projects scattered all over three filesystems.

Last night I realized how much more of my time is going into my improved relationship with Colleen, staying in touch with the Wolfling, and even chatting with the Younger Daughter, who is rapidly transforming herself from a child into a young woman. Have I mentioned that I don't multitask well? Not too surprising, then.

It's a good trade-off. I'll take it.

Meanwhile, though, I have a tendency to stare at my lengthening to-do list and feel paralyzed and powerless, rather than pick an item -- any item -- and damned well just do it.


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After spending maybe a little too much time last night and this morning struggling with "Waltz", and reluctantly deciding that some of my favorite turns of phrase simply didn't fit the flow, I ended up spending my entire lunchtime walk re-casting Hackers' Heaven so that it could be done as a Tres Gique concert. It all fell out from my realization a day or two ago that I could easily rationalize Lady Melody (the AI guitar) having two voices, an alto and a soprano. It means rewriting huge chunks of the backstory, but that needed to be done anyway. And the song intros all turn into blog entries.

(Aside: Don't worry if you're not following this: I'm trying to write it down before I get back to work and forget it.)

most of the lead-in )

I probably ought to get some work done, oughtn't I?

7:36 ... and realizing today that I could have "Silk and Steel" written by Lexy (the daughter) as a Mother's Day present, and sung by Melody, thus avoiding the need for an additional male voice.

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Spent some time last night finally re-arranging the recording directory: it now looks like yyyy/mm-event/ where "event" is either a convention, a day or day range, or something like that. If I'm going to be recording practice sessions I should get in the habit of using day ranges -- and perhaps make each month a subdirectory -- for conventions just so things will be chronological.

scripting geekery )

Naturally, having done this, I had to test it, so when I came out to the living room to do some practicing I set the H2 on the music stand and recorded it. Very rough, and I haven't even listened to it let alone tried to do a normalize-and-split. But I will, because I want to have it done by Thursday. It was all stuff that I need for the album. Added a little more this morning.

I also need to get this onto the web, as the start of the collaboration area. In particular, this session has "The Toolmakers" and "The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of" in their correct keys.

web geekery )

I'm going to be a busy bear this week.

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As most of my flist probably knows by now, LJ has added a controversial new feature called Explore LJ - you can see the actual page here. It looks a lot like Google News, only restricted to LJ.

Although I think it's a transparent attempt to monetize user-generated content, I don't think it's a privacy violation, and I'm not going to opt out. Here's why: I want my blog to be noticed.

Sitting in my front closet right now are about 500 copies of Coffee, Computers, and Song. If a few thousand more people get pointed to it and a few dozen of them decide to buy a copy, I'm not going to complain. At all.

For similar reasons, my LJ is indexed on Google and any other search engine that cares to drink from the firehose of LJ's live feed. I rarely friends-lock, and consider anything I post to be public. I have a long history of this, going back to my days in alt.callahans, and it's too late to back out now even if I wanted to.

(I'm in the process of setting up a private journal, where I can control access separately to every post. That's different: it'll be encrypted, unsearchable by anyone but me, and on servers totally under my control.)

Damn the torpedos search engines, full speed ahead!

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This is the first of what I expect to be an increasingly frequent series of status posts about Amethyst Rose, the album currently in production.

My production software is currently something of a shambles, and the web pages are something of a mess. About all I've done so far today is upload the latest tentative track list. I think it's getting there; I added The Queen of Night (which is a space song, but I wrote it thinking of Colleen) and Daddy's World, which is on the last album but is a family song as well. I'll happily take comments on the selection.

Track order is completely undefined at this point, except that I think the first and last songs are in the correct places.

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The weekend's to-do list is already getting slightly full.

  • Fry's run: [livejournal.com profile] selkit wants some stuff, and I need a new MB/CPU to replace the one in the fileserver.
  • Record a scratch track of The Toolmakers, in the right key this time (Bm), and incorporating the changes I made this morning to the last verse. It said what I wanted to say, but I was dissatisfied with the wording.
  • Start setting up the album collaboration area so I can start selling preorder/subscriptions, and so that [livejournal.com profile] cflute and others can start working on arrangements. Should have done it a month ago...

Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] tibicina should be arriving in an hour or so, having finally made it over the snowy passes of southern Oregon. So there may also be music in the offing.

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With sales taxes due at the end of the month, and a week of travel impending, it's a Good Thing that I was finally able to get started. I was able to get the data-entry for pre-orders done by starting with my shipping-label address list and editing in the somewhat smaller number of entries from my paper list. Sales to dealers, and non-preorder sales, were easy enough to add up by hand.

I have yet to break down sales by location for sales tax purposes, but that's all I have left to do this weekend. The bottom line is 390 albums out the door, and a gross take for the year of 4665. 80 out of the total were contributor, promotional, and gift copies -- anyone out there know how I treat those for tax purposes? There were a total of 195 pre-orders, meaning that there are 61 signed, numbered pre-order packages still available. All-in-all I've definitely made a profit on the project, so I'm a happy filkish bear at the moment. I may have to leave off some related expenses in order to convince the IRS that I've made a profit, but that's a problem for another day.

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With both me and the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf in a mood for cleaning, the game of 3D house-tetris has gotten considerably more exciting. And since our recycling bin was emptied this morning, there's actually a place to put the old magazines, cardboard boxes, and packing material.

(Brief digression: one of the UPSs in the server closet is mourning for its dead battery. Sounds like a cricket in heat. It's been ordered, darnit! Shut up already.)

I've managed to clear enough space in the garage attic for three suitcases so far, which gets them out of the bedroom closet. I think I'll take down the old, oversized rolling suitcase and stuff it full of bags and backpacks from my closet before putting it back up.

