Mar. 21st, 2007

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Slipped the latest test burn of Coffee, Computers, and Song into the CD player in my car on the way home from taking the [ profile] chaoswolf in to work. Heard the first seven tracks and it sounded pretty good. Surprised me a bit -- I've been struggling with the mixing for weeks. It might actually work!

OK, I'll calm down now... Still need to listen to the other 11 tracks on the way to work.


Mar. 21st, 2007 09:34 am
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Listening to my current dump of CC&S in the car this morning I choked up a little listening to "Daddy's World". The next CD might be a little difficult.

When [ profile] chaoswolf and [ profile] selkit were cleaning out the Wolfling's room they ran across the platypus (made by the now regrettably defunct Lucky Star Toys) that would have been Amy's. Nearly got tossed; luckily they were able to find it.

Fortunately for my state of mind, I have to leave for work now. That means I'll be listening to the rest of the dump CD. I'll be OK.

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I've just been reading a couple of articles in Infoworld about VoIP and Asterisk, and thinking how convenient it would have been to have had a VoIP connection between the Starport in San Jose and [ profile] selkit's apartment in Vancouver while he was visiting. Could have saved quite a bit on long distance charges.

Sure, he and the Wolfling can use voice chat or Skype while they're apart, but I'm thinking more in terms of using it more as a cross-border bridge between the two landlines.

Aside to [ profile] selkit -- check out Asterisk and the wiki.

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