Helped the Wolfling tetris bookshelves and boxes yesterday, and pick up recycling today -- there might even be room for her fiancé when he comes down on the 15th. Meanwhile, because the Wolfling has been doing her laundry, there's finally room in the front closet for all of my CD inventory and packing materials. So one can finally get to the cookbook shelves. Yay!

And I've been making room in the studio bedroom corner for the recording system. Soon.

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The shortest day of the year is also over, and I'm home for the holidays. Whichever set of seasonal holidays you celebrate, and wherever you place the New Year, it's a time for family, friendship, and fresh starts. There was a beautiful, nearly-full moon hanging low in the twilight sky on my way home.

I've finally started to come off a long productivity slump that started somewhere in late August after the album came out. It's too early to say that I've really gotten back into the groove, but it's a start.

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Here behind the cut are the very preliminary, not-necessarily-complete,

track lists for the three upcoming albums.  )
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I've actually been getting a few things done on the music front.

  1. Went down to Stanford to see who to talk to about selling albums. Most college bookstores have a section for works by alumni. Stanford doesn't: it's owned by some chain that doesn't give a damn. I pledged them $50 this year; next year I'll just send that much more to Carleton.
  2. Essentially finished with adapting the various make rules and perl scripts to the new directory layout. Track working directories now live underneath the corresponding album working directories.
  3. My TrackInfo script is now capable of computing total time for a list of songs, so it can take over much of the work of the Setlist script. Eventually it should allow me to integrate setlists and the corresponding concert recordings.
  4. Did some tracklist planning. There are definitely three albums in the queue now. Stop laughing.
I could use a little input from your collective wisdom here... )

I expect to have a web page with a tentative track list up by Monday, along with a couple of new scratch tracks.

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The other main activity for the weekend has been getting ready to record the scratch tracks for Amethyst Rose. For quite a while I've been wanting to move the track directories from their present location in .../Tracks/ to under the album working directories they belong with, so that's a lot of what I worked on.

In my usual style, I wrote another make target (snarf-tracks) in album.make. That way, I could apply it in all the backup directories as well, and avoid rewriting some 40 GB of audio files. Mission accomplished.

Along the way I also wrote the script to push the backups to my dreamhost site. That's important not only because I'm paranoid, but because it's going to be the main collaboration site for working on the album.

One pleasant discovery in all this was that I actually have recordings of 11 of the 16 songs in the tentative tracklist. Many -- perhaps most -- will need to be redone even to have useable scratch tracks, but it holds out considerable hope that I can actually get them done in the next six weeks, i.e., in time for Conflikt.

Of course, I also discovered that there were more tracks on the tentative list than I had space for, even after some trimming. I pretty much had to go into "what can I drop without having somebody hunt me down and kill me" mode. So there will be at least three more albums coming along: Amethyst Rose (family and friends), Hackers' Heaven (hackers in space), and a to-be-named fantasy and space album. That's good: it will tighten up AR and HH around their respective themes.

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We went to the Dickens Fair today -- all but the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf, who had a job interview scheduled at Macy's. Apart from the Y.D. getting bored and a little whiny after only about 2 hours, it was pleasant. The [livejournal.com profile] flower_cat and I could easily have stayed all afternoon listening to the music.

My largest purchase was a tail coat, since that's what the Wolfling wants me to wear for the wedding. Also picked up some CDs from Glenn Morgan. Had a bit of a chat about CD manufacturing -- he's one of several musicians I've met recently who have started burning and printing their own disks. I gather it's about half the cost of pressing, and of course you don't have the inventory. I probably don't want to go that route, though.

Spent much of the morning tracking down and formatting a good version of Froggy Went A-Courtin'. Getting it up on the website involved a little makefile debugging -- I've moved things around quite a lot trying to get to a saner distribution of files on the internal server.

Felt very sleepy driving home. This may be due in part to having been awakened abruptly at 6am by the Cat mistaking the coffee grinder for the phone ringing. What the Wolfling was doing making coffee at that hour, I don't know, but I wish she could do it on weekdays when I have to take her and her sister to school.

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  • Read the relevant parts of Stretching (11/3) and scan the diagrams so I have a reference I can carry around with me. (Monday at work?)
  • Re-arrange the concert and studio track directories, putting tracks underneath albums where appropriate. Having them all in one directory makes it too big and cluttered, and makes it hard to have multiple versions of a song. Split OVFF recordings into large chunks and assign meaningful names. (11/3: moved concerts to /users/record; renamed OVFF files. Not split yet.)
  • Install the Delta 1010 soundcard and 64Studio on the machine that's currently my workstation (Trantor). Swap video cards and names with the old recording machine (Harmony) and move it into the studio bedroom for recording.
  • Firm up the set list for my concert at Loscon. Assume +Kat -Joyce. (11/3 tentatively, and in no particular order: cicero rosie stuff mil-dawn bugs tool bigger rrprayer barratry)

For some people this may be NaNoWriMo; I'm not going to have time for that. I want to have scratch tracks for Amethyst Rose, and hopefully also for Hackers' Heaven done by the end of the year.

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Not to be confused with the day of rest, which it wasn't particularly.

A pleasant walk drive, a pleasant talk, along the briny beach... Went for a long drive with the [livejournal.com profile] flower_cat; we spent almost all of it talking about furniture. The plan is to swap the positions of the couch (moving it from the living room to the "dining room" portion of our L-shaped living/dining room) and the dining table. This will free up a bit of space in both places; the dining table and its six chairs will eventually go to the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf.

The real advantage of this move is that we can install curtains to close off the "dining room" area when guests want to sleep on the couch (which turns into two single beds or one king-size, as needed). The Cat also wants to clean out the sewing room and put in a single-bed-size chaise lounge/futon. The sewing room is tiny -- we should have made it bigger, but it's too late now. It was fine for the kids when they were babies, so it seemed like a good idea at the time...

After coming back to a delicious lamb stew that the Cat had set to cooking (in a cast-iron pot in the oven, at 300 degrees) before we left, I spent a couple of hours printing up the final batch of About Bleeding Time inserts, and putting together another 15 two-disk sets. Because I foolishly ordered only 250 blanks, and have turned a few of those into coasters, I'm going to end up a bit short of the run of 256. But since I'm unlikely to sell out any time soon, I'm not going to worry about it much.

Public Service Announcement: Anyone who wants to place an order (for $20 sets, or a wholesale order) to be delivered at OVFF, just comment. Most of the range between C8 and FE is available; the interfilk set will be CO and DE. If you just want a disk or three, order from CD Baby -- it's much more convenient. They have 10 in stock, last time I checked. I've been very lazy about contacting dealers. Stupid bear.

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I rarely, if ever, mention cloud pictures in my posts, but this morning on the way home the morning sky was exceptional, and there in front of me was a perfect little griffin. Sadly, it had vanished by the time I had turned the corner on Leigh and parked in front of my house, to be replaced by a somewhat unsatisfactory little unicorn. There was also a rather blurry running quadruped; it might have been a wolf if you were in the right mood.

I spent some time yesterday morning working on the track lists for the next two albums: Amethyst Rose and Hackers' Heaven; they're still extremely vague. Realized that AR was altogether too crowded already; there's going to have to be another one for most of the fantasy songs and the leftover computer and space stuff. Not sure I want to think about that just now, but part of the motivation for all this is the fact that I'm feeling particularly mortal these days.

(Note: if you follow those links (and I don't really recommend that you do), you'll find the directories on the other end to be really rough. I cut a lot of corners to get CC&S out the door; it will take me a while to glue them all back on.)

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Went out for dinner at Buck's, followed by a BroceliandeBroceliande concert at St. Bede's in Menlo Park. About a five-minute walk from where I work, in other words. We took [livejournal.com profile] chipuni along -- he had taken the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf out to lunch and had never heard them.

It was a good concert. The church had fantastic acoustics, and looked striking as well. The walls were paneled in dark-stained marine plywood (I could tell because that's the only kind of plywood that comes in 13-foot panels.) The ceiling was an equilateral pyramid. As I said, striking.

Had a good talk with Kristoph at the reception afterward, mostly about recording and editing software, and gave him and Margaret a copy of CC&S. I've taken voice lessons from 'Stoph, and he's provided a great deal of encouragement and advice over the years. (By the way, CD Baby has it in stock -- just follow the link.)


2007-09-08 08:03 am
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The last remaining orders will be in the mail in about an hour. Still need to consolidate the databases (actually flat files, but PayPal and paper are in different formats) and make sure I haven't missed anyone with my haphazard piling[sic] system, but at this point I think it's done.

The final count brings me up pretty much to C0 (decimal 192) with a handful of "interesting" numbers reserved and a few sitting around at work and at home waiting to be sold. Call it 175 pre-orders, which is enough to cover my production costs and most of the artwork. 70 to dealers, which easily covers the rest of the artwork. Four through CD Baby, who are presently out of stock -- their shipment should be arriving today. (Need to be a little more pro-active there -- waiting until they get down to one disk doesn't really give me enough lead time.)

Need to print some more business cards and fliers.


2007-09-03 09:30 pm
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At this point I've packaged up all but about a dozen of the pre-orders -- mostly the international ones, plus a handful that came in too late to get into the database. Hand-delivered two yesterday, and sold a couple more. I have a few out with the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf in hopes that she might sell a couple at the BASFA meeting. (9:42 she sold 2 sets and a single.)

But there's light at the end of the tunnel -- I'll have the rest shipped by the end of the week. I've built sets numbered through BF plus a scattering of requested or special ones past that, and have started burning my last spindle of 50 blank ABT's. (I only ordered 250, which was probably a mistake, since it's supposed to be an edition of 256 and a couple ended up as coasters. I'll have to label a few blanks myself if I ever sell that many.)

Not that I've done much else today, apart from a 4-mile walk and a shopping expedition to Sears, which netted a pair of folding plastic sawhorses, a power sander, and a canister vacuum cleaner. The latter was the main reason for the expedition: it was top-rated in Consumer Reports, and it was on sale this weekend. (Actually I got the next model up for the same price I would have paid for the one CR tested.)

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Yeah, well... Grand Central Starport is open today and tomorrow for anyone in the area who wants to borrow some coolth and a fast net connection.

After a nice 5-mile walk (yay! finally!) and a light lunch, I set out to the dangerously seductive Southern Lumber for shelving and a couple of tools. We'd gotten Elfa shelf standards and brackets yesterday, but not the necessary 4-ft 1x8's. And I know there's a level in the house, but I couldn't find it, and the level in my ancient and cheap combination square was rattling loose in its housing and effectively worthless. Picked up a couple of paintbrushes, too, after determining that I did have Varathane Diamond Finish.

... And some sandpaper for the ancient Black&Decker electric sander, which died after about three shelves. Out of ten. Turned up a hand sander, and carried on: I knocked off the corners with a block plane, and [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf finished off with the sander. Power tools are useful, but hand tools are more satisfying.

I set up five plastic lawn chairs in lieu of sawhorses. Varathane Diamond is a fast-drying, water-based finish; in 95-degree weather it was dry to the touch on the first board by the time I finished with the fifth. Two coats on both sides of five shelves by the time the Wolfling was finishing up the sanding on the last one. We'll do the rest tomorrow; I was wiped.

Had some of the [livejournal.com profile] flower_cat's yummy sangria and finished installing the Wolfling's shelf standards.

Went over to [livejournal.com profile] lisa_marli's party for a couple of hours, and to deliver pre-order disks to her and [livejournal.com profile] capplor, who I knew would be there because she'd (they'd?) stopped by to ask for directions while I was outside finishing. I still owe Robin a disk -- I didn't pack enough to cover her freebies. Sold one numbered set (can't rightly call them per-order sets anymore).

Now I'm back home, munching salami-and-cheese and finishing up another glass of sangria. Happy Bear.


2007-09-01 11:09 pm
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Made up another 16 pre-order packets this morning; mailed 8 before my walk (3 miles by Los Gatos Creek).

Went out shopping with the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf for shelving (the Container Store is having a 25% off sale) and a floor lamp. Mission accomplished.

Shipped 7 packages this evening (two were multiples). This brings me up to 9F on the pre-orders. After that it starts getting interesting, because some of the letter combinations will want to get saved out for specials (BA+BE, CA+FE, DE+AD -- I'll happily take suggestions).

There are a small number of low-numbered sets that I reserved, a handful of undelivered envelopes (some of which will get hand-delivered over the weekend) and a couple of unsold sets sitting around. But this means I've packaged up and shipped about 150 pre-orders, with 23 left in the queue. Several of those are "interesting", mostly meaning international orders. But I'll probably finish mailing them by early next week.

So there are still 60 or so sets left in the signed limited edition. And if you just want a copy or three of Coffee, Computers, and Song! to listen to, they're available on CD Baby.

If you've already gotten your CDs, let me know how you like them. And what I can do better next time.

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Picked up the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf at the airport yesterday evening, home from six weeks with her fiancé ([livejournal.com profile] selkit) and ready for home cooking. (She made dinner tonight -- a salad, and porkchops with a barbecue sauce based largely on honey, lemon juice, and espresso. Yum!)

Spent most of the evening preparing packing material for tomorrow's preorder mailings, reading LJ, and listening to Nancy Freeman ([livejournal.com profile] nimuejohn)'s Stardust County. Wow! Probably a good thing I didn't listen to it while I was working on CC&S, or I would have been too intimidated to finish. It's gorgeous. Go buy a copy.

Somehow the house seems more complete with both kids here, even when they're both upstairs asleep.

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... not gone yet, but getting there. Even as I type, a stack of 50 address labels is slowly grinding its way through the print queues (and getting stuck somewhere). They'll need to be checked against the lists to make sure I haven't already shipped them or handed them out in a con (I know one or two slipped through). Then I have to go back through the list to make sure I didn't miss anyone (and I'm pretty sure there are one or two recent PayPal payments I haven't processed). And I have to compare them with the list of signing instructions and quantities.

They were generated using a sequence of egregious hacks, but thanks to perl, emacs, and glabels, they just might get printed. (OTOH there seems to be some problem with the print server, which is admittedly underpowered for the job. I'll deal with it tonight.)

But I expect I'll have the rest of the pre-orders shipped by sometime next week.

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... but I'm going to try to have the next two albums done in a year and a half.

I have reasons for wanting to get Amethyst Rose done -- at least at the duplicator -- by next August. On the other hand, two years is a long time to wait for the one after that, Hacker's Heaven, especially since that will be more upbeat and have more of peoples' favorite songs in it. Also, I've been feeling particularly mortal lately, and have both cancer and heart disease on both sides of my family. Should have started a decade ago. Oh, right.

On the gripping hand, a lot of the time I spent mostly not working on CC&S was spent learning how to use the tools, trying to figure out what needed to be done and how to do it, working on things like the bonus CD that didn't really need doing, and not knowing when I needed to ask for help. I've done that now. Got the T-shirt (from Oasis), even.

So here's my plan. )

I spent most of my year-end vacation last year working on ABT, hacking on the website, and building the toolchain. When I sat down and analyzed what I've done over the last couple of years, I really did crank out two albums. (Facepalms.) No wonder it took longer than I expected.

OK, you can call me crazy now.

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Saturday is the busy day at ConChord. I skipped the TTTR (Totally Tasteless and Tacky Review) in favor of conversation in the dealer's room and con suite, and ended up spending a fair amount of time pointing incoming wedding guests in the right direction, plus a certain amount of light schlepping for the [livejournal.com profile] flower_cat who found herself gift-wrangling.

Went to Devon and Richard's wedding, of course. With Joe Bethancourt and Leslie Fish on stage as best man and maid of honour respectively, you can bet that music was a big part of the ceremony. The Cat and I were both taking copious mental notes: we're next.

Spent the time between the concert and Tom Digby's presentation (can't really call it a concert) up in [livejournal.com profile] cflute's room with her and [livejournal.com profile] tibicina getting ready for our concert tomorrow this afternoon at 3:00.

Tom Digby [livejournal.com profile] idea_fairy) is indescribable.

Dinner was Chinese; since we discussed our concert and the next two CDs, I paid for it.

The evening concerts were excellent: InterFilk guest [livejournal.com profile] zencuppa and GoH [livejournal.com profile] andpuff. The InterFilk voice auction came in between; my 2-disk package went for $95 (IIRC), which was pretty good considering the small number of people at the con.

I left the open filking about 3am. Songs included "Vampire Megabyte" (also done in the vampire circle Friday night), "Little Computing Machine", "The Last Train" (Janis Ian), (one or two others I've forgotten), and closed with "For Amy" (and a plug for the next album).

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Even as I type, a thousand copies of Coffee, Computers, and Song! are on a loading dock in New Jersey waiting for a UPS truck to bring them to my doorstep mountain stronghold employer's office. They are scheduled to arrive on Thursday.

I will have them in time for the Linux Picnic Saturday and the Chaos Castle Bash on Sunday. I am also frantically burning copies of About Bleeding Time for the pre-order packages, a few of which are still available. (It takes about 10 minutes to burn a copy at 8x, which I'm using because burning at full speed gives me too many errors on the audio.)

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Talk about a long, strange trip. In about a month I'll be starting work on my next album, which hopefully won't take nearly as long as the first one has. It will be called Amethyst Rose.

Here's why, and what I've been thinking about most of the day. )

The album after that will be called Hacker's Heaven, and will be mostly a mix of computer and space songs.


2007-06-16 10:31 pm
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No, I probably shouldn't be allowed to try singing harmony. Finally have a decent lead track for "Someplace in the Net", but the harmony isn't where I want it yet. (We're not even going to mention that annoying hesitation in the intro.)

Also recorded a fresh shaker part for "TEOTW" only to find that I still preferred the previous one. Three steps forward, two steps back, I think.

for the insatiably curious )

I think I'll stick a fork in "TEOTW", and see what I can do with "Net" again tomorrow. I may try guitar for a couple of harmony parts -- I can tune my guitar.

And I have to come up with a setlist for the Tres Gique gig at Westercon, which is coming up in (urk!) two weeks! We won't have [livejournal.com profile] cflute, but we'll have Joyce and Jordan. It'll be good. 10pm Saturday after Alexander James, so we might actually have an audience (if they don't all leave).

General note: I will not be taking preorders for any future albums until they're actually in duplication. I was stupid this time.

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Worked on "Silk and Steel" -- it was less trivial than I expected, since I wanted to get the guitar right on this one, and it was already well above average. Working as much from the spectrogram as from my ears, I think I finally got the guitar part where I want it. Only question, really, is whether I should have brought up the bottom dropped D string as much as I did. The peak was 20dB down, I think because of the previously-applied EQ. So I lowered the other notes on the bottom two strings, but raised the D about 10dB to compensate for the earlier indignities. Opinions? [ogg] -- I suspect the mp3 is too lo-fi to tell.

special note for cflute )
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I suspect my Baycon reporting will be a little sketchy this year; I've been a busy bear. Good rehearsal session Friday night, after a long day that included two different hotel-room screwups affecting [livejournal.com profile] cflute and the Ugglas; fortunately all resolved.

The hotel is a maze in about 2.5 dimensions -- each floor is a branching tree structure with a fractal dimension of 1.5 or so. The function space is mostly on the second floor, and our room is on the third floor (the party floor, but we're off in a cul-de-sac). You can get from our room to the function space by walking about 1/4 mile and going down a short ramp. Except that some of the function space is on the other second floor, which can only be reached by elevator from the third floor. Right. I got well and truly lost several times on Friday; either the corridors move around, Hogwarts style, when you're not looking, or the hotel knocks you out and moves you around while you're unconscious. Haven't figured out which.

Panels and concerts yesterday; got a good recording of [livejournal.com profile] cflute's set. I'll be recording Tres Gique (me, Callie, and Joyce, plus her son Jordan on drum). There's no stage, but plenty of room for me to set up the mics, and the end of the front row is close enough to the nearest wall plug to power the laptop. I just have to remember to make sure it's in "don't go to sleep, darnit" mode. Setting the levels will be a little tricky, but hopefully what I used last night will work.

Stayed in the open filking until 1:30 or 2:00 -- not too many people, and good singing.

Album pre-orders have been, not exactly brisk, but OK; I've also been handing out bonus disks to the folks who have already ordered. I stole an idea from [livejournal.com profile] quadrivium and stuffed the preorder bonus disks into correspondingly-numbered jiffy packs -- all I have to do is get the customer to put their address on the pack and swap the disk for a twenty. Easy. There are plenty still available, by the way -- I brought 75 to the con.

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Before going out for my walk I cooked up suitable license boilerplate and applied it to the programs and makefile templates in my tools directory, in preparation for burning it onto about a hundred CD-ROMs starting tomorrow. Spent the last hour or so debugging the scripts that process my song lyrics -- I'll have to do some editing tomorrow to put the copyright notices in the right format. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

After my walk (4 miles by Los Gatos Creek) I went to Office Max and scored 200 slimline jewel cases in a 2-for-one sale, which made them a mere $0.15 each. Came home and created the glabels templates for the single-page inserts, composed the labels, and printed a couple of test copies. It turns out that the Memorex and Avery blanks are somewhat different in their spacing (and totally different in their layout if you want to do tray cards), but I now have templates for both.

The Gnome label-maker, glabels, is a major win.

After the [livejournal.com profile] flower_cat and [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf got back from their seemingly-interminable Baycon meeting we went out for Chinese at Jasmine in Los Gatos -- it's been one of our favorites for at least 25 years. Discovered that [livejournal.com profile] selkit has a copy of Adobe Illustrator with him, so I'll bribe commission him to do the layout for CC&S. After Baycon.

I've moved over to Trantor, the new workstation, almost completely at this point. It's still running in 32-bit mode, but it's more than fast enough for what I'm doing, so I'm not going to worry about it for a while.


2007-05-19 09:52 am
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Even as I type, a box of 250 blank CDR disks preprinted with the label art for About Bleeding Time is languishing in Oakland waiting for a Monday rendezvous with destiny my grubby paws my house full of CD burners $employer's office in Menlo Park.

Anyone at Baycon next weekend who preorders, or has preordered, Coffee, Computers, and Song will get one of their very own to take away. Everyone else should be getting email pointing them at the downloadable version. CC&S itself should be shipping in late June.

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The pre-printed disks for About Bleeding Time are in process. I found out when the proof came back that I'd sent them an older version of the artwork, minus the cool HyperSpace Express logo and link to the (currently nonexistent) HyperSpace Express website. Approved it anyway -- I'll put the logo on the insert, and the site isn't up yet anyway. One less thing to do before Baycon.

Spent wasted the entire rest of the day trying to make a cd-extra -- that's a two-session disk with audio in the first session and a CD-ROM data file in the second session. Doing it the documented way from the command line gives me a CD-ROM that appears to be empty. (See my post in [livejournal.com profile] linux for details if you think you can help.)

Nero for Linux writes a CD-ROM with directories but no file contents. I was pretty impressed that it even existed, but it's clearly seriously broken. Just as well -- you can only use it from the GUI, so it would be a major disruption of my script-heavy workflow. Not only that, the GUI is annoying and clumsy -- there aren't any keyboard shortcuts for adding a file to the disk, there's no way to get CD text from a file, and the audio tracks all default to copy-protected. Blerg.

Tomorrow I may make an attempt to use k3b; otherwise I'll just fall back to a CD-ROM with audio tracks, which I know works.

This is not a happy bear.

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Just a reminder, now that [livejournal.com profile] filkertom has jogged my memory, that postal rates are going up as of today. Actually it's more complicated than that: the base first class rate is going up (to $0.41), but the rate for additional weight is going down, and there's an additional charge for additional thickness that's going to bite people who mail CDs, for example. It looks like media mail and priority mail rates are still based on weight under some limiting size.

Not surprisingly, the actual rate tables are slashdotted.

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Spent some time this morning looking at what remains to be done for ABT and realizing that, no, there's no fscking way I can have it done by Monday. And besides, I want the versatility of being able to have a mix of CDROM, CD-Extra, and pure-audio disks on hand. So I fired off an RFQ to proactionmedia.com (they're not open on weekends). Wish there was someplace local that did inkjet printing on CDRs.

After the usual weekend 4-mile walk I stopped by Staples, because I'd seen them on a web search for CD duplicators. What the heck; if they had the DupliQ I might just buy one. No duplicators, but they did have a shiny new HP D5160 that (wonder of wonders) prints on CDs! Apparently somebody's patent has expired, because it used to be an Epson exclusive. Filed the information away for future reference, and headed across the street to Fry's to see whether they had it for less.

It was the same price, $89, but there was somebody there from HP who, in response to my query, said that it worked fine in Linux. HP has been pretty good about Linux printer drivers, while the latest Epson (the R260, successor to the R200 that's been giving me grief lately) is listed as a "paperweight" in the linuxprinting.org database. That clinched it, and I brought it home just in time to spend the next hour trying to find some way of printing a character sheet for the Y.D. Turned out that not only was the Epson suffering from clogged jets, but the cheap print server it's attached to appeared to be hosed (or at least unresponsive, even after a power cycle), and the SMB server on Nova appears to be inaccessible to the Windows machines. Again. GAAAH! And in spite of having what I thought was a reasonably complete set of fresh ink cartridges, I was suddenly reminded that I couldn't find a magenta cartridge the last time I went ink shopping. Guess which one I need. Finally put the page on my keychain drive, hauled it over to the Linux workstation, and printed it on the laser printer.

There are lots of reasons why I do most of my reading on the screen these days, but a well-founded loathing for printers and printing in general, and Windows printing in particular, is right up there.

Still haven't installed the HP -- no useable print server at the moment -- but I'm hopeful. I've never had particularly good luck with HP equipment, but I really like the fact that their ink cartridges include the nozzle assembly, so that even if you haven't used it for months, all you have to do is change the cartridges to get a totally new, clean, print head. Unlike the Epson.

Spent the rest of the afternoon fixing ABT's Makefile to correctly (I hope) write cd-extra (pressed-multi-session) disks, because although it's perfectly feasible to add audio tracks to a CD-ROM, I don't think most of my customers will be amused by 20 minutes of silence on track 1.

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I spent much of yesterday and today chasing down information about disk duplicators. (I'll be taking some vacation time for it. I don't feel too guilty, because I also researched some web-related stuff that will save us a world of hassle in our current project. But that's another post, and probably not for several months yet...)

There are two projects in the queue: the studio album, Coffee, Computers, & Song, and the mostly-live bonus album, About Bleeding Time. The former is not quite ready for prime time, and I figure it'll head out for the duplicator's either just before or just after Baycon. But I really need to have ABT done by Baycon. I'm already several months late, and if I don't have something in hand I can probably expect an angry mob with pitchforks and torches at my concert Sunday night. So I've been looking at fast-turnaround duplication, and full-color label printing on blank CD-R's that I can burn at home to save time.

About the best prices I've been able to find for 300 printed, blank CD-R disks are in the neighborhood of $450 with 5-7 day turnaround time. To which one adds shipping delay, and it starts to get pretty tight with Baycon two weeks away. Urk!

Then, thanks to a Google search for "cd duplicator bay area", we find New Cyberian: $400 for 500, full-color printed, replicated CDs and an easy walk from Fry's in San Jose. They're "no frills" -- none of the music-oriented extras you'd get from Discmakers or Oasis, and not significantly cheaper for runs of 1000 or more with packaging. But when you factor in the full-color disk printing, which is $200 more at Discmakers, they're cheaper than 300 blank disks anyplace I've found, and close enough that I can hand-carry a master in on Monday.

I was really kind of hoping for the added versatility of being able to burn disks if somebody needed a plain audio disk. But, y'know, for the extra $200, the time, and the hassle, I can go down to Fry's and buy an Epson printer and a stack of disks and still come out ahead.

(0512 9:06) On the other hand, I'm not sure I can get everything all together by Monday (especially since tomorrow is Mother's Day, with brunch and a zoo trip planned), and I really don't need to be stuck with an extra 250 disks. So ProAction Media, with a price of .84 for 350 disks (total $294) and 3-5 day turnaround, still looks like a very good bet. It means I'll be doing a lot of burning the week before Baycon, and maybe at the con as well, but I can deal with that.

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Note: I'm terrible with phone calls. I put them off for weeks, sometimes. If I don't have everything written out ahead of time, I don't remember what to ask, and leave out important stuff.

So that's what I'm doing. This is almost entirely for my own reference; I doubt that anyone else will be interested. But I'm thinking about it now and it's after business hours on the East coast. )

Note: I'm calling discmakers, shortstacks, and Oasis; I'm mainly interested right now in printed blank disks and short-run CDROMs with added audio tracks. Any other recommendations?

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I really want to get the bonus CD, About Bleeding Time, done in time for Baycon. Which is in, um, ((\me riffles through calendar)) TWO WEEKS!. It's pretty nearly done.

The original plan was to get the label printed on blank disks by somebody that offers fast service, like DiscMakers, and burn them at home. This would give me the ability to provide custom burns, like audio-only or cd-extra. I might still do that.

But this gadget is awfully tempting. The only problem I can see is the requirement for XP Pro -- I'm damned if I can see why, since this one can use vanilla XP or even a G5 Mac. And why not an Intel Mac, which I actually have? Grumble. And then there's this one, with a built-in PC, and this one, which is dirt cheap (but doesn't print).

The question is, would I use it enough to justify the cost? I am not going to use CD-R disks for the studio albums, like CC&S. I wouldn't do that to my customers. But for bonus disks, instant concert disks, short runs for friends, ... I'm pretty sure anything but the cheapest one wouldn't be worth it.


The pico with off-site printing is looking really tempting. Somebody stop me...

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Yesterday was pretty busy, actually. Started the day by rebooting the fileserver without the old IDE drives, though I left them in the case just, um, in case. Took a little longer than expected to get all the glitches out of the grub and /etc/fstab setups, but I never needed a rescue disk. Got a start on updating the daily mirror script for the new partitioning.

Measured the distance to the Younger Daughter's school -- it's about 1.7 miles by car, so maybe 1.5 by the obvious walking route. An easy morning walk for me, thought I don't think the Y.D. is interested. Would do her a lot of good, though.

Spent most of the morning at work reboooting the computers in my office and making sure things were still ok after Monday's power outage. Everything was fine, except that I missed a meeting because my reminder software runs on my desktop. Oops. Had a good idea in the afternoon that elegantly solves a nasty cross-site-scripting vulnerability, at least in the most common case. No, I can't say anything else about it yet.

Three mile walk, with hills. I needed that.

Spent some time in the afternoon researching short-run CD-ROM prices. I think I can get the bonus disk, About Bleeding Time, to a duplicator sometime this week, which means it should be ready in time for Baycon, in (urk!) a little over 2 weeks. I was originally planning to just get them printed, and burn them myself, which would give me the freedom to burn plain CDs or CD-Extra's for those who need them, but it's possible that CDROMs with audio will work for almost everyone. Depends in part on whether I can fix the remaining level problems by Friday.

When I came home I bounced the fileserver again to install the second 400GB drive for the mirror, formatted it, and finished rewriting the mirror script -- with some sanity tests in case I didn't finish the initial copy by the time the script had to run. Which I haven't -- I just started transferring the big partition this morning, and it looks like another hour or so to go. (8:24am: it's done now.)

Then, in a fit of productivity seldom seen in this decrepit old fractal, I added the missing bit of goodness to my TrackInfo script to look in the current directory for a secondary metadata file. That means that in albums like About Bleeding Time that have multiple versions of the same song, I can actually give them different descriptions in the liner notes. Yay! So I did that, too, burned a test disk, and took the [livejournal.com profile] flower_cat out for a test drive. Reluctantly gave up on putting in the version of "Silk and Steel" from Consonance -- the 5KHz feedback was never entirely suppressed, and it made the guitar sound twangy, too. Too bad -- it was a much better performance.

At this point the home network is in pretty solid shape, and shouldn't need much more attention until the time comes to move hosting for theStarport.org and its email, at which point I'll be able to dump my old DSL line. Repackaging the gateway and upgrading my workstation hardware are also on the short list, but aren't particularly urgent and won't require much in the way of time or planning.

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I've just spent the last hour or so persuading my album build system to cook me up a CD-ROM with audio tracks. The Mac and Linux, at least, are perfectly ok with this. I will see tomorrow whether a range of other, mostly cheap, players can handle it. It turns out that multisession insanity probably won't be necessary for About Bleeding Time -- CD-ROMs are allowed to have audio tracks.

And I might have enough information now to make multi-session disks correctly; the documentation for TOC files seems to have improved considerably during the last few months of the run-up toward Etch.

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With last night's midnight mixing mania, the album is in a state it's never been in before: as far as I can tell, none of the tracks make me cringe to listen to them. That leaves the following work:

  • "Vampire Megabyte" still needs spin-up and head-crash effects.
  • Final mixing -- delete unused tracks, clean up any problems that turn up in the next couple of days.
  • Tray card and booklet layout. If necessary I suppose I can do the layout in Photoshop, but I'd rather use Illustrator, Pagemaker, Corel Draw, or Quark. Suggestions? I may try to do the preliminary work in Inkscape and export SVG.
  • Paperwork
  • Label printing, some experimentation, and home burning of the bonus disk. In particular, I'm still not sure of the best way to make a mixed CD/CD-ROM out of it. Bonus disks, at least, will be available at Baycon.

I'm currently planning to take tomorrow off to do as much of this as I can. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to give the current mix a good listen and make comments, I really need another few sets of ears on this one. Email me (my LJ username at livejournal.com) or comment below for a pointer to the secret link. (Or hack it -- this is an album about hacking, after all. The URL is on a disk label image linked from this page. It's really meant as a bonus for people who pre-order, so feel free to do that, too. There are still plenty of pre-order packages available.


2007-04-28 08:35 pm
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Finally did the clean guitar track for "TEOTWAWKI" (after a couple of stupids) and added a tambourine track, which I think works pretty well. I may have to do a little cut-and-paste on that one. I don't think I'd make a good percussionist. There are some oddities in my vocals on the first verse and chorus -- I may take another run at those.

That leaves the effects for "Vampire Megabyte" and fixing the eq on "Stuck Here", both of which I may get to later tonight, and another round of tweaking. (11:28 got to Vampire. Bwahaha! Unfortunately, my tablesaw just doesn't sound enough like a drum spinning up -- messed up with clunking noises. Can I write off a new tablesaw as a music-related business expense? On the other hand, the stake-pounding came out just fine, and it turns out that Audacity has a "generate DTMF" effect. 826-7473. No, don't call it!)

I also took a pass at About Bleeding Time (which I hadn't looked at for quite a while) to add "Bound for Hacker's Heaven" to the track list and to make sure it still builds. There was, in fact, a command-line issue that needed to be fixed in the makefile template, which had changed in the interim.

mdlbear: (abt)

... but it looks as though I'll be starting one anyway. this post by [livejournal.com profile] catsittingstill got me thinking about tweaking my CD and website build tools (edit to fix broken URL -- how did it end up being "starpnetort.com"?) to make them more generally useful. Right now they're specific to me, my website layout, and the idiosyncratic file format I use for lyrics. But it wouldn't be hard to generalize them, and I think a lot of people, especially in the filk community, would have a use for what amounts to a singer-songwriter's web toolkit.

I'm not going to do more than think about it between now and whenever my CD is finished -- hopefully Baycon.

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Spent most of the morning at Ikea with the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf shopping for shelving and a desk chair for her room. Meanwhile, Stanley Steamer came in and steam-cleaned the carpets in her room, [livejournal.com profile] super_star_girl's room, the upstairs hallway, and the stairs. I then spent the entire blasted afternoon with the Wolfling putting her bed together. Made some absolutely stupid mistakes putting the shelf together: I was pretty punchy at that point and shouldn't have been allowed near a screwdriver. One screw -- fortunately not a perticularly critical one -- is missing; I think it's the one I dropped when handed the wrong one at a critical moment. Another of the same sort fell into a crack from which it will take a magnet to retrieve it. The desk will have to wait until morning.

There are some things about Ikea's design that are very clever, and others that are absolutely infuriating.

Of course, come 4:00pm the [livejournal.com profile] flower_cat was absolutely furious at me for not having gone shopping with the Y.D., who needed a new mattress for her bed. Sorry, Love, there's only one of me, and two peoples' worth of work to be done. Luckily the Cat was able to get the mattress after I assured her there was enough headroom left on her credit card, and that I had allowed for the weekend's expenses in the budget. Yummy chili for dinner, which means leftover chili for breakfast tomorrow. Yay!

Nothing done on the album, obviously, but I did manage to download all the preorder details from PayPal, which is something I've been putting off for some reason. 39 web preorders total. Add the 23 paper preorders already entered, and 10 more since Consonance, and we get a grand total of 72 (not allowing for a couple of 2-set orders, a couple of contributor and promotional copies, and the two Interfilk auction packages). There are plenty of pre-order packages left, folks!

Tomorrow I get to take the Y.D. desk shopping, finish helping the Wolfling put her bed together, and hopefully have enough time and energy left over for some tracks. And start the taxes. Did I mention that I still haven't started the taxes? At least things are organized. I could do it in a weekend at this point, if I had a weekend free.

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Worked on "Little Computing Machine", "Silk & Steel", "TEOTWAWKI", and "I Wanna Be a Webmaster". That last may have to be scrapped, though. That would leave me with 5 tracks that need to have both guitar and vocals redone (separately). Fortunately I have nice clean scratch tracks to work from, so it'll be quick. He says.

Part of the problem is that a lot of the older tracks have a very bass-heavy guitar track; my fancy finger-work on the treble strings ends up totally swamped. But if I filter out the low frequency and pull it up, I end up amplifying the bleed-through from the vocals that was picked up at the same time. Since there's roughly a 2ms delay, it sounds like I'm singing in a sewer. So it has to be fixed.

Was going to do some actual recording, but the Y.D. is having a birthday party (one day early), and they've been playing just outside the bedroom studio window. This evening and tomorrow.

At least it's now feasible for me to edit in the office without moving the recording machine back and forth. Yay for Linux and X, which make it possible to have a program (Audacity, in this case) running on one machine while displaying on another. It actually improves the performance because the work is split between the two CPUs.

Why do I have the feeling that Hackers' Heaven might end up being a Tres Gique album rather than a solo? How did it get to be so close to tax day? Where am I going, and what am I doing in this handbasket?


2007-03-21 09:34 am
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Listening to my current dump of CC&S in the car this morning I choked up a little listening to "Daddy's World". The next CD might be a little difficult.

When [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf and [livejournal.com profile] selkit were cleaning out the Wolfling's room they ran across the platypus (made by the now regrettably defunct Lucky Star Toys) that would have been Amy's. Nearly got tossed; luckily they were able to find it.

Fortunately for my state of mind, I have to leave for work now. That means I'll be listening to the rest of the dump CD. I'll be OK.

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My upcoming CD, Coffee, Computers, and Song!, is still available for preorder by snail-mail or PayPal. We are now looking at having it ready sometime in April. I made pretty good progress over the weekend, with more than a third of the tracks finished and only a handful needing additional fixup recording. Now that I'm over my seasonal cold, I should be able to take care of that over the weekend.

I now have both my concert at Consonance, and most of the preceeding concert by [livejournal.com profile] cflute and [livejournal.com profile] tibicina, up on the web. I missed a few songs in Callie and Rebecca's due to fumbling with the Mac's choice of defalt input devices; if anyone else has a copy I'd be grateful, especially if it includes "Lullaby" and "Nuts from the Hazel Tree".

Grand Central Starport is holding its annual "It's Green!" potluck party this coming Saturday, March 17th. This year, in addition to St. Patrick's Day and a slew of birthdays, we're celebrating the [livejournal.com profile] chaoswolf's engagement to [livejournal.com profile] selkit. No need to RSVP; just show up.

